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Where Dreams Meet


Embark on a journey through American history and witness the love stories of several couples brought together against the dramatic backdrop of a changing nation in this star-spangled romance by four best-selling authors.

“To Love a Spy” by Jennifer Moore

New York, 1781 Despite her family’s betrayal of the Crown, Susannah Partridge remains loyal to the king. But when she becomes embroiled in the treasonous activities of her charming neighbor, Eli Matthews, Susannah must determine where her allegiance truly lies.

“Southern Belle, Yankee Heart” by Renae Weight Mackley

Richmond, 1861 The Union is splintering, and Northern dressmaker Rebecca Steed finds herself stuck in the South with little money and even less hope. But being stranded in Virginia comes with an unexpected silver lining in the form of Nathan Hill, a man whose opposition to slavery and determination to do what is right quickly win her affection. But how can she give her heart to a soldier who may never come back from the war? 

“Where Dreams Meet” by Carolyn Twede Frank

New York, 1892 When Jane O’Shea arrives at Ellis Island from Ireland, she has nothing but a desire to make her way in the world. With help from Peter Dockery, a gentle stranger, Jane embarks on her new life. As the couple faces seemingly insurmountable odds, they discover that adversity is better faced alongside the one you love.

“The Sun, Moon, Stars, and You” by Carla Kelly

Washington, DC, 1906 Nothing could have prepared Lieutenant Hank Thornton for his new post in Washington, DC. As a military aide to President Teddy Roosevelt in the White House, Hank is to be nothing more than a dashing dance partner at various political events. It isn’t until he meets Minnie Gallagher, an intrepid copy corrector at a local paper, that he begins to see the possibilities of this odd assignment.

My review

I love books like this. There are 4 novellas written by 4 different authors in this one. I loved that each of the novellas is in a different time period. And I loved that I could read each of them quickly.

First up is Jennifer Moore’s “To Love a Spy.” I loved Susannah in this one. Susannah lives with her aunt and uncle in New York during the Revolutionary War. I loved that she was loyal to what she believed was right. Even when her family hadn’t been.

There were so many neat little details in this one. I loved the way the author showed a few of the methods that would have been used for spies during this time period. Eli was the spy. Susannah new him to be an honest and upright type of person. And that leads her to do something she probably wouldn’t have done on her own. Such a great story!

Next up is “Southern Belle, Yankee Heart” by Ranea Weight Mackley. This one takes place at the very start of the Civil War. I loved the way the author does a great job of showing the confusion that Rebecca would have felt as she dealt with the closure of Richmond. And I loved how she finds Nathan and falls for him in such a natural way.

Then we have “Where Dreams Meet” by Carolyn Twede Frank. There were so many things to love about this one. Jane is a young woman who is uncertain of her future. She left Ireland to go to her last remaining family in America. But they are planning for her brother to arrive, not her. I loved the way Jane is rescued by someone who no one would ever think could rescue her when she needed it most. This one was so good!

And last, but not least, is ” The Sun, Moon, Stars, and You” by Carla Kelly. I loved this one! The setting of this one is Washington, DC in the early 1900’s. I loved Hank. His parts with Alice Roosevelt were so great! I loved the way these two become friends.

But I really loved Minnie. She’s a young woman working as an editor for a newspaper when all she wants to do is write. I loved how hard she tried in a man’s world, only to get knocked back down again and again. But Hank is always there for her. The ending of this one is the best!

This collection is so great! I loved each and every one of the stories in it.

I was sent a copy of Where Dreams Meet as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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