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secrets of the looking glass

After returning from Wonderland, Celia and Tyrus journey to the Looking-Glass World to reclaim their mirror images and stop a war between two powerful queens.

When a dark creature called the Bandersnatch steals Lewis Carroll’s lost diaries, Celia and Tyrus try to get it back but are tricked into passing through a magic mirror into the Looking-Glass World, a place where everything—themselves included—are divided in two, like identical twins. Celia’s astute logic and Tyrus’s exceptional imagination now belong to their mirror images, Lia and Ty, who are generals in the Red Queen’s Army, which is at war against the White Kingdom.

Left without their greatest problem-solving skills, Celia and Tyrus must rely on each other more than ever as they play a massive game of chess to try to catch their mirror images, who always seem to be one step ahead of them. Along the way, they engage in a rhyming battle with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, seek advice from Humpty and Dumpty, and learn how to believe in the impossible from the White Queen, who remembers the future as if it were the past.

As the final battle draws near, Celia and Tyrus form an uneasy alliance with Lia and Ty in order to find the legendary vorpal sword—the only weapon powerful enough to stop the war. If they fail, not only will two kingdoms be destroyed, but Celia and Tyrus might never regain their stolen talents and be trapped in the Looking-Glass World forever.

My review

I love it when you can find a series that you can read with your children and enjoy as much as they do. This is one of those! The characters are fantastic. And the setting pulls the reader in. I loved this one so much!

It seems to me that you’d want to read the first one, The Lost Wonderland Diaries first. You may not understand the characters or what had happened previously without reading it. And it’s a fantastic story as well!

Celia and Tyrus are the heroes of this story. I loved these two. The way they support each other in the dog eat dog world of school is so great. Tyrus even going out of his way to learn about Celia’s favorite game and hobby of playing chess.

I loved the way these two learn a lot about themselves in this book. They each thought they were one thing. And when that one thing was taken away, they were lost for a minute. But as they went along, they discover that they are more than what they thought they were. And that is a priceless lesson any of us can learn.

This is a great book for middle grade readers. And I personally can’t wait for the next installment, at least I hope there will be another installment.

I was sent a copy of Secrets of the Looking Glass as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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