About Six Days with My Celebrity Ex

Six Days with My Celebrity Ex

Dawson Cain is every woman’s dream, but for Brinley, dating him was more like a nightmare.

The onscreen kisses with other women were only a small part of the battle.
The bigger issue was the celebrity pursuit Dawson couldn’t get enough of.

But Dawson has changed his ways, or so he says.

Will six days in a social experiment be enough to prove that he’s worthy of a second chance,
or will Brinley walk away from him a second time?

My review

I’ve been loving this series! The other books had five days instead of six, so it was kind of fun to find out what the twist was in this one to make it six. I loved the characters, and the plot was fun. This book made me laugh. And that’s always a happy thing.

Brinley is your down to earth normal girl. She’s a makeup artist for the stars. And her cats! She has two. A normal cat and a cat from you know where. And that cat, Moonshine, made me laugh really hard. But I loved how Brinley learned something from her cats about life and people. She learned that things weren’t always what they seemed. And that applied to her ex, Dawson and their relationship.

I loved that the reader got to see things through Dawson’s eyes as well as Brinley’s. He was a great guy. Way better than Brinley thought he was. He let her have the only bed. And took care of her cats when needed. And there was a really funny scene with a litter box. You’ll have to read that one on your own!

I love the idea of a reality show getting exes back together. This one is such a great book. The whole series is really great! I hope there will be more.

I was sent an e-copy of Six Days with My Celebrity Ex as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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