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to steal a heart

Coming home has never been so thrilling … or deadly.

When New York Times Bestselling author, Arden Chasing, returns home to Honeysuckle Island to attend a diamond exhibition held at The Oliver Hotel, she soon finds herself embroiled in a perplexing mystery that involves the charming and charismatic Garrett Singleton, a known jewel thief.

As the mystery deeps and danger closes in, Arden fears she might lose something even more valuable than the celebrated pink Finkle diamond—her heart.

My review

I’ve been loving this whole series by Jennifer Youngblood. That’s why I put the first 4 books in the what to read next section below. Make sure you read them in order though. They can stand on their own, but you’ll understand things better if you read them in order.

This one features Arden. I’ll be honest. Arden is a character I’ve had a hard time with in the other books. I loved that the reader sees a different side of her in this one. And I grew to like her. Arden in an author and she’s gone to Carmel to try to get a feel for the book she’s working on. That’s where she meets Crew.

Crew saves her just when she needs it most. But because of who her family is, Arden doesn’t feel like she can tell him who she really is. And the lies just spiral from there. But Arden learned something from all of this, and it is a good lesson for all of us.

Another character in this series I haven’t really liked is Arden’s grandmother. She’s kind of unkind…really blunt and just hard to relate to. But her character kind of redeemed herself for me in this one. And I can kind of see why she is how she is. And isn’t that how we learn to like people, by understanding them?

This one kept me on the edge of my seat! And I can’t wait for more books from this author.

I borrowed a copy of To Steal a Heart using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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