Hi, I’m Cathy! I’m the mom to 3 great kiddos.  I love to read books and I’ve been blogging about them for about 8 years. I mostly like to read romances, my favorites are contemporary, but I will read almost any kind of book as long as it’s clean (I don’t like to read swear words or sex scenes and I like to be able to pass my books on to my book loving daughters as well!)

I also have a post that I like to post on Fridays, called Favorite Fridays. This is where I talk about my favorite finds. It could be anything, from restaurants, candy shops, food, books, appliances, movies, family fun, family travel or clothes. 

If it sounds like your book or product would be a good fit for my site, you’re welcome to email me at mybookadayreviews.gmail.com and I’ll get back to you.

My blog sometimes contains affiliate links, which simply means I might be compensated monetarily for clicks and purchases you make from my blog. I mark the posts that contain affiliate links at the bottom of the posts.