Fake Boyfriend Wanted

About Fake Boyfriend Wanted

“Now accepting applications for a fake boyfriend who will go on cute holiday dates with me.”
Famous last words. Or maybe they would end up being the beginning.

When your best friend hacks into your Instagram and posts a call for applications for a fake boyfriend, do you leave it up or delete and hide forever?

I couldn’t decide. Then my old crush called me. My new crush asked me out. My messages filled up with guys wanting to be my fake boyfriend. What would you have done?

My review

I really liked this one! It’s a Christmas book with the fake boyfriend trope. And it was really cute!

Ava is a really well done character. I loved how she felt like a teenager. She used their expressions and the way they talk about things. And I thought she was pretty amazing for not getting terribly mad at her friend, Sasha, for hacking her Instagram with a picture of Ava in a bikini.

The dates that she goes on are so great. Some of them are just so bad that they’re funny! This isn’t the normal way to go about getting a boyfriend, but it led to some great laughs. I loved those parts.

But the thing I really loved about this is the way Ava grows through the book. At first, it seemed like she was kind of superficial. Just into the cute guys. But as she dated these guys, I think she came to see that they were real people. With feelings. And I loved that.

I also loved that I can let my teenage daughters read it without any concerns. Thanks to Sarah Pointe for writing a really good clean young adult book!

I borrowed a copy of Fake Boyfriend Wanted using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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under snowflakes and stars

About Under Snowflakes and Stars

Her hula hips have him spinning. His cowboy skills will keep her alive. When a blizzard strands them together, sparks fly under snowflakes and stars at the Fantasy Music Festival.

When Noelani sees snow for the first time, she’s amazed by it’s beauty, but unprepared for the cold. She plans to spend her downtime at the Fantasy Music Festival curled up by a fire under a blanket with a perpetual mug of hot cocoa.

Cache hasn’t had a girlfriend in a decade, but the sun-kissed Noelani has him rethinking his flirty ways and craving something deeper. He invites her on a snowmobiling adventure, hoping she’ll love the serenity of winter. Having her arms around him is a bonus.

They both get more than they bargained for when a blizzard blows in, stranding them. Cuddling goes from pleasure to necessity in a heartbeat.

When the crisis ends, can they make a future together or have they only been under a yuletide spell?

My review

I love a good Christmas romance. Especially one you can read in an afternoon. This one is cute, and quick and easy to read. It’s just like a Hallmark movie that way.

I might be a bit jealous of Noelani. Her home is Hawaii. And…I’m already done with the cold. But she makes the trip to Colorado with her hula/singing group. And it’s not warm there either. I kind of had to laugh when she decided to go snowmobiling with Cache. Just because that seemed so out of her comfort zone. I liked that she was able to kind of roll with how things turned out for them. Her attitude made a huge difference.

Cache is the type of guy you’d expect from a cowboy. He’s down to earth, kind and a gentleman. I loved the part where he took care of Noelani in the snowstorm. That part was really a favorite of mine. Because of his gentlemanliness.

This is such a fun story! You’ll love it.

I was sent an e-copy of Under Snowflakes and Stars as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Christmas at Turtledove Place

Christmas at Turtledove Place

Lights on a frozen waterfall. A cozy fireplace. A nanny carrying a torch for the single-dad.

Captain Beau Cabot can’t keep a nanny. It isn’t that his kids are bad, it’s that the helpers he hires can’t seem to believe him when he says the only needs they should take care of are the children’s. Forced to fire his lustful childcare worker at the worst moment, Beau can’t leave for his weekend military assignment. His aunt suggests finding a wife, but that won’t save this moment.

With just weeks to go until Christmas, Sophie Hawkins gets some terrible news. Her sister has up and abandoned her family—to become a rock star’s groupie. Worse, Beau is rumored to have lost a few nannies. Who will care for the two cutest kids in the world this holiday? Kids whose lives have been upended?

Despite Sophie’s unwise but unstoppable lifelong crush on her ex-brother-in-law, Beau, Sophie races to Sugarplum Falls. She plans to stay just for one weekend, especially considering the still-smoldering torch she carries for Beau, who is now divorced and finally fair game. Beau knows, however, you don’t fall for the nanny. Especially when she’s your ex-sister-in-law.

My review

Are you tired of Christmas books? I don’t think I could ever be. This series by Jennifer Griffith makes me happy. Sugarplum Falls sounds like an amazing place to live and to be at for Christmas. I’d love to go check it out, if it was a real place.

Sophie is such a great aunt. She rushes to the rescue when she finds out about the way her sister had left her family for a rock star. I loved seeing how she was with Mac and Adele. Kids need great mother figures in their lives, especially if they don’t have their own. And she was a great one. The chemistry between her and Beau was great in this one. But…Sophie is the nanny and she knows that Beau won’t date one of his nannys.

I loved the the story was shown through Beau’s eyes as well as Sophie’s. It made the story more full. Beau has a lot going on and was thrilled when Sophie showed up to help him out. And the Christmas the two created for the kids was perfect. Until it wasn’t. I loved the twists and turns this one took.

This is a great book, part of a great series. I can’t wait for more!

I was sent an e-copy of Christmas at Turtledove Place as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Christmas at Holly Berry Cottage

Christmas at Holly Berry Cottage

A dreaded holiday wedding, Christmas duets, and dating the off-limits crush.

Chelsea Sutherland is a wreck this Christmas. Not only is she reeling from the world’s cruelest breakup, now her ex-boyfriend is marrying her meanest cousin. At Chelsea’s childhood home. And there’s no way Chelsea can skip it. No matter how deep she buries herself into the number-crunching at work, this wedding will not go away.

Wyatt North has been handed a career-making opportunity. If he gets it right, he’ll be able to steer his banking firm toward its roots of helping the local community again. If not, he’s a blot on the family name—which he already jeopardizes by spending all his time with the Sutherland family, singing with Chelsea and her brother in Christmas Tree-O.

When Wyatt learns of Chelsea’s dreaded wedding problem, the solution is clear—take Wyatt as her significant other. Since the trio has become a duet, long-suppressed feelings between them are heating up. But a romance could endanger the friendship and their singing group’s dynamic—not to mention risk both families’ disapproval.

My review

I’m loving reading all of these Christmas books! I’ll try to make sure I don’t post many after Christmas, but there may still be a few.

I loved this one by Jennifer Griffith. It’s got everything romance, great characters, a really fun plot, Christmas music. And I loved the setting.

Chelsea is a fun character. She’s a math and computer whiz that everyone uses, whenever they need to. But she’s been left feeling jaded by the way she was used by a certain young man. Unfortunately, he shows up, and he’s marrying her ex-best friend cousin. That’s when Wyatt steps in.

Wyatt, Chelsea and Chelsea’s brother Heath sing in a group called Christmas Tree-O. I loved this aspect of the book. Christmas Tree-O is booked to perform at many events in their town. And also, the wedding I mentioned before.

Wyatt and Chelsea have amazing chemistry. And Heath is kind of MIA because he’s about to become a dad. What’s a group to do, but go from a trio to a duo. I loved how these two worked together on and off the stage. But things are not perfect, there’s problems with their families and just life. They must learn to work things out before it’s too late.

This is such a fun book! I can’t wait to read the second one.

I was sent a copy of Christmas at Holly Berry Cottage as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About The Duke Meets His Match

The Duke Meets His Match

At thirty years of age, Susan Jennings has long been considered a spinster. Exceptionally intelligent, she has little tolerance for London and the dreaded Season—if that’s how one is expected to find love, it’s not for her. But when an invitation arrives that cannot be ignored, Susan leaves her comfortable life in the country and enters the fashion and frivolity she most despises. She quickly discovers, however, that there is more to loathe in London—and his name is George Kendall.

George, Duke of Aylesham, has learned to keep his distance from cloying females chasing the title of duchess. Susan Jennings, however, proves an entirely different challenge—a woman who has pushed him to the limit of his patience with their every encounter. But their simmering hostility is disrupted by a thoughtless slipup: to avoid a marriage of political strategy, George claims he is already betrothed. And when pressed for the name of the lucky woman, only one name comes to mind: Susan’s. Their forced betrothal proves advantageous, but when their verbal sparring must change in order to be convincing, the line between fact and fiction becomes blurred by something neither expected: love.

My review

I really loved this one by Karen Tuft! I loved the way she showed the reader Prince George or Prinny in a way that no author has. At least that I’ve read. And it helped me to understand a little bit more why he was kind of a laughing stock. I love when books help me understand things better!

The love story in this one is fantastic! I loved the way the author used a woman who would have been considered a spinster. She was given new life by the local dressmaker. And she was one of those characters who always spoke her mind. That always makes me happy. I don’t love characters who don’t stand up for themselves when they need to.

George was also a different kind of hero. He knows he needs to marry. He has no heir, except for a criminal who had been shipped to Australia. That was kind of a fun thing in this book. George is kind of….not personable. People tend to shy away from him a little bit. He’s constantly glaring and seeming grumpy. I loved the way this made the book not your normal love story.

And we got to see Lady Walmsley and Foster again! I love these two in the background. They are so funny together. And they really help to make the book.

This is such a great book! I can’t wait for more.

I was sent a copy of The Duke Meets His Match as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About Her Small Town Fake Fiancé

her small town fake fiancé

What if you were fake-engaged to a man… only he didn’t know it?

Bridgett’s company wants to move her to a larger market.

But her sister’s in Harvest Ranch and she’s the only family Bridgett has left.

So Bridgett tells a tiny white lie–that she’s secretly engaged to the elementary school principal. It’s hard to keep a secret in a small town, but if she wants to keep her job, that’s what she’ll have to do.

William Westbrook is tired of women who play games with his heart. When he meets Bridgett, he thinks he’s finally found someone real. She’s the one, he knows it with every jingle of the bells this Christmas season.

For Bridgett, falling for her fake fiancé is a big problem. It was one thing to be fake engaged to him and another to want him more than anything under her Christmas tree.

Will she do the right thing, even though it means she’ll have to leave Harvest Ranch and her family behind?

Or will she play this one through and get away with it?

Find out in this funny holiday romance that’s a great Christmas escape.

My review

Christmas fiction is one of my favorite things to read. Add a fake fiancé and it’s even better! I loved the way Lucy McConnell did this one. Not only was it a fake fiancé, but the love interest didn’t even know about it! Making the plot so funny.

I loved Bridgett. She’s the kind of girl that her sister can depend on to take care of her daughter anytime she’s needed. They live in the same small town, so that makes things easy. Until Bridgett is about to get transferred. That’s when she decides that she’s got to have a fiancé. And she picks the main who her sister has been wanting her to date anyway. Her daughter’s principal, Billy Westbrook.

It’s really fun that the reader sees things through both character’s eyes. That makes it kind of funny when the reader knows what Bridgett has been telling people, well really only her boss, about being engaged. Billy is a great principal, always looking out for the kids. I loved everything about these two together.

Except for when Billy found out about her deception. That was kind of sad. But…the way things got fixed was so fun, it was worth it.

This is a fun Christmas story that you won’t want to put down!

I was sent an e-copy of Her Small Town Fake Fiancé as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About The Christmas Apron

the Christmas apron

The children in Millie’s family can’t wait for Grandma to arrive with her special Christmas apron. According to tradition, each grandchild will write down the gift he or she wants most in the world and then slip that wish into the apron’s pocket. Then, on Christmas morning, those wished-for gifts will be magically waiting under the tree. But eleven-year-old Millie overhears her parents: the family can’t afford gifts for all the little ones. She pictures the disappointment on her siblings’ faces—nothing to open on Christmas morning.

Is Millie willing to sacrifice her own whole-soul wish so someone else’s can come true? Full of tender emotion and delightful surprise, this story reminds us of the miracles that unfold when we think of others before ourselves.

My review

I love to read Christmas picture books. There are so many good ones out there. This one was really fun, because we watched the video it was based on a few Christmases ago, so the story is familiar.

I loved the illustrations in this one. They are just fun. And so cute. The story kind of jumped off the pages because of them.

And the message of the story. That’s my favorite part. Christmas is about wishes, but it’s more about caring for those around you. Service and love are the true meaning of Christmas. And that’s something the world really needs right now.

I was sent an e-copy of The Christmas Apron as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About A Christmas Spark

a Christmas spark

Snowed in at a cabin with the most infuriating man in the world. I may take my chances with the wolves…

When my best friend found out I’d be alone over Christmas, she hooked me up with a week stay in her family’s cabin in Idaho. I was on a publishing deadline for my latest book and was really looking forward to a cozy week by the fire, cuddled up in flannel pajamas with my laptop and hot chocolate.


So imagine my surprise when I arrived at the cabin during a blizzard, and found it already occupied. By an all too familiar face and a fine pack of chiseled abs. Even though it had been ten years since I’d last seen Chase, he had no problem picking up exactly where we left off.

I had a big problem with it.

It didn’t matter what he threw at me—the old nickname, the teasing, his charming grin, or even those chiseled abs (did I already mention those?), I refused to let him get to me after…the incident. Nope, not me. I was made of stone.

Unfortunately, I’m beginning to understand that when you strike Chase against stone…you get sparks.

Lots of them.

My review

So many new Christmas books, so little time! I loved this book by new author Cindy Steel. It’s such a great romantic comedy. It left me laughing in so many parts. It’s kind of perfect!

It starts out with a young Penny showing the reader why she can’t stand Chase. And then cuts to present day. Penny is on her way to her brother and best friend/sister-in-law’s cabin. But it’s a blizzard and her car doesn’t make it. She thinks nothing of leaving her clothes and food in the car, she’ll go back for them later. But she finds Chase in the house. And things change fast.

It was kind of hilarious how Penny left her things in the car. She ends up stuck in the cabin with Chase, no food, no clothes but the ones she was wearing. And there were a lot of sparks between the two of them. I found myself laughing at Penny. She was really unforgiving of Chase. And it didn’t appear that he had any idea of why. I loved how they end up having to come together and help each other. Penny, kind of grudgingly. But she does recognize that maybe Chase wasn’t the same person she had known when they were younger.

This book was great! If you’re looking for a Christmas themed rom-com, you can’t go wrong with this one.

I was sent an e-copy of A Christmas Spark as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Flirting with Your Ex Best Friend Billionaire Fake Fiance

flirting with your ex best friend billionaire fake fiance

He thought she was lost to him when she married another. But now she’s divorced. When she walks back into his life the week before Christmas, he asks her to be his fake fiancé … and she says yes.

Michael Knight hasn’t been known for his soft side. When you’re climbing your way to the top, some people get left behind. He’s put his family, friends, everything on the back burner to become the billionaire he now is. Yet somehow … it doesn’t feel like enough.

Sapphire Rock never thought she’d be that woman. The one that finds out about her husband’s affairs. The one that stays for way too long. But she did. Now, she’s picking up her life and starting again. When she finds herself back at her childhood home and all alone for Christmas, she never imagined the boy-next-door would be there and she really never imagined he’d ask her to go to Hawaii with his family for Christmas and pretend she’s his girlfriend. She says no, until he tells her his mother’s cancer is back.

When the lies begin to stack up, they are faced with a choice; tell the truth or lose a second chance at love.

My review

I’m loving this type of book. Fake fiancé is one of my favorite tropes. I love to watch how the author puts the romance together in that situation. Taylor Hart does a great job with this one. I loved it! It’s also fun that this one is part of the Knight family series. I love those people. So seeing what happens to them is always fun.

This one has Michael and Sapphire as the main characters. Michael is trying get out of his family’s trip to Hawaii, because he lied about having a girlfriend. Sapphire is hiding alone in her parents house for Christmas. One thing leads to another. And soon Sapphire and Michael are on their way to Hawaii as boyfriend and girlfriend.

I really enjoyed seeing who Michael was in this book. He is a billionaire, money is obviously no object for him. But he also uses it for good. Like donating a bunch of money to Sapphire’s school for their art program. And seeing him with his niece, Bella, was one of my very favorite parts of the book.

Sapphire is a great character too. She’s been through some rough times. It’s hard for her to trust and want to have another relationship at all. I loved how she was with Michael. These two really brought out the best in each other.

I really enjoyed the setting of Hawaii. It’s been snowing here today. And the beach break was much needed. And the ending of this one made me smile. It’s so good!

I borrowed an e-copy of Flirting with Your Ex Best Friend Billionaire Fake Fiance using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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About Wrong Train to Paris

wrong train to paris

At nineteen years of age, Julia Weston fancies herself a capable woman, far too old to require a traveling companion. But at the insistence of her overprotective father, Julia finds herself aboard the Orient Express in the care of an approved escort. In an ill-advised demonstration of independence, Julia leaves the train on a quick errand and then re-boards and sleeps away her exhaustion. Upon awakening, however, she realizes her plan went terribly awry: she boarded the wrong train and is now stranded alone in the French countryside of Provence.

My review

The whole idea of this series is so fun! Four romances connected to the Orient Express. This one was connected to the first, It Started in Budapest, in fun little ways. I’m sure I didn’t even notice all the ways, but I did notice a few.

I liked Julia. Julia wants to be on her own, not be watched over by a traveling companion. I laughed when she snuck off the train to buy cake. And then got on the completely wrong train, with the help of Nicholas. I suspect we’ll see him in all of the other books as well. And that makes me happy. He’s a bit of a mystery that would be fun to see solved.

It was fun to read about Julia’s adventures in the French countryside, as Juliette. I loved the way she was able to learn a little about how other people live. And also a little about herself. We all need to take stock of just who we are, and see if there’s something we can or should change about ourselves to be a little better.

I am loving this series. Hoping for the next one soon!

I was sent a copy of Wrong Train to Paris as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.


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