About Romancing the Treasure

romancing the treasure

A tough Navy SEAL Captain vows never to love again. When he is hired to protect a hilarious and charitable woman, how can he stop himself from falling for her?
Eight tough ex-Navy SEALs who can win any battle. Eight determined women hoping to earn half a million dollars for their charity. 
As the SEALs protect the women and help them secure the money for their charity, will they be able to protect their own hearts as well? 

My review

I don’t think that the book blurb for this one does a great job describing it. It’s so much better than it sounds. I love the way the author set up the series in the prologue. And I love that there are at least eight books in this series. This will be a great set to read!

This book features Britton and Tess. I had to laugh at their initial meeting. Tess…she’s a nervous talker and she embarrassed herself several times. I liked her throughout the book. She wasn’t willing to stop when things got bad, and they did get bad. She is strong and determined. And she’s kind and loving. Her charity made sure kids ate.

Britton is a great guy. He made a promise to a former girlfriend that he isn’t willing to give up. This is kind of a big thing in the story, so I’m not going to give anything away. Britton finds himself falling fast and hard for Tess. And it’s kind of scary to him that she seems to feel the same. He takes his job as her protector seriously. And he’s good at it.

One thing about the plot of this one is that it’s never boring. There is danger in one way or another and a mystery to solve the whole time. It kept my interest.

I really enjoyed this one! Now I need to read the rest of the series.

I borrowed a copy of Romancing the Treasure using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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About The Accidental Text

the accidental text

Wrong number. Right guy?

Once upon a time, Maggie Cooper lived for adventure. Jumping out of planes was child’s play. Now she can’t even work up the nerve to ask out her coworker. For a bit of self-therapy, she begins to text her recently deceased mother’s phone—the only problem is that the number has been reassigned and for weeks she’s been unknowingly texting a stranger her deepest thoughts and feelings. There have also been some not-so-deep texts, like the ones about her appreciation for her coworker’s butt.

When Chase Beckett, the unsuspecting stranger who has more in common with Maggie than he’d like to admit, texts back, Maggie is beyond mortified. But message after message and night after night, Maggie realizes that Chase’s wit, charm, and advice are exactly what the doctor ordered. Is it enough, though, to get her back up in the sky? And what about her heart? Can she risk taking a leap of faith for the man on the other end of her accidental texts?

My review

This book was not quite what I expected from the title. But I loved the way it was written. Becky Monson did such a great job with the whole book. The characters almost jumped off the pages. It was so good!

I almost felt Maggie’s grief at the loss of her mom. I loved how she sent her old number texts of how she was feeling. Just thinking everything was okay, because her mom’s phone was on the shelf in her dad’s office and he’d told her he’d keep the number. I really loved the way Maggie learned about herself and about her grief as the story went along. She learned that life won’t always stay that same and that it’s okay to change with it. And she met someone she could help as well.

I loved how Chase responded to Maggie’s texts to her mom. Could you even imagine getting someone’s old phone number like that and getting the heart wrenching texts Maggie was sending? I loved how these two were able to meet and become close, through shared experiences. And it was really funny how Maggie didn’t tell her family how they met, until she absolutely had to. That was a funny scene!

I really liked this book!

I borrowed a copy of The Accidental Text using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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About How to Not Fall for the Wrong Guy

how to not fall for the wrong guy

When their jobs collide and their personalities clash, they never expect to fall in love.

Bex Sterling knows what she wants, how she wants it, and definitely isn’t afraid to go get it. Her bold personality is how she expanded her YouTube audience to over two million subscribers. If she were to fall in love, it’d have to be with the right guy—someone who is easy-going, chill, and up for anything.

So, basically, everything that Roman Powell is not.

Roman is every bit as strong-willed and driven as Bex is. With him at the helm of his company, he grew it enough to earn him a spot on the cover of Business Success magazine’s Top 10 Young (and Single) CEOs edition. But he isn’t stoked about the unwanted attention on his personal life.

Between Bex’s viewers begging her to interview the drool-worthy CEO and Roman’s staff being convinced that Bex has an audience that’s perfect for their new app, these two opposites agree to work closely for a four-part interview. Unfortunately, they’ve met before, and they know enough about each other that neither is thrilled about working together.

Despite her viewers’ very vocal support of the two of them dating, Bex is still convinced she’ll have no problem at all not falling for the wrong guy.

My review

I’m loving reading this series! I read How to Not Fall for the Guy Next Door in the spring. I’m trying to catch up on the two books in the middle of the series that I haven’t read yet. And they’re so good!

Bex was a character in the first book that I was dying to read more about. She does not disappoint! I loved her strong will and the way she always goes after what she wants. I really liked the way she figured out just what kind of guy she thinks fits her personality. And that type of guy is not Roman Powell.

Roman…I liked him. But he cared way too much about what everyone else thought. I liked how he kind of grew out of that though. The apps his company makes sounded amazing. It left me wishing there really were apps like that.

I loved the way these two characters were together. They made me laugh. And they made each other laugh. That’s pretty important in a relationship. Something they both realize, a bit too late.

If you love a good romance, grab this one!

I borrowed a copy of How to Not Fall for the Wrong Guy using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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About Refining the Debutante

refining the debutante

Miss Miranda Bartley is in love with the Honorable Ethan Roderick, their engagement all but official. But as she basks in the success of her London Season, her joy is cut short when Ethan ends their courtship, claiming she is too insensitive. In the wake of her heartbreak, Miranda is dealt yet another blow, one that changes everything. In a harsh twist of fate, she quickly falls from Society darling to servant in her uncle’s home.

Believing he will never see Miranda again, Ethan is shocked when he encounters her by accident. Even more surprising is her dramatic change; she is no longer the self-centered young woman he left behind. Her eyes are now open to the plight of poverty surrounding her, and Miranda has become every bit the lady Ethan once imagined her to be. As he helps the woman he once loved, their tattered relationship returns to familiarity. But Ethan is determined to protect his heart and begins a courtship with his neighbor, who is predictable and safe—everything Miranda is not. Forced to perform a delicate dance, Miranda and Ethan must choose—follow the rules of Society or the longing of their hearts.

My review

I loved this book by Anneka Walker! I love the way she wrote it. It had a different feel than a lot of the other Regency romance books do. That was a good thing!

Miranda Bartley is the female lead of this one. She’s a bit stuck up in the beginning. And unkind too. But it doesn’t take long for her to be humbled. First she’s dumped, for lack of a better word, by Ethan, the man she loves. Then, Miranda’s father loses all their money not very far into the book. Miranda is left to fend for herself in the dreary house of her drunk uncle. This changes her. She becomes a woman concerned with others. I especially loved the letters that she sent to her uncle, even though he was horrible to her. And the way her former lady’s maid became her very best friend was another great thing.

I really liked Ethan. He is part of the ton. But he’s concerned with others around him. That’s why he had to cry off with Miranda. She was not kind to his charitable friends. I loved the way he goes out of his way for Miranda. He gets her out of a horrible situation, takes her in and finds her a job. All while thinking he could never love her again.

But this is a story of second chances and redemption for both of our main characters. And it was beautiful. I loved it so much!

I was sent a copy of Refining the Debutante as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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Book Excerpt

London, January 1816

What exactly was a man supposed to do in a dressmaker’s shop? His mother’s headache, brought on by his sister Jane’s sour temper, necessitated an early return home. This left Ethan to retrieve Jane from her appointment.

He suddenly felt envious of his youngest sister, who remained home at their country estate, and even his younger brother, who was at school. Ethan would rather be anywhere else. With a fortifying breath, he entered the narrow building of the most popular modiste in London and removed his beaver hat. He grimaced at the rainbow of colors before him. His sister had better hurry. To say he was out of his element, with the crowded bolts of fabric and the framed sketches of women’s attire, was an understatement.

Jane was in the adjoining room, standing on a raised platform. Her back was to him, but through the doorway, he could see her staring at the reflection of her new gown in the long gilded mirror in front of her. He stepped closer to gain her attention but paused when he saw her expression. She looked as if she might cry. Was this dress the reason for his mother’s headache? Eyeing the gown, he wondered what part offended his sister. It seemed nice enough to him.

The shop’s front door opened to let in a woman. He shuffled to the side of the small vestibule and dipped his head in a polite greeting. The woman curtsied and smiled up at him. Ethan did not easily get his head turned by a pretty face, but when she boldly met his gaze, he could not look away. She wore a jonquil-yellow redingote with a brown velvet collar. She did not remove her heavily trimmed bonnet, but it did little to hide the goldenbrown curls framing her large eyes, small nose, and full lips. While he had no intention of speaking to her, his mouth opened of its own accord. No sound emitted, and he floundered for a moment to close it again.

She looked away before he did, breaking the strange spell her presence had cast over him. He was still thinking about his reaction to this perfect stranger when she spoke in a near-whisper. “You really ought to tell your wife how wonderful she looks in her new gown.” “Pardon?” Ethan stole a glance at the stranger. Had he imagined her soft words? “It would do her a world of good,” she whispered again. He looked at her. “Are you speaking to me?” Her eyes snapped to meet his. “Who else would I be speaking to?” She motioned to Jane. “Look at your darling little wife. She is terribly insecure. She needs you to buoy her spirits with a compliment or two.”He raised his brows in disbelief. Sisters did not care what brothers thought of their dresses, and he was nobody’s husband. “You are mistaken.” “There is no mistake. Don’t be hurt that you cannot see what I can. A woman senses this sort of thing.” She gave him a look of pity. “It isn’t your fault. You were born a man; it is harder for you. But I do not mind helping. Go ahead. Look at her. See the way she stares in the looking glass? See the worry line between her eyes?” She leaned near him as if doing so would allow him to see what she did.

He had never met a more impertinent woman. “Why would she be worried? That dress cost a fortune.”

A sigh emitted from her mouth. “She needs to feel beautiful. Only you can do that for her. Tell her.” “I don’t think—” “Do it. Go on.” Why had he agreed to come here in the first place? He cleared his throat, anxious for the woman to let him be, and stepped across the threshold of the adjoining room. “You look well,” he said to Jane. “What are you doing in here?” Jane swiveled on the platform to face him. She batted at a dark ringlet by her face, then dropped her hands to her hips. “Wait outside. I am embarrassed you would speak to me in such a place.” He shuffled backward.

The strange woman tsked her tongue. “You did a very poor job of it. A husband must learn the best way to compliment his wife. Let me demonstrate.” The woman stepped past him. She looked back at him once, shaking her head as if he’d disappointed her, then waltzed into the room as if she were the proprietor. “Excuse me, but I mustn’t stay silent for another moment.” “What is it?” Jane asked.

“It’s your dress. It’s exquisite. I must have an exact replica.” “You? But why? Your dress is far superior.” “Nonsense. You can barely see it beneath my redingote. You are far too kind.” The woman put her hand out as if she were stroking the fabric of Jane’s dress but was not actually close enough to touch it. “This muslin is some of the finest I’ve seen so far this Season. You are a natural beauty, but do not underestimate the power of a beautiful gown.”

“You think so? It is rather pretty, I guess. I am not sure about the fit.” The woman looked her over as if she were the mantua-maker. “You’re right. Madame Gillespie? A half inch at each shoulder.” The dressmaker pinned the material in the place where the stranger told her to. “Your shoulders are slender indeed. What do you think now?” She turned to Madame Gillespie before Jane could answer. “Fetch that gold shawl on the table.” The woman accepted it and draped it over Jane’s shoulders. “Stunning. Wear it a little lower. Just there.”

Then she crossed to a table and selected a green feather. She placed it in Jane’s hair. “Sometimes the little accents give a dress greater personality.” Ethan stared. A little charm made the personality of a woman shine too. He turned his gaze from the vexing but delightful woman to see Jane’s reaction. His sister’s cheeks flushed with pleasure. “It’s far lovelier with your adaptions. I never would have been able to put this combination together.” Jane turned and preened in front of the mirror. “Thank you.” Madame Gillespie clasped her hands together in front of her chest. “Miss Bartley has excellent taste. She sometimes sketches designs inspired by her travels.” “I am most impressed,” Jane said.

Ethan was too. Miss Bartley. He would remember her name. “I am happy to share one with you, although my skills pale compared to Madame Gillespie’s,” Miss Bartley said. She pulled out a sketch from her reticule. “I happen to have one I did just this morning. What do you think of this? Oh, forgive me; I don’t even know your name.” “This is Miss Roderick,” Madame Gillespie supplied. “May I?” Jane took the picture and gasped. “It’s like a Grecian princess.”

“I think an English lady like yourself could do it justice, too. It’s yours. I believe a soft blue would do well with your coloring.” “Thank you, Miss Bartley,” Jane cooed. Miss Bartley smiled at her and stepped back into the vestibule. Jane returned to studying her reflection in the mirror, her eyes sparkling. Ethan chuckled. “You’ve made my sister feel very beautiful.” “She seems most deserving.” “You were right about her insecurity and the worry lines on her face. You have done something in minutes that my family hasn’t managed in two years.”

“Well, I—” Her eyes widened. “Your sister? She is not your wife?” “Jane is my sister. But don’t worry. When I marry, I will be sure to compliment my wife just as you’ve instructed. I will insist on having an exact replica of her dress made to fit me. I will select her shawls and feathers. And I will sketch all the designs for her gowns.” “Oh . . .” She sputtered. “That would be most extraordinary of you.” She took a step backward. “Perhaps I should return for my appointment when your sister is through.” “I’m disappointed. You cannot be finished instructing me on my behavior already,” he teased. “Instructing?” She looked perfectly bewildered—as innocent as a dove. “Why would I do that? We have not even been properly introduced. I wouldn’t dare speak with a stranger.” He bit back a grin. “Heaven forbid.” “My thoughts exactly.”

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About Falling for Your Fake Fiance

falling for your fake fiance

What happens when the man I love to hate becomes the man I must pretend to love?

I can’t seem to escape Thayden Walker and his infuriating charm.

Even his mother and his Great Dane seem bent on playing matchmaker.

But I’m totally immune.

Until I’m presented with an offer that puts my ability to withstand him to the test.

If I marry Thayden, all my student debt goes poof, and he’ll take over the family firm.

There’s so much more at stake than money or a job, especially when I start to see the man beneath the mask.

Playing house with Thayden is the most dangerous game of all.

And we’re both set up to lose more than we could ever win.

Unless we’ve been on the same side all along …

My review

I’m completely loving this series by Emma St Clair. Each of the roommates gets a different love trope and they’re all so funny! I was especially happy to see Thayden in this one. And my favorite trope may be fake fiance. I don’t know… it’s so hard to pick!

This one features Thayden and Delilah. Thayden has just learned that he must get married and fast, in order to gain control of his dad’s company. Something I really liked about Thayden was his stubbornness. He didn’t want to get married. So he was planning to either find a loophole in his dad’s will or maybe walk away if he had to. But then he found Delilah again.

Delilah is also stubborn. This girl goes for what she wants. But she’s just been fired from her dog walking job. And she has tons of bills. It seems like a dream come true for her to work for Thayden. I had to laugh at the way she went through everything in his house. Delilah is hilarious! But she kind of gets conned into being Thayden’s fake fiance by his mom and the contract she tricks her into signing. I laughed so hard at this part.

It didn’t take much for these two to fall in love. But they are both too stubborn to admit it. And that’s part of the fun of this one. There are so many laugh out loud parts. You really just need to read it!

You don’t have to read these in order. But it may make more sense if you do. Falling for Your Best Friend’s Twin starts the series, then there’s Falling for Your Boss.

I borrowed a copy of Falling for Your Fake Fiance using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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About Let Go

Let Go

After getting a divorce, losing her job, and her parents moving across the world in the same week, Amelia Blake has hit rock bottom.

With nowhere else to go, she journeys across the country to seek the help of a half-sister she’s never met, hoping she can pick up the pieces of her life and move forward with a family that is much larger and more chaotic than she anticipated.

When a hitchhiking musician named Jack helps her fix a flat tire, she is drawn to his undying optimism and mesmerizing music, so much so that she offers to be his manager and help him share his music with the world so she can spend more time with him.

Though Jack keeps details about himself secret, he and Amelia grow closer until his past suddenly catches up to him and threatens to ruin everything the two of them have been building together. Torn between finding her place in her new family and helping Jack reconcile with his, Amelia has to learn to trust her own feelings and the man who knows exactly what it means to let go of the past and follow your heart.

Let Go is the final book in the Simple Love Story series and acts as a standalone, with character cameos from the other books.

My Review

I have not read enough of these books by Dana LeCheminant. the ones I have read are Simplicity, As Long as You Love Me and Dear Dalia. I am really going to have to read the rest. All of this series are in the what to read next section, so check them out!

I am so sad to see this series end. Everything about it has been fantastic. The author’s characters and plots have kept me wanting to read more. And this book…it just summed the series up so well. You can read these in any order, they stand alone so well. I really think you should at least read Simplicity before this one.

This one features Amelia. I loved her voice. She is one of those people that can’t tell other people no. And as she grows throughout this book, she realizes, with help, that she needs to find out what she wants and go for it. I loved her loving heart. She goes out of her way to help Jack, both when she finds him on the road and when they’re in San Fransico. But as the story goes along, Jack helps her just as much as she ever helped him.

Jack is great too. I loved how he was always happy. But the reader sees a different side to him when they go to visit his family. I think it just helped me to remember that we all can be happy, no matter our circumstances. It would have been fun if we could have known a little of what Jack was thinking along the way.

I loved this story. The epilogue really brings the whole series together. And it left me crying. It was so beautiful. Now, I’ve got to go read the rest!

I was sent an e-copy of Let Go as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About In Harm’s Way

For years, Troy has lived in the shadows as a Guardian. As part of this secret government taskforce, he has agreed to oversee the team’s base of operations on a remote private island in Maine, replacing fellow agent Ace and his wife, Kristi, for a year.

When Troy steps in to hold down the fort, however, he does not anticipate company. So when Kristi’s sister, Jocelyn, appears on the island, looking for a getaway, Troy is unnerved by her presence—hiding his top=secret work from the beautiful visitor is a recipe for disaster.

It’s been years since Jocelyn has been able to relax, and the family island is the clear antidote to the chaos of the business world. Expecting solitude, she is taken off guard by the presence of the handsome house sitter living in her sister’s home. Though she and Troy fall into an easy friendship, beneath his calm demeanor, he is an enigma. It’s clear the man who is quickly stealing her heart has a secret, but the truth is beyond Jocelyn’s wildest imaginings: Troy is involved in stopping a political coup, and their relationship threatens to place Jocelyn squarely in the crosshairs of a deadly assassin.

My review

I only have one complaint about Traci Hunter Abramson’s books. That they have to end! Her books are some of my very favorites. She does a great job with her characters. And her plots that keep you glued to the pages. I loved that about this book.

This one features Troy, he’s a guardian. But most of the book he’s known as Ty, because he has to keep his true identity a secret. I loved how focused he gets on protecting everyone around him, especially Jocelyn. It was fun to see him have his own story, he was a supporting character in this author’s last book I read.

I liked Jocelyn. She is pretty stubborn and kept Troy on his toes through the whole book. I loved her curiosity. And her love of photography. She was planning to have a vacation of sorts on the island that Troy was living on. But him being there changed her plans a bit. And they changed even more later. Jocelyn had a clear head when there was danger, that’s always a good thing!

I loved the plot of this one. There is so much danger from the very beginning. This book kept my focus. I didn’t want to stop reading it!

This is one of those that I really think you need to read in order. If you haven’t read On the Run, for example, you’re going to be a bit confused as to what is being talked about some of the time.

I was sent a copy of In Harm’s Way as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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Book Excerpt

Senator Walter Royce didn’t pay attention to the posted menu outside the busy restaurant in Montmartre as he walked through the entrance. He had one purpose for being here, and it had nothing to do with the food.

“Un,” he told the host, holding up one finger to make up for his complete lack of a French accent. On the surface, his trip to Paris was nothing more than a quick family getaway, but in reality, it was a much-needed excuse.

The host said something in French, and Walter shook his head apologetically. “I’m sorry. I don’t understand. Do you have an English menu?

”The younger man nodded and showed him up a half flight of stairs to the dining area. Walter took his seat at a table in the center of the room, and the host handed him a menu.

“Merci.” Once alone, he glanced around the establishment. Through the windows, he could see the tables filled with patrons lining the sidewalk and waiters breezing in and out of the kitchen. In contrast, the indoor dining area was nearly empty. Four locals chatted in French over the remnants of their lunch, and on the far side of the room, an older couple studied their menus.

Walter glanced furtively at each person. Everywhere he looked, he expected to see someone staring at him, someone noticing why he was really here. He had spent the morning with his wife and daughters at the Eiffel Tower, taking the appropriate photos to make sure everyone would see him as the tourist he claimed to be. He had bowed out of their shopping plans, but he doubted he would be able to sneak away again without raising suspicions.

His stomach jumped with nerves, and he struggled to focus on the menu before him. When the waiter arrived to take his order, Walter indicated his choice by pointing.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the party of four stand up to leave at thesame time the host approached to seat another guest. Anticipation snaked through him. Was that him? The infamous Gavrie Morozov? A well-known Russian operative, the man was a chameleon. He also had the skills needed to solve Walter’s problems and put him back on track to his destiny.

A moment after the host left, a heavily accented voice carried to him. “Why am I here?”

Walter started to turn around to see the man now seated behind him. “Don’t look at me,” the man commanded. “Just answer the question.”

Walter forced his gaze to stop at the window. Trying to focus on two women seated outside, he willed his heartbeat to slow. “I need help.”

“What kind of help?”

“My former bank notified me that someone was looking into my old account information,” Walter said. “Someone knows I’m working with your people.”

“Who knows?”

“I’m not sure, but I think it’s the guardians.” Walter lowered his voice further. “And I think I know who’s helping them.”

“It sounds like you need someone eliminated.”

Walter’s stomach curled. He had killed a man himself only a few weeks before. The nightmares from that moment still haunted him, and now here he was, negotiating to take another life. When his alliance with the Russians started more than a decade ago, he never anticipated he would be in this position now.

Silence stretched for several seconds before Walter said, “I don’t know if there’s another choice.”

“My associates need something in return.” “What?”

“Access to the detailed budget.”

Walter sucked in a deep breath. The requests from the Russians in the past had been more subtle, but complete access? If they knew where the money was going, they would know everything, including military plans and intelligence objectives. Walter was supposed to be the key to balancing the volatile relationship between the two superpowers, not the gofer giving one a significant leg up on the other. What would the Russians do if he refused? Would they cut off his funding? Or eliminate him in the most final sense of the word?

“Even if I give you access, what good would that do?” Walter asked. “I can’t make changes significant enough to make a difference.”

“You’re on the Senate Intelligence Committee. You have access to information we need.”

The noose around his neck tightened. He didn’t have any other option. “I’ll make it happen.”

“Good,” the man said, his accent thickening. “While you’re at it, I suggest you propose to trim expenditures in a few places, especially anything that might be providing funding to the guardians.”

“I tried that before.”

“Try again.” The voice was low but firm. “Now, where do I find this problem of yours?”

“In Washington, DC,” Walter said. “You’ll find him on Capitol Hill.” Walter pulled a folded envelope from his back pocket and dropped it to the floor. He looked down as though noticing its presence for the first time, then cleared his voice. “I think you dropped something.”

The other man leaned down and picked it up. “So it seems.””

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About How Not to Fall for Your Best Friend

how not to fall for your best friend

Seven days. Fifteen dates with fifteen different people. One friendly competition between best friends (who are definitely not dating each other).

Peyton Abernathy wants to get married, and she’s ready to do something drastic about it. Like getting over her fear of making bad choices. She wants someone responsible, adventurous, resourceful, and inspiring. Someone who feels like peace and acceptance and home.

Someone exactly like her best friend, Max Peyton.

Except not Max. Because that one time a year ago when she accidentally almost kissed him, he said he loved her like a sister. Like a sister. So yeah, she isn’t about to fall for her best friend. (Again.) Besides, Max doesn’t want to get married to anyone. Ever. Sure, it could’ve been the effects of his last relationship talking, but she is fairly sure he means it.

That’s okay, because she has a plan to find her perfect man. She and Max both need dates for a friend’s wedding, so she talks Max into a little competition to see who can go on the highest number of dates, each with a different person, all within the span of one week. And by the end, each of them will ask their favorite to be their date at the wedding.

It’s a brilliant plan; she’s sure of it. Seven days and those perfect wedding dates will hopefully turn into happily ever afters for both of them.

Her plan is so good, it’s practically foolproof.

My review

I’m really sad to have read the last of this series. Each of the characters in these books has become like a dear friend. And now I’ve finished. I loved the way Meg Easton wrote this series. Each of the girls living with her in her inn turned home had their own love story. And they are all awesome. They can be read in any order, but I’d probably start with How to Not Fall for the Guy Next Door.

This one features Peyton and Max. I loved Peyton. She’s the kind of person who is always caring about someone else. She meal plans and makes food for people as her profession. And she’s always got a story. I had to laugh at the hilarious stories she told about her job at the beginning and her dates later on in the book. She and Max have been best friends a long time. And she’s told herself that was all it ever could be. I loved how she came up with a contest to go on more dates than Max in a week. And how that ultmately brought them closer together.

Max is a great guy. I loved how he learned a lot about himself in this book. He had thought that because his parents had a terrible marriage, he would too. But during the course of the book he learned that he could trust himself to fall in love. And trust someone else with his heart. And his dates were hilarious too. I have no idea how the author came up with so many bad dates to include in this book, but they’re awesome.

I loved this book and this whole series. You won’t want to miss it!

I borrowed a copy of How Not to Fall for Your Best Friend using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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About Treacherous Legacy

Anna Braverman comes from a long line of intelligence agents, but her late father insisted she follow a different path and become an accountant. When an urgent summons arrives from her only living relative, Uncle Ezra, Anna drops everything to meet him in a café on the outskirts of Reykjavík, Iceland. Uncle Ezra sweeps her into a decades-old mystery as he explains that her great-grandfather, a famous Jewish artist, was accused of being a Nazi sympathizer. He wants Anna to help him disprove the lie and expose the truth. But they can trust no one. Any skepticism Anna may have harbored disappears when her uncle is shot. Barely alive, he utters one final word: “Run.” 

Though he met Ezra only briefly, journalist Kristofer Tómasson knows the information the old man passed on to his niece is likely the reason he was murdered. Now his niece’s life is also in peril. Despite the danger, Kristofer approaches Anna with an offer to help in exchange for an exclusive story. United by a common goal, as well as an undeniable spark of attraction, Anna and Kristofer race to uncover the mysteries of the past—that is, if they survive.

My review

I am a big fan of how Kathi Oram Peterson writes her suspense books. I love the way this one weaved a family history mystery with danger and even a bit of love. The author did such a great job with this one. I didn’t want to stop reading it. I finished it so fast!

Anna is the heroine. She witnesses her uncle’s murder in Iceland in the very first chapter. He tells her to run, so she does. I love the way she was able to know what to do to be safe. Her father had taught her to always have a way out. And many other great lessons that she uses to keep herself safe. And then she runs into Kristofer, so she isn’t alone any more. Anna’s is the main point of view throughout the story.

Kristofer is such a helpful guy. I liked how he went followed Anna, trying to help her, at great danger to himself and his family. He knew things about Anna’s uncle and father that she didn’t even know. And between the two of them and one of her uncle’s friends that happens to find them, they are able to figure out the mystery and stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

The plot of this one kept me interested from the very start. I loved everything about it!

I was sent an e-copy of Treacherous Legacy as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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September 29, 1943

Copenhagen, Denmark

Sweat beaded Joseph Braverman’s forehead. He sat at his desk, where the satchel containing the wireless telegraph machine rested, earphones on his head as he listened for confirmation from the Danish Resistance that they had received his message. He pulled his Waltham watch from his pocket and held it to the dim lightbulb of the desk lamp: 11:30 p.m. A reply shouldn’t take this long. He glanced at his wife.

Hadassah’s anxious brown eyes watched his every move as she stood by their apartment door with her hands grasping each of their ten-year-old twin boys’ hands. A small suitcase crammed with precious photos and clean undergarments for the family rested by her feet. Joseph hoped the skipper of the small skiff wouldn’t mind. The man had said Joseph’s family could hide in the hull but no luggage. Surely, they could make room for one small suitcase.

Benjamin and Bernard’s identical faces were still pale with shock. The entire family had been stunned during their worship at the synagogue only a few hours ago. They had gone to stand before God on Rosh Hashanah, the Day of Judgment, but their beloved Rabbi Melchior had interrupted services and said, “We have news that this coming Friday night, the night between the first and second of October, the Gestapo will arrest every Jew in Denmark. They have our names and addresses. We must leave now.” And then the rabbi had sent the congregation home.

For a small fortune, Joseph had procured a boat on their way to their apartment, but he’d also seen something disturbing at the harbor. Something he shouldn’t have. Something that, if the Resistance knew, could save thousands of lives. He had to report it. While Hadassah had gathered their things, he’d sent the message. What was keeping Command from acknowledging that they’d received it? Joseph didn’t have time for this. Nor did his family. It wouldn’t take the Germans long to triangulate a transmission and know exactly where it had come from. There had been no time to go into the woods, away from their apartment, like he usually did.He pulled the right earphone away from his head. “Hadassah, you and the boys go on without me. I’ll catch up.” “No!” She stood her ground. “We’ll never find each other again. We’re staying together.” The twins said nothing, just stared at him with haunted eyes. They knew too well the danger around them. Though the Germans had invaded their homeland three years ago, things had grown worse during the last year. His sons had had to watch as German soldiers had hauled away the baker from the corner pastry shop because they’d assumed he was a spy. The boys had witnessed the soldiers beating him, seen the blood covering his face. The twins knew very well that their father was part of the Danish Resistance. The same thing could happen to him. From that day on, they’d grown more solemn.

Joseph had to make Hadassah see reason. “The boat is waiting. I’ll catch up. I promise. Go!” With great reluctance, his beloved picked up the suitcase, opened the door, and gave Joseph a soulful look that said she loved him before ushering the boys out. Joseph prayed with all his heart that they’d be safe.

Cursing under his breath, he jerked the earphones off his head. He wondered if the rumored spy within the Resistance had intercepted his message. The danger Joseph had put his family in could be for naught. He’d find some other way to get word to Command. His gaze shot around the room, searching. It would be too dangerous to carry his coded notes on his person. Besides, he had it memorized. He couldn’t risk burning it and drawing attention. He had to hide it. If he were stopped from getting word to the Resistance, maybe someone would find the message. His eyes locked on The Portrait of Bethsedia that he’d painted years ago. It was worth a fortune. The Nazis might destroy his home, but even they appreciated true art. Joseph’s work was world-renowned. He rushed over and took the painting off the wall. Footsteps thundered up the stairs.

Nazi jack boots. Many of them.

Joseph folded the message to the smallest square, then turned the painting over and slid the paper between the underside wood frame and the stretched canvas that was stapled to it. Barely noticeable. With shaking hands, he hefted the painting onto the wall. “Tur auf!” Thuds shook the door.

The doorknob rattled. Nazis burst in, guns at the ready. They shoved Hadassah and the twins to the floor at Joseph’s feet. Brokenhearted, he gathered his family to him, holding them tight. Would they ever forgive him? And would the message he’d risked everything for ever be found?

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About A Captain for Caroline Gray

A Captain for Caroline Gray

Caroline Gray would rather be daring and intelligent than demure and insipid, which is why she is still unmatched after her third season in London. Her family’s threadbare finances leave Caroline with only one choice to secure her future: sail with the Fishing Fleet to India, where the son of a family friend is willing to consider an engagement to her.

Captain Thomas Scott loves the open sea as much as he despises the three-month, twice-yearly trip his ship makes as he ferries young English girls across the ocean. He can’t imagine what family would allow an innocent young woman to be matched up with the Englishmen of questionable reputation who work and live in India.

But when Miss Gray boards the HMS Persistence, all of Captain Scott’s plans are upended. Miss Gray’s fiery spirit can’t be contained, and he is shocked and secretly delighted at her boldness—and her beauty. But the rest of his passengers aren’t so kind.

Caroline finds herself an outcast among her peers, but Captain scott becomes an unlikely ally. They share the same passions and interests, creating an undeniable attraction. But they both know any relationship between them is impossible. After all, Caroline has obligations to fulfill in India.

Caroline has until the end of the voyage to decide if she is going to marry a man she has never met or be brave enough to love a sea captain who just might break her heart.

My review

I really enjoyed this book! There are so many little things that made me not want to put it down. I think that the biggest thing was probably the fact that Caroline in this book travels to India to find a man to marry. This is the first time I’ve seen that kind of plot in a Regency romance. And it was great. I also loved the way the author included the historical notes about this in the back of the book. Wow, that really happened to some people. It’s not something I’ve ever considered.

Caroline is a bluestocking. That just means that she was not the normal Regency period woman, who just wanted to gossip and talk about clothes and hair. She was interested in science and in keeping herself knowledgeable about the world around her. But…that made it hard for her to find a man who would accept her. And as she gets to the end of her third season, her cousin gets engaged. The laws of the time saying that only men could inherit must have seemed so confining. They left women like Caroline no options, but to get married to support themselves. That’s why she headed for India.

The ship captain was Thomas Scott. He knew the reputation of most of the English men in India. And he tried to warn the ladies that were headed there. But his warnings fell on deaf ears. I really liked him. He worked to keep his crew and passengers safe from the crazy sea. He was human, like everyone else, and sometimes he made mistakes. But he was an inherently good man.

I liked that the love story in this one seemed impossible at times. Just like life, there were twists and turns. Caroline and Thomas couldn’t see the way things would turn out from the beginning. This book was one I didn’t want to stop reading. And I was sad when I finished.

I was sent a copy of A Captain for Caroline Gray by the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About author Julie Wright

JULIE WRIGHT was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s lived in LA, Boston, and the literal middle of nowhere (don’t ask). She wrote her first book when she was fifteen. Since then, she’s written twenty-five novels and coauthored three. Julie is a two-time winner of the Whitney Award for best romance with her books Cross My Heart and Lies Jane Austen Told Me and is a Crown Heart recipient. Her book Death Thieves was a Whitney finalist.

She has one husband, three kids, one grandbaby, one dog, and a varying amount of houseplants (depending on attrition).

She loves writing, reading, traveling, hiking, snorkeling, playing with her family on the beach, and watching her husband make dinner.

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