About Bargaining with the Billionaire

bargaining with the billionaire

♥ A stand-up comedian with ties to the mafia clearing the family name. A jewelry designer with an impossible task.

 Lucky for her, this downstairs neighbor is willing to help—but with him, everything comes at a price.

 Are his Rumpelstiltskin-style tricks driven by selfishness or does he have a heart of gold? 

Leave it to billionaire jewelry designer Autumn Molinero’s father to cash in on her name and leave her in the lurch. He runs off to Europe, and she has how much time to come up with a crazy number of custom designs to protect her brand? Impossible.

Her gorgeous downstairs neighbor Kian is willing to help—for a price. Should she trust the Rumpelstiltskin-like ploys of a man with family ties to the mafia? All she wants is to make it through the summer and maybe save her career, not fall in love with a man with ulterior motives.

Kian Gould is on a quest of his own. Clearing the family name is no joke for this stand-up comedian. He’ll find his proof. Some call it a treasure hunt, but to him, it’s a necessity. He just has to scare his upstairs neighbor out of the way—which may or may not lead to a ghost haunting her shop.

Just how much is a name worth? Is it worth sacrificing true love to protect it?

My review

There were so many things to love about this book! I loved the way the main characters met. Kian saved Autumn from a creepy guy at an outdoor concert. I loved the mafia element, and the way Kian was searching for the truth about his family. And the plot just keeps the reader entertained from the very beginning .

Autumn was one of my favorite things about this book. She was the billionaire building a home. But she’s also helping in her dad’s shop in Eureka Springs. I love this zany little town! She and Kian keep meeting, but each time, she just finds more to be annoyed about. It takes Kian a lot of effort to get her to start liking him, even a little bit.

Kian might go about that effort all wrong! He starts playing little tricks on her that he attributes to a ghost. Autumn wasn’t sure what to believe. She has a hard time reconciling the great man he is when they’re together, with someone who may or may not be playing tricks on her.

I loved what these two find together! And it would spoil so much of the story to tell you what it was, so you’ll have to go get your own copy and read it to find out.

Kian and Autumn’s story is one of my favorites I’ve read lately!

I was sent an e-copy of Bargaining with the Billionaire as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Flying in Love

Flying in love

Paige Hall’s happy ending may just be in sight. She has been dating her boyfriend for months and feels confident their relationship is going in the right direction—until she catches him kissing another woman. Humiliated and hurt, Paige retreats from the dating scene and pledges to never fall hard again as she throws herself into her work as a speech therapist. Her vow is upended in a grocery store parking lot when she is nearly run over by a handsome and very apologetic air force pilot.

Captain Jake Summers is everything a girl could dream of: charming, considerate, and hardworking. Despite Paige’s determination to avoid falling into another relationship, her resolve is no match for the whirlwind romance that ensues. When Jake is not flying, he and Paige are inseparable, and Paige begins to believe in happily ever afters again. But when the couple faces a heartrending loss, they must find strength in each other and in their faith or risk losing a once-in-a-lifetime love.

My review

I’m always looking for new contemporary romance to read, it’s my favorite! This new one by Chalon Linton is a Christian romance. And it’s amazing!

I loved Paige. She’s optimistic and happy. She’s just the kind of person that is everyone’s best friend. She might have been my very favorite part of the book! But the guy that she was dating at the beginning of the book, was cheating on her. And she caught him. Ugg! So she goes to the grocery store and just about got run over by a guy in a big, black truck.

His name was Jake. I loved the way Jake talked her into going to dinner with him. That whole part just made me smile. But Jake is in the military. And his life is not quite the normal life you think of. He never knows when he’s going to be called to leave. And that kills a few of their dates.

I loved both Jake’s and Paige’s families! Their families play a big part in this story. I was really glad to get to see them. I really hope Jake’s sister, Lucy, gets her own story. There was some sadness with their families. And things between Jake and Paige got a little bit rocky. The twists and turns kept me wanting to know what happened. And I finished this book so fast!

I’m really hoping for more like this by this author soon!

I was sent a copy of Flying in Love as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About Coming Home to Maverick

coming home to maverick

Bailey is back. Maverick thought he was over her. But neither can deny the feelings that will always be there.

Bailey has made mistakes, so many she doesn’t think she’ll really ever forgive herself. But her daughter deserves the kind of life Bailey had growing up. When she shows up on her parents’ doorstep back to her hometown, the one person she isn’t ready to see is Maverick. But will she ever be able to face him?

The minute Maverick hears Bailey is back, he knows his heart still belongs to her. But what kind of man trusts a woman who left him at the altar? As he grapples with a new daughter that he can’t help but wish was his, all the responsibilities of running his family’s ranch, and the hurt he feels about Bailey’s betrayal, he finds new love and hope not only with her but with God.

As soon as God is a part of the equation, the sweetness they find is better than they ever had. Just maybe this second chance around is God’s gift of happiness to them both.

My review

I loved reading this one! The little bit of escape it gave me to a small Texas town was one of my favorite things about it. And that small Texas town was one of the hardest things for main character, Bailey.

Bailey knows she’s made some huge mistakes. And the first one was standing Maverick up at the church on their wedding day. It seemed as though Bailey felt as though all eyes were on her when she came home. And maybe they were. It’s always hard for people to allow others to change. But this book helps show that change really is possible, as well as forgiveness. I loved how Bailey learned that lesson.

But Bailey wasn’t the only one that needed a lesson. Maverick also needed to learn about forgiveness. But he had a great teacher, in his mama. I loved her character in this book. In fact, Maverick’s whole family was great! I hope we get to see them again later!

And Bailey’s daughter, Gracie, steals the show in so many scenes of this book. How can you not love that little girl?

I’m really hoping for more books just like this one. It’s a great mix of romance and allowing God to work in your life.

I was sent an e-copy of Coming Home to Maverick as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About An Earl for Edith

an earl for edith

Edith Wilson is twenty-two years old, has never had a London Season, and suspects she never will. Limited finances mean Edith is left ignored while her beautiful younger sisters receive every opportunity. Longing for her mother’s approval, Edith agrees to trap an earl against her better judgment, hoping for a chance at the loving marriage she’s always desired. Yet once she meets the handsome earl, she doesn’t have the heart to ruin his happily ever after.

Miles is extremely wealthy, titled, and single with no intention of ever falling in love again. His first wife taught him how horrible a one-sided marriage could be. When a young woman appears at his hunting lodge set on ensnaring him, he will do anything to keep her away, including lying and betting with a disreputable rogue. But when she walks away from a chance to force him to propose, he regrets his actions. Will he be able to right his wrongs before Edith falls prey to the rake he set on her path?

My review

I really enjoyed this book! I loved that it wasn’t your typical Regency romance. Sure there’s a main character and she eventually falls in love. But her path to getting there was not what the reader would have expected.

Right from the very first chapter, this book is different. Edith’s mother is determined to trap a poor, unsuspecting earl into marrying her. But she goes about it in such a strange way. She gets Edith alone with the earl, but only after she’s made the poor girl a tad drunk. I have to admit that this part was super funny!

I had to feel a bit sorry for Edith. Her mother was the worst! I could not believe the unkind things she said to her. Or the way she was always doing mean things. But Edith just went along with her, especially at first. I loved the way Edith changed through the book. She went from being a bit spineless to a young woman who knew she had worth. And that made her beautiful.

I really liked Miles as well. I liked the relationship he had with his daughter. He’d been hurt before and really didn’t want to open his heart again. He fought so hard not to love. But he was the reason that Edith blossomed the way he did. These two were perfect for each other.

I loved everything about this debut novel. I hope the author is busily writing more!

I was sent an e-copy of An Earl for Edith as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About A Change of Fortune

Law student Brooke Sherman leads an enviable life, with an impressive education, a prestigious internship, and an ambitious boyfriend who any girl on campus would love to date. But one phone call shatters everything: her father, the optimistic man who insists on buying lottery tickets and dreaming big, has terminal cancer. Desperate to get home and predictably unable to rely on her boyfriend, Brooke finds an unlikely hero in the form of her classmate.

Jason Ramsey has had a crush on his study partner Brooke for months, but he’d never encroach on someone else’s girlfriend—even if the guy doesn’t treat her the way she deserves. But when he learns of Brooke’s father’s diagnosis, Jason steps up to help however he can. In the weeks and months following, Jason is Brooke’s rock, and after Brooke’s breakup, Jason becomes much more than just a friend. But even as they plan for a future together, things get complicated: Brooke’s father had a dying wish, that his daughter buy one last lottery ticket. She never dreamed that fulfilling that wish would jeopardize a future with the man she loves.

My review

Traci Hunter Abramson is one of those authors. The kind you always know you’re going to pick up their newest book and love it, no matter what. She’s one of my favorites!

This book is a little different than the ones she usually writes. There isn’t really any suspense in it. But the way she wrote this one was so great!

Brooke is the main character in this one. I loved the way she cared for those around her. She is one of those characters that the reader almost feels as though they know. I was really sad for her when things with her dad’s health got hard. It made me happier to know that she had Jason to watch out for her.

Jason and Brooke are both law students trying to finish up their programs. They work together well. And end up getting closer and closer. I loved reading this part. There are plenty of twists and turns for Brooke and Jason. It’s really hard to know how much to share, I don’t want to give too much away.

Maybe just know that this is a fun, sweet romance that you won’t want to put down!

I was sent a copy of A Change of Fortune as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About A Guarded Love

a guarded love

An unsuspecting college student is inadvertently thrust into the paparazzi spotlight when a country music star mingles at a local karaoke club. After an unexpected photo surfaces online, the power of clickbait media sends two people from different worlds on a collision course with destiny.

A break from touring proves to be anything but relaxing, as Landon Ross navigates a whirlwind of tabloid manipulation, crazed fans and heightened security protocol. Each detail of his life is carefully structured and scheduled. But the unexpected arrival of a talented local music major makes him re-evaluate everything.

My review

This book has potential. I liked the author’s plot line and characters. I liked that there was always something coming that the reader didn’t expect. It was really well done that way.

I did wish that the book was longer. There were plenty of places that the author could have taken a bit more time to make sure the details were clear. And there could have been more to the characters to make them seem more real and likable.

At 122 pages, this one felt really short. But it’s a decent story, so you aren’t wasting your time reading it.

I was sent an e-copy of A Guarded Love as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About author Adelia Burke

Adelia Burke (Deb Earl) was born in Reno, Nevada. She is married and has three married daughters and two grandchildren. She has been an avid reader all of her life with a vivid imagination.

She has been involved in family history research for many years and decided to incorporate that into her writing in some of her books. It makes for some interesting stories.  She absolutely loves to throw in twists in her books.

Her interests include running, gardening, and traveling. She is a home-schooling expert!

For a free book from the author, An Unlikely Suitor, fill in the contact information at www.Adeliaburke.com


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Travel with Get Away today in 2021

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About Hallie’s Hero

hallie's hero

Nash Roberts secretly writes fan-fiction scripts for his favorite TV show, He Spies, She Spies. That is, until a well-meaning friend submits one of the scripts to a contest and Nash wins. His secret is out and everyone in Little River is talking about him even more than when he stepped aside so his ex could run off with a country music star.

Actress Hallie Butler will do pretty much anything to save her struggling show, and that includes filming in the small town of Little River and doing photo-ops with the nerd who wrote the winning script. Except the writer is no nerd. He’s a sweet, hunky doctor embarrassed about his hobby.

As the two get to know each other, Hallie’s convinced she’s found her movie-worthy happily ever after, until a twisted online story comes between them. Will Nash learn from his past and fight for the woman he loves, or is Hallie better off if he walks away?

My review

I’ve loved Ranee S Clark’s books set in Little River, Wyoming. It’s a small town where everyone knows everyone and everyone’s business as well. So when the cast of He Spies, She Spies comes to town to film their last few episodes, every one knows about it. And everyone knows shy they’re there filming as well.

Nash Roberts had written some fan fiction for his favorite show. He never planned to send it in for a contest to write an episode, but his friend Bellamy took it upon herself to send it to the show. And, of course, it won. I loved the scene where Bellamy told him what she did. And had to pay him with many meals that she made.

Hallie is the starring actress in the show He Spies, She Spies and coming to Little River was not what the’d ever planned on. But she likes the little won and all the people in it, fairly quickly. Especially Nash. The two come up with an idea to pretend to be dating, in order to get Hallie’s co-star to come back for the last episode. But for the two, it quickly becomes way more than pretend.

I loved these two together. They were perfect for each other. Even though Hallie was from bustling LA and Nash was from the smallest town. They have to work hard to overcome many things, including the falseness of their relationship. And that’s a beautiful thing. Because when you work so hard for something, it becomes the most important thing to you.

I can’t wait to read more books by this author!

I borrowed a copy of Hallie’s Hero using my Kindle Unlimited membership.

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About Her Hidden Falls Ex-Military Billionaire Cowboy

her hidden falls ex-military billionaire cowboy

A cowboy avoiding his hometown. The woman from ten years ago. When he stumbles upon a man proposing to her, all he knows is that he has to get her back!

Note: Previously released title: Her First Love Billionaire. It’s been extensively re-written, re-edited, and updated to be included in the Hardman Ranch Romances.

Kane Hardman, ex soldier turned computer programmer billionaire, only wanted to hang out with his business partner and grow their Forbes top 100 company. When he sees the woman he never stopped loving being proposed to, he takes swift action.

Madison Knight, the head of fundraising for Texas Children’s hospital, doesn’t want to accept such a public proposal, but she feels trapped. The night gets worse when the man she’s spent the past ten years hating shows up and kisses her. Good thing she slaps him! He broke her heart once, he doesn’t get to do it again!

When Kane offers a huge donation to the hospital, Madison’s boss gives her an assignment; take the man to the next fundraiser and help him meet women.

It takes all Madison has not to tell him the secret she hasn’t told anyone. Will Kane still love her when he knows the truth? Or will Madison be left high and dry all over again?

My review

This book holds a quick, easy to read story. I enjoyed it from the very first.

Kane is at a fundraising event when he happens to see the woman he loved and lost get proposed to by another man. I loved the way he didn’t let that stop him. He felt like he’d found her again for a reason. And he didn’t let her engagement stop him.

Madison is a fun character. Madison wants nothing to do with marrying the governor who’d proposed to her, but she felt like she had to with the way he proposed to her. How do you say no in front of so many people? I loved her character. She’s the kind of girl who has learned how to be herself and not worry about what others think. But the governor had paid for her mom’s surgery. And there does happen to be another little secret that makes her feel as though she has to marry him.

I loved that these two still had chemistry 10 years after they had fallen for each other. And that they both end up determined to make things work out between them, even though things keep getting between them.

This is a fun book. It made me want to read the rest of the series!

I was sent an e-copy of Her Hidden Falls Ex-Military Billionaire Cowboy as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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What to read after Her Hidden Falls Ex-Military Billionaire Cowboy

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About How Not to Fall for the Guy Next Door

how to not fall for the guy next door

Neither of them wants a rebound relationship, but it’s hard to stay away when you’re next-door neighbors.

So what if the guy Addison Sparks had a crush on when she was thirteen just so happens to be her next-door neighbor when she moves across the country for a fresh start? And so what if she embarrasses herself in front of him…


If Ian Kendrick hadn’t grown up to be so good-looking, kind to his grandma, skilled at carpentry, and completely dateable, then it wouldn’t be so difficult to stay away from him.

Addison is just getting over a breakup, though, and Ian is, too. She doesn’t need the kind of awkwardness that would come from living next to someone who would surely be just a rebound if they ever dated.

Nope. What she needs is to make a list to constantly remind herself how to not fall for the guy next door.

My review

This type of book is my very favorite kind! I love the light feel, the comedy, and the romance! And Meg Easton is great at writing characters.

Addison is such a fun character. I loved the way she was trying to start over with life. New job, new place to live, no boyfriend. Only her past was always just around the corner, in Ian. And she was always embarrassing herself in front of him. My favorite scene involves a whole shelf of deodorant. So funny!

And the reader gets to see what’s going on with Ian as well. He’s the kind of guy that you’d want to date. He goes out of his way to help everyone around him. His relationship with his grandma was so sweet.

I loved Addison’s roommates too. And I can’t wait to see them each get their own story.

If you’re looking for a light, sweet romance then you’d better grab this one!

I was sent an e-copy of How to Not Fall for the Guy Next Door by the author. All opinions are my own.

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What to read after How to Not Fall for the Guy Next Door

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