About The Buy-In

The Buy-In

“You can’t Schitt’s Creek a town, Tank.”
“And you can’t 
verb a noun, son.”

When a family of former pro football players buy a small Texas town, they didn’t intend to start a war with its residents … or to fall in love.

Ever since his career-ending injury, Pat has bounced from job to job, idea to idea, short-lived relationship to short-lived relationship. But when his father purchases the town of Sheet Cake, Pat suddenly sees his life with clear purpose: get his brothers on board with his dad’s wild idea and win back the one woman who got away.

Lindy was supposed to be traveling the world, not stuck in a small town, caring for her niece. But she would do anything to keep custody of Jo–even if that looks like a marriage of convenience with the man who already broke her heart once.

Now if she can only keep herself from falling back in love with her husband…

This is a small town, marriage of convenience romantic comedy with plenty of sizzle while keeping the bedroom door closed. It’s the first in a spinoff series following Harper’s brothers (from Falling for Your Best Friend). You don’t need to have read the Love Clichés series first to enjoy this book.

My review

How can you not love a new series by Emma St Clair based on Harper’s brothers from Falling for Your Best Friend?! I have been eagerly anticipating this one. And it did not disappoint. I loved every thing about it.

Let’s start with Pat. Sigh. Pat is the perfect kind of guy. He’s perfect for Lindy, anyway. I loved the way he wasn’t up for Tank having bought a town, until he realized it was her town. And then he was all in. So great! Especially when he got himself stuck there. You’re really going to have to read it to find out how.

Lindy wasn’t really sure she wanted Pat around. He’d already broken her heart once. And she really didn’t have time for that again. The way this one progresses was really just the best! There are so many little details about the two that just worked. And that I loved.

There are so many great side characters in this book. I really loved Jo! She’s Lindy’s niece and she really stole every scene that she was in. This girl…she’s my spirit animal. I loved everything about her.

You need to read this book! It’s got everything. Romance, enemies to lovers, cute kids, flaming squirrels, an Aston Martin. Really, just read it!

I was sent an e-copy of this book as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Beyond the Lavender Fields

Beyond the Lavender Fields

Rumors of revolution in Paris swirl in Marseille, a bustling port city in southern France. Gilles Étienne, a clerk at the local soap factory, thrives on the news. Committed to the cause of equality, liberty, and brotherhood, he and his friends plan to march to Paris to dethrone the monarchy. His plans are halted when he meets Marie-Caroline Daubin, the beautiful daughter of the owner of the factory.

A bourgeoise and a royalist, Marie-Caroline has been called home to Marseille to escape the unrest in Paris. She rebuffs Gilles’s efforts to charm her and boldly expresses her view that violently imposed freedom is not really freedom for all. As Marie-Caroline takes risks to follow her beliefs, Gilles catches her in dangerous secret that could cost her and her family their lives. As Gilles and Marie-Caroline spend more time together, she questions her initial assumptions about Gilles and realizes that perhaps they have more in common than she thought.

As the spirit of revolution descends on Marseille, people are killed and buildings are ransacked and burned to the ground. Gilles must choose between supporting the political change he believes in and protecting those he loves. And Marie-Caroline must battle between standing up for what she feels is right and risking her family’s safety. With their lives and their nation in turmoil, both Gilles and Marie-Caroline wonder if a révolutionnaire and a royaliste can really be together in a world that forces people to choose sides.

My review

I find it’s so much easier to learn about a different time period from a novel. The story line gives me a framework to understand how things would have been in the time period. Arlem Hawks did such a great job with both the storyline of this one and the history. Honestly, this book is one of those that I will think about again and again.

I loved the characters of this novel. Gilles Etienne, was a character in her book, Georgana’s Secret, one of my favorites of last year. It was good to see what happened to him. Gilles is one of those characters who thinks he knows what he wants from life at the beginning of the book. But by the end, he’s sure that he needs something completely different. It was great to watch him grow, change and gain different ideas on life.

Caroline is such a great character. I loved watching a relationship develop between these two. Her greeting of “I don’t wish to kiss you.” Made me laugh every time. I loved that she chose what she felt was right and she stood for that the entire time.

This book is set during a hard time. The French Revolution. Hard things happen during the book. I loved the way the author told hard things. But there was almost always hope. Hope for a better life and love. And change for our characters.

I was sent a copy of Beyond the Lavender Fields as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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Where Her Heart Lies

Where Her Heart Lies

After five years of finishing school in New York, Celeste McCurdy is ready to wash her hands of the snobbery of big-city life and be free of thoughts of Charles, the overly charming suitor who left her without a word. It’s time to return home to her small Colorado town. Despite her failed relationship with Charles, Celeste yearns to marry, and she knows just the man to handle her heart with care: her childhood love, Logan. Poor and endlessly kind, he is the polar opposite of the type of men she knew in New York. 

Logan Jones has been dealt a difficult hand in life, forever fighting to make ends meet in his desperation to avoid the pitfalls of wealth that poisoned his family. But when his longtime friend returns to town, Logan finds a compelling reason to accept his unwanted inheritance. Because even as Logan and Celeste are drawn together, a complication arises: Celeste’s former suitor has come for the woman he let go of—and Logan won’t give her up without a fight. Torn between two men, Celeste must determine where her affections lie or risk losing a love that’s true.

My review

I’ve enjoyed reading these books by Carolyn Twede Frank. I love when books go together. Heart of the West, Saving Susannah Jones, Under the Stars, and His Accidental Bride all go together and tell the story of Craig, Colorado and the people that live there.

I was so glad to see Logan get his own story. I’ve watched him as a side character in the other books and been so sad for him. He was kind of the underdog, least cared about character. But he was a great guy. Always one to look out for those around him, even when they hadn’t necessarily been kind to him. At least that’s how he was in the beginning of this book. Before he let things drive him crazy. Logan had to learn how to deal with life when it wasn’t hard. And that was kind of fun to watch.

I liked Celeste. She’s come home from finishing school. Not because she was finished. But because she was sick of school and the whole city scene. I loved the way she loved the town of Craig. She just needed to be there, almost like she needed air. And it was great how she was a little unorthodox about how she went about things. Honestly, I didn’t like her when she came up with her contest. And what she did to both Logan and Charles. It wasn’t kind. But I get that she wasn’t sure what to do.

I enjoyed the plot of this one. From the very beginning with Celeste getting home to the great ending, I enjoyed this book. It was a pleasant escape.

I was sent a copy of Where Her Heart Lies as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About A Change of Fortune

A Change of Fortune

Lady Eliza Sumner is on a mission. After losing her family, her fiance, and her faith, the disappearance of her fortune is the last straw. Now, masquerading as Miss Eliza Sumner, governess-at-large, she’s determined to find the man who ran off with her fortune, reclaim the money, and head straight back to London.

Much to Mr. Hamilton Beckett’s chagrin, all the eyes of New York society–all the female ones, at least–are on him. Unfortunately for all the matchmaking mothers and eligible daughters, he has no plans to marry again, especially with his hands full keeping his business afloat and raising his two children alone.

When Eliza’s hapless attempts to regain her fortune put her right in Hamilton’s path, sparks instantly begin to fly. The discovery of a common nemesis causes them to join forces, but with all their plans falling by the wayside and their enemies getting the better of them, it will take a riot of complications for Hamilton and Eliza to realize that God just might have had a better plan in mind all along.

My review

I’m not sure there are many authors that write the way that Jen Turano does. I haven’t found many that do. She writes historical books that are full of action, adventure and read like a rom-com at the same time. And I LOVE that!

This book features Eliza. She appears to be a governess in New York in 1880. But she’s a British Lady in disguise. And that is funny in and of itself. I loved how she tries to blend in at a dinner party that she’s made to attend. But…that doesn’t work so well. This whole scene made me laugh so hard!

The family that Eliza works for has an older daughter, Agatha. And these two become great friends. And they get into plenty of hilarious trouble together.

Then there’s Hamilton Beckett. I love that the reader gets to see the story through his eyes as well. And Eliza does so many things that are awkward and not ladylike in front of him. But his two kids, Ben and Piper really steal the show through much of the book. I loved these two so much!

If you’re looking for a great book to read, this one is amazing!

I bought my own copy of A Change of Fortune. All opinions are my own.

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About Friendshipped


Can you keep a secret? … I’m in love with my best friend.

There are three things you should know about me.

  • I hate running. No, really. I only run when someone’s chasing me, and thankfully that’s never happened.
  • My ideal Friday night includes pizza, The Princess Bride, and dancing with abandon.
  • And, I’m madly in love with my best friend.

That right there, that’s my secret.

Trevor, and I grew up next door to one another. Yes. He’s the boy next door. Even now, we rent opposite sides of a duplex, and we work across the aisle from one another at the Corn Corners Tribune. Basically, there isn’t a part of my life Trevor hasn’t touched. I take that back. Me. He hasn’t touched me.

He’s made it clear we’re in the friend zone and whatever feelings he had for me were a passing thing for him, while mine keep growing like a Chia pet on a humid summer day in the midwest. Unruly, and apparently pointless.

So, now I’m resigned to get Trevor out of my system once and for all.

If only Trevor would see me as more than a friend … But, unless he shows me otherwise, I’m going to have to do what it takes to move on.

My review

I hadn’t read anything by Savannah Scott before. But I really enjoyed this one. So I know I’m going to read more by her. I loved the way she wrote her characters in this one. And it was so funny! I laughed out loud several times when I was reading it.

Lexi and Trevor were definitely one of the best parts of this book! I loved the best friend relationship they shared. And it was funny that the reader knew that they’d both like to have more than friendship, but they both thought the other wasn’t interested.

I loved how Lexi ends up forced into making a profile on a dating app. And her dates were hilarious. Lexi discussed them with Trevor afterwards and that was so funny!

I love that the reader gets to see things through both Lexi and Trevor’s eyes. That made the book really balanced. That’s my favorite way to get to read a rom-com.

This book was so funny! I loved it so much.

I borrowed a copy of Friendshipped with my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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About Flipping for Love

flipping for love

A provisional project manager, a determined business owner, and a house flip that propels them together and exposes past secrets.

Lily Broadbent has always lived in her sister’s shadow. She finally has a chance to shine when her gorgeous boss, Jackson Davenport, tasks her with flipping a house. This is her opportunity to not only snag a promotion as project manager, but also to impress Jackson. Then she’ll have her dream job, her dream man, and her dream life.

Ryan Mills wants nothing more than to run his own successful home remodeling business without his father’s interference. He’s eager to prove himself when Davenport Properties hires him to flip a house—something his fledgling business needs.

When Lily meets the new contractor assigned to her house project, she’s stunned to see her old high school crush—the same guy who was the basketball star, the same guy she kissed on a dare after a game, and, worst of all, the same guy who used to date her larger-than-life sister.

Fortunately, Ryan doesn’t recognize Lily. Seeing this as a stroke of good luck, Lily’s web of deception begins, including a fake boyfriend.

Will Ryan discover who she really is before they finish the project? Will Lily win Jackson’s heart before she loses her own?

Flipping for Love is a heartwarming, second-chance romance about letting go of the past and embracing the present.

My review

I thought this book by Rebecca Talley was a cute romance. I liked the characters, and the plot. I like that I was able to read it quickly.

Lily is the main female character. She wants to have a job as a project manager, instead of office manager that she is. And she wants to date her boss, Jackson. This was where Lily needed to grow a bit. She needed to learn what a jerk her boss was and how to move on from that crush. She did that, eventually. I liked that Lily knew what she wanted and she worked to go after it.

And then there’s Ryan. I really liked Ryan. He’s the kind of guy you can count on. It was funny that Lily had a huge crush on him in high school. And that she had a secret that he didn’t know about. I wished Lily had told him who she was, instead of keeping him in the dark. That became a problem later in the book.

If you’re looking for a cute, quick romance, this one is for you!

I borrowed a copy of Flipping for Love using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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About Compared



Confession: I’m attracted to my student’s dad. Let me give you Tyler Dixon’s resume: thoughtful, manly, father of the year, widower, ridiculously attractive (basically the opposite of a dad bod).

This might sound like good news for someone like me—someone who dreams of getting married and becoming a mom—but it’s not. Getting involved with a parent is grounds for immediate removal at my school, and right now, my fragile heart can’t handle being fired. My mom just died. My boyfriend broke up with me, and to top it all off, my dad started dating again. Stable employment is the only good thing I have. Risking my job and my heart is the most foolish thing I could do.


Being a widower isn’t like the movies. There’s not a block of women knocking on my door, bringing me casseroles every day. No, real life is work, laundry, and groceries—all while being both the mom and the dad. I’m pretty much failing at this single-parent thing. I don’t have time to date. Which is good since the only woman I’m interested in keeps pushing me away: Miss Johnson. Emphasis on the Miss—as in, my son’s teacher. It’s hard to convince a woman to go out with you when she’ll get fired. But it’s either pursuing Meg, despite her job, or the never-ending depths of loneliness—no big deal.

Compared is a witty, heartfelt rom-com with a teacher/parent romance, an irresistible single dad, and swoony chemistry that will have you rooting for a happily-ever-after while keeping the romance closed-door.

My review

If you love a good rom-com, you need to read this book by Kortney Keisel! I loved everything about it. Her characters were amazing. The plot was perfect, the romance and the comedy were so great!

I loved Meg. She’s a second grade teacher. It was great in the story to see how good she was with the kids. But she signed a contract saying she wouldn’t date any of the kid’s parents. And that becomes a problem when she meets Tyler right after breaking up with her boyfriend.

The meet cute (part where the main characters meet) in this one was the best! I loved how Tyler was just getting off a blind date that he hated. And Meg was with her sisters. This part was so funny!

Tyler was the cutest dad to Krew. His wife had died a bit before the story opens. And he’s not over her yet. I loved the way Tyler talked to a random other widow at the cemetery. And how that whole thing plays into the story.

This is one of those books that I want to read again and again. I’m going to go find all of the books by this author now!

I borrowed a copy of Compared using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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About Choices of the Heart

choices of the heart

The paths of life that brought them together are destined to tear them apart.

Burke Jones began his life as a nameless orphan, dreaming of one day being a renowned doctor with a home and family to call his own. Sophie Kingston, daughter of an influential East Coast family, was destined to be an important and beloved part of Baltimore Society.

Life has not gone quite as either planned.

Now living in the home of a family friend, Sophie joins the lady on a journey to the tiny town of Hope Springs in Wyoming Territory. It is unlike any place she’s ever known. And the resident doctor is a mystery as well. Burke knows he isn’t the success he’d always imagined he would be, and seeing it through the eyes of this newly arrived Society lady only drives that home.

As Hope Springs begins to weave its magic, Sophie discovers more than she’d ever imagined, in both the town and its doctor. And Burke, who has always guarded his heart, begins to wonder if there might be more to life than he has previously imagined.

Their futures, however, do not lie along the same path or in the same destinations. Fate has once again proven unkind.

Can Hope Springs work yet another miracle?

My review

Sarah M Eden’s Longing for Home series is one of my all time favorites. I love the little town of Hope Springs and all of it’s characters. They are each unique and strong. Amazing people who lived in the town of Hope Springs Wyoming in the 1800’s. I won’t tell you how or why, but they had to learn to come together and not pull apart in an earlier book. And it’s made the town stronger.

This book adds Sophie to the cast of characters. She is a young woman living in Baltimore. She’s the companion to Mrs. Archer. The two women come to Hope Springs to visit Joseph Archer and his family. And they are immediately taken in by the town as if they had lived there their whole lives. I loved seeing the way Sophie came alive in Hope Springs. She truly became herself and that was beautiful.

I loved the doctor, Burke Jones. He needed Sophie to show him how he could call the town his own. They had become his family without him even knowing it. And he needed that pointed out. I loved the way he cared for all around him. He was an honorable man and a great doctor.

This was such a great book. I didn’t want to put it down and read it from cover to cover quickly. Hopefully there will be more books. There are several characters that I would love to see get a happy ending of their own.

I was sent an e-copy of Choices of the Heart as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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Practically Perfect

About Practically Perfect

Paradise isn’t quite what she thought. But is her unexpected attraction to an unruly, hunky cowboy really the best thing for this divorcée?

Penelope Primrose has worked tirelessly to create her picket-fence bliss. After dreaming of a beautiful home and an idyllic small-town lifestyle, the would-be Southern belle perfected impeccable grooming and manners to land her childhood sweetheart. But her visions of a rapid ascent up the social ladder shatter when she finds her ideal husband with another woman…

Thrown into a divorce-driven spin and desperate to reinvent herself, the plucky Alabamian is totally confused by the chemistry she feels with the motorcycle-riding, guitar-playing, cowboy next door. And though his loud music and gosh-awful Airstream trailer are rubbing her the wrong way, Penelope secretly wonders if maybe it’s time to unleash her own inner rebel.

Will her mad attempts to let her hair down end in disaster… or happily ever after?

Practically Perfect is the sassy second, standalone book in the Good Girls Don’t Come Last sweet contemporary romance series. If you like flirty heroines, swoon-worthy hunks, and a dash of dramatic angst, then you’ll adore Jennifer Youngblood’s small-town romp.

My review

I love a good rom-com! This series by Jennifer Youngblood has been so great! I loved seeing the town of Comfort and well loved characters again. This one stands alone just great, I read it out of order and had no problems with knowing what was happening and who everyone was.

Penelope or Pen as her friends call her is one strong woman. She finds her husband cheating on her. And, instead of hanging her head, she keeps it high and goes to work. There is one scene near the end of the book where she puts everyone in their place. And that may have been my favorite scene of them all.

I loved Memphis. There were some really funny misunderstandings that made him look like a bad guy during parts of the book. But he was a gentleman throughout.

This book was funny! It was romantic. And it was a book I didn’t want to put down. Make sure to pick this one up, you won’t regret it.

I borrowed a copy of Practically Perfect using my Kindle Unlimited Subscription. All opinions are my own.

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About Wendy’s Pirates

Wendy's Pirates

In 1817, Wendy Darling returns from London to her family in Devon, where she meets Captain James Hooke, a dashing naval officer who both infuriates and intrigues her. But Wendy is hiding a dark secret—and running from a past that makes it impossible for her to trust the incorrigible captain. And James has secrets of his own, secrets he’s afraid will interfere with his desire to win Wendy’s heart.

When the Darling family takes in a young orphan boy named Peter, the two newcomers in Wendy’s life help her learn to open her heart and begin to trust again. But when a gang of pirates sails into port in search of Peter, will trust be enough to save Wendy and those she loves from danger?

Varnell takes J. M. Barrie’s classic Peter Pan characters and introduces them to risks and romance that go far beyond the average fairy tale. As Wendy and Hooke fight for new beginnings, they learn that happy endings aren’t always guaranteed.

My review

I wasn’t quite sure what to think when I opened this book. But I quickly got sucked in by Rebecca Varnell’s retelling of Peter Pan. She made this book come alive in so many ways. There was a great plot, great characters and plenty of adventure. I loved everything about it!

Wendy Darling is a complex character. She has reasons that she doesn’t like pirates or navy men. So when she meets Captain James Hooke, she is not kind and wants nothing to do with him. I loved the way Wendy is forced to grow and change in this book. It really made her character come alive that she wasn’t a perfect young woman. One thing I really loved about her was the way she took Peter for her own. That was such a big part of the book and such a sweet story.

James was a great guy. I loved the way he went out of his way for not only Wendy, but Peter as well. His character was really well done. I loved that we got to see at least a little bit of his point of view.

I loved the action and adventure in this one. It’s not often you find that in a historical romance like this. But it made the plot so fun!

This was one of those books I read in just a day. Such a great book!

I borrowed a copy of Wendy’s Pirates using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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