About Her Hidden Falls Ex-Military Billionaire Cowboy

her hidden falls ex-military billionaire cowboy

A cowboy avoiding his hometown. The woman from ten years ago. When he stumbles upon a man proposing to her, all he knows is that he has to get her back!

Note: Previously released title: Her First Love Billionaire. It’s been extensively re-written, re-edited, and updated to be included in the Hardman Ranch Romances.

Kane Hardman, ex soldier turned computer programmer billionaire, only wanted to hang out with his business partner and grow their Forbes top 100 company. When he sees the woman he never stopped loving being proposed to, he takes swift action.

Madison Knight, the head of fundraising for Texas Children’s hospital, doesn’t want to accept such a public proposal, but she feels trapped. The night gets worse when the man she’s spent the past ten years hating shows up and kisses her. Good thing she slaps him! He broke her heart once, he doesn’t get to do it again!

When Kane offers a huge donation to the hospital, Madison’s boss gives her an assignment; take the man to the next fundraiser and help him meet women.

It takes all Madison has not to tell him the secret she hasn’t told anyone. Will Kane still love her when he knows the truth? Or will Madison be left high and dry all over again?

My review

This book holds a quick, easy to read story. I enjoyed it from the very first.

Kane is at a fundraising event when he happens to see the woman he loved and lost get proposed to by another man. I loved the way he didn’t let that stop him. He felt like he’d found her again for a reason. And he didn’t let her engagement stop him.

Madison is a fun character. Madison wants nothing to do with marrying the governor who’d proposed to her, but she felt like she had to with the way he proposed to her. How do you say no in front of so many people? I loved her character. She’s the kind of girl who has learned how to be herself and not worry about what others think. But the governor had paid for her mom’s surgery. And there does happen to be another little secret that makes her feel as though she has to marry him.

I loved that these two still had chemistry 10 years after they had fallen for each other. And that they both end up determined to make things work out between them, even though things keep getting between them.

This is a fun book. It made me want to read the rest of the series!

I was sent an e-copy of Her Hidden Falls Ex-Military Billionaire Cowboy as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About How Not to Fall for the Guy Next Door

how to not fall for the guy next door

Neither of them wants a rebound relationship, but it’s hard to stay away when you’re next-door neighbors.

So what if the guy Addison Sparks had a crush on when she was thirteen just so happens to be her next-door neighbor when she moves across the country for a fresh start? And so what if she embarrasses herself in front of him…


If Ian Kendrick hadn’t grown up to be so good-looking, kind to his grandma, skilled at carpentry, and completely dateable, then it wouldn’t be so difficult to stay away from him.

Addison is just getting over a breakup, though, and Ian is, too. She doesn’t need the kind of awkwardness that would come from living next to someone who would surely be just a rebound if they ever dated.

Nope. What she needs is to make a list to constantly remind herself how to not fall for the guy next door.

My review

This type of book is my very favorite kind! I love the light feel, the comedy, and the romance! And Meg Easton is great at writing characters.

Addison is such a fun character. I loved the way she was trying to start over with life. New job, new place to live, no boyfriend. Only her past was always just around the corner, in Ian. And she was always embarrassing herself in front of him. My favorite scene involves a whole shelf of deodorant. So funny!

And the reader gets to see what’s going on with Ian as well. He’s the kind of guy that you’d want to date. He goes out of his way to help everyone around him. His relationship with his grandma was so sweet.

I loved Addison’s roommates too. And I can’t wait to see them each get their own story.

If you’re looking for a light, sweet romance then you’d better grab this one!

I was sent an e-copy of How to Not Fall for the Guy Next Door by the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Rakes and Roses

Rakes and Roses

Harry Stillman cares nothing for his future and spends his time at gaming tables, horse races, and in the company of whatever beautiful woman has caught his eye that week. He has little use for society or his uncle’s approval—until his debts begin exceeding his profits. When Uncle Elliott refuses to pay off the debt, and instead offers him a large, monetary wedding gift if Harry were to marry a woman of his uncle’s approval, Harry is offended, angry, and … scared. His dire straits drives him to seek out the infamous Lord Damion—a moneylender who extolls a heavy price for his assistance.

Lord Damion, however, is not a lord at all, or even a man. When Lady Sabrina’s cheating husband leaves her, then ends up dying in a carriage accident, she creates a plan to ensure her future security through the secret persona of Lord Damion, and she is quickly becoming the richest woman in England.

When Harry presents his case to Lord Damion—hidden behind a partition and communicating through notes, not speech—she finds him ridiculous but somewhat endearing and agrees to consider his situation. However, when she finds Harry unconscious in the gutter later that day, his leg badly broken and his face barely recognizable from the beating that’s left him on the edge of death, she transports him to a house she keeps in Wimbledon.

When Harry wakes, he is surprised to find himself in widow Sabrina’s house. Through the weeks of recovery, Harry is humbled by Sabrina’s selfless care, and reveals details of his character he has not shown to anyone. For her part, Sabrina finds herself more and more drawn to him, impressed by his determination to gain his strength and change his ways. Secretly, Sabrina pays off his debts to preserve him from further harm and tries not to let her heart become entangled. To love a man like this, again, would be her ruin.

Knee-deep in secrets, both Harry and Sabrina must decide what true love means to them, and how to navigate the pitfalls of high English society. In the end, they must both decide which is more important: wealth or true love.

My review

I’m always happy when I get to read a new book by Josi Kilpack! She writes books that take you places. And that makes me happy.

I loved the way this book started with Lady Sabrina. She’s hiding in a rose garden from her husband. She’s helped by a stranger Harry Stillman, who ends up playing a big part in her future.

Lady Sabrina is amazing! I loved the way she goes out of her way to help others. Even when it ends up putting her in danger. She is the kind of woman that know it’s like to be the one everyone looks down on. She wants to give those around her a hand up and make their lives better.

I have to admit, at the beginning of this book I didn’t like Harry at all. He was proud and thought that he knew everything. He wouldn’t listen when a friend tried to help him. And he brought all his trouble down on himself. But Harry grew on me throughout the book. By the end, though he wasn’t perfect, I liked him.

I loved the plot of this one. It’s not one you typically see written about this time period. And it didn’t seem at all stuffy.

I can’t wait for the next book in this series!

I was sent a copy of Rakes and Roses by the author. All opinions are my own.

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About author Josi Kilpack

Josi S. Kilpack is the author of several novels and one cookbook and a participant in several coauthored projects and anthologies. She is a four-time Whitney Award winner —Sheep’s Clothing (2007), Wedding Cake (2014), and Lord Fenton’s Folly (2015) for Best Romance and Best Novel of the Year—and the Utah Best in State winner for fiction in 2012. She and her husband, Lee, are the parents of four children. You can find more information about Josi and her writing at josiskilpack.com.

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About Do Marry Your Billionaire Boss

do marry your billionaire boss

A reclusive billionaire; a feisty woman who unmasks celebrities. Can they learn to love or will she forever damage his trust?

Jade Jardine has been anxious to meet Joshua Jewel and see if the celebrity who hides his face from the world is incredible or insane. When someone claims she embezzled from Joshua’s company will she find a hero and man she’s been hoping for, or a wealthy jerk who only cares about his bottom line? Find out in this fast-paced and tender romance.

My review

This book was such a great escape from the problems and worries of life right now. I loved being able to virtually take a trip to Puerto Rico and all the stops on Jade’s cruise. It’s a quick read that left me wanting more!

Jade seems like the girl next door. On the very first page she’s accused of embezzling. The reader, and Jade, spend the whole rest of the book wondering if she’s going to be charged. Even though she’s innocent. One thing that I really loved about Jade was the way she was always looking for nicknames for people using alliteration. I might have laughed at them several times.

Then there’s Jesse/Joshua. I don’t even know what to call him. I loved the way he was able to get Jade thinking about other things, other than embezzlement. But the way he took so long to tell her who he was was a bit excessive. That caused big problems between the two, not surprisingly.

The way it ended though was sweet, and just perfect for the book.

I was sent an e-copy of Do Marry Your Billionaire Boss as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Emmeline


A Regency Romance Novella

As Arthur Bremerton, Lord Mather, hurries to the opening session of Parliament, he is incensed to find his way blocked by a boisterous group protesting for women’s rights. But his annoyance turns to mortification when he finds his own cousin among their ranks, alongside a beautiful suffragette who engages him in a fierce battle of words and wills.

Emmeline’s fight for equality is just one facet of her wide-ranging interests. At the moment, her most pressing concern is how she and her mother, an eccentric Baroness, are to begin again after the family’s fortune was squandered following her father’s death. After her heated disagreement with Lord Mather, the only thought she gives the infuriating man is the hope that they will never meet again. But alas, this hope is in vain: unbeknownst to them, both Emmeline and Arthur are to be guests at a three-week house party, and fate seems determined to throw them together at every opportunity.

My review

This novella is a prequel to Solving Sophronia. I thought it was really fun that this one is about Sophie’s grandmother. She plays a part in Sophie’s story and it was really fun to get to see what her story was. I didn’t feel like this one had to be read first. And I loved that.

As a novella, this one is shorter. But I thought the author did a great job of making her characters seem alive in that short of a time. I loved Emmeline. She had things happen in her life that she wouldn’t have chosen. But she and her mom made the best of their situation.

My favorite part of this one was when Lord Mather and Emmeline meet in the very first chapter. Their meeting was not one that would seem to bring romance. They meet when Emmeline was protesting at the House of the Lords. And Emmeline was not kind to him. Nor was he kind to her.

But these two are thrown together at a house party and that’s when they are able to get to know each other. And fall in love a little bit at a time. I thought their love story was perfect for them.

I bought my kindle copy of Emmeline FREE from Amazon. Grab yours before the end of the month!

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About Solving Sophronia

Solving Sophronia

Lady Sophronia Bremerton is a far cry from the typical debutante, but she’s the toast of London’s upper class for one simple reason: she’s a society columnist for the London Illustrated News, and the gentry loves seeing their exploits printed in the gossip pages. But Sophie has bigger plans—she aspires to be an investigative reporter. When a stuffy ballroom at yet another Season proves to be nothing more than the usual rumor mill, Sophie seeks respite in the library alongside four other young women who, for their own reasons, are also looking for escape. As the conversation turns to their secret ambitions, the women form a sisterhood and a bold plan: they will make their dreams a reality, no matter the obstacles. Thus begins the Blue Orchid Society.

Hearing of a murder in a London rookery, Sophie seizes the opportunity to prove her skills. Detective Jonathan Graham doesn’t believe a civilian, a noblewoman at that, should be anywhere near a murder investigation, but Sophie insists on helping bring the killer to justice. Her investigative prowess doesn’t go unnoticed by the police, especially Jonathan, who can’t decide whether this intrepid reporter is a thorn in his side or the woman of his dreams. But as the case grows more complicated and dangerous, their very lives—and their hearts—may be at risk.

My review

This book was amazing! I loved everything about it. Before I get into why, make sure you check out Emmeline by Jennifer Moore. It’s kind of a prequel novella. In my opinion, you don’t need to read it first. But it’s FREE through the end of the month. Grab it fast!

Back to Sophronia. This book is a Victorian romance, but it’s so much more. There is murder, danger, intrigue…and Lady Sophronia is in the middle of all of it!

Lady Sophronia is such a great young woman. She’s part of the ton, but has never really felt like she belonged there. Half the time, she doesn’t feel as though she belongs with her own family. They were awful to her. But in the prologue chapter, we meet her group of friends. The Blue Orchid Society. These young women are amazing to each other. Such a support to Sophie and to each other through the whole book. I LOVED each of them. And can’t wait to see their stories.

Sophie gets herself mixed up in the murder to be solved. And that’s how she meets Detective Johnathon Graham. He puts up with a lot from Sophie. She’s kind of nosy and just wants to be be a reporter. I loved the way he grudgingly lets her help, when there’s no other way. And the way he goes along with her schemes. But what I really loved was how they become family to each other. And family watches out for each other. That’s just what he does.

This book was amazing! Make sure to read it!

I was sent a copy of Solving Sophronia as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About The Earl’s Winning Wager

the earl's winning wager

Lord Morley’s life will change forever when he wins a game of cards and a family of sisters to go along with it.

Miss Standish in none too pleased to have become the responsibility of yet another Lord, even if he is full of charm and goodness. Her responsibilities are to her sisters first.

With the repairs on the castle moving forward nicely and concerted efforts in a season in Bath made to find suitors for them all, Miss Standish and Lord Morley must determine where duty stops and matters of the heart take over.

Read this warm tale of family, sisters, loyalty and love to get a huge dose of the best part of a regency romance fans of Jane Austen or Georgette Heyer would enjoy.

My review

I love this kind of book. It’s a quick, easy read. There are great characters that we’ve met before (make sure to read The Duke’s Second Chance first), and a great love story that will draw you in.

I loved June in this one. She’s the oldest of five sisters. One thing I really loved about her was the way she was unconcerned about herself. She wants to make sure that all of her sisters are married, even if she herself ends up alone.

Then there’s Morley. He won the care of the Sisters of Sussex and their castle in a card game from his friend, Gerald the Duke of Granbury. I loved the way he was sneaky about this. He knew his friend had his eye on June from the one time they had met, and he wanted to give them a chance. This seemed like the perfect idea. But he forgot to take June into account. She wants nothing to do with being Morley’s responsibility.

I loved the we got to see the Duke and Duchess of Granbury in this one again. And the other sisters are amazing. I can’t wait to get to read all of their stories!

I was sent a copy of The Earl’s Winning Wager as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About author Jen Geigle Johnson

An award winning author, including the GOLD in Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards, Jen Geigle Johnson discovered her passion for England while kayaking on the Thames near London as a young teenager. 
She once greeted an ancient turtle under the water by grabbing her fin. She knows all about the sound a water-ski makes on glassy water and how to fall down steep moguls with grace. During a study break date in college, she sat on top of a jeep’s roll bars up in the mountains and fell in love.  
Now, she loves to share bits of history that might otherwise be forgotten. Whether in Regency England, the French Revolution, or Colonial America, her romance novels are much like life is supposed to be: full of adventure.


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About Ace: A Fighter Pilot Romance

Ace: A Fighter Pilot Romance

A fighter pilot with regrets, a humanitarian worker with a mission, and a second chance to work through everything that keeps them apart.

Dex Callison, otherwise known as Ace makes a split second decision to parachute into a hostile situation to make a lot of things in his life right. His life as a Senator’s son, a JAG Air Force pilot and then an active duty soldier have not yet filled the loss of his best friend, the only woman he has ever loved, Gianna West.

Gianna West thought that she and Dex were made for each other forever. He’d promised to finish his active duty and then join her building orphanages all over the world in remote villages. But she learned in one instant, how much more Dex wanted to start his own military training program, much more than he wanted to be with her. Alone, serving people she falls in love with, she tries to tell herself she doesn’t miss him. All of that goes out the window when he shows up in her village on a remote island.

When you travel to a different country every six months, there’s little time for relationships. Every pilot joins Top Flight for different reasons, but no one expects to fall in love.

My review

I have been on the lookout for great books that help me escape the four walls of my home and the craziness going on in the world. This one helped me do just that. It has far off places, danger, adventure, and excitement. All mixed in with great characters.

Dex Callison is one of the founders of Top Flight. A group of pilots training others to fly. His call sign is Ace, and that’s what most people call him. I liked the way Ace didn’t want to give up flying, that was his whole purpose for founding Top Flight. And he works hard to make it work. He’s a pretty impulsive guy. He jumps into danger with no thought to what will happen to him when he falls. Or to anyone else who finds him.

Luckily, he’s found by kind natives and Gianna West. Gi is in a bit of a tight spot herself when she finds Dex. And the two of them have history, and chemistry. I thought it was kind of funny how their families were. Dex’s family seemed to favor Gianna. And her family favored Dex a bit.

I loved the flying scenes in this one. They were full of danger. I could almost see myself in the cockpit of a plane being chased by bogeys.

This one does remind me a bit of Top Gun and that’s not a bad thing. I really enjoyed everything about it!

I was sent an e-copy of Ace: A Fighter Pilot Romance as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About author Sophia Summers

Sophia Summers is an award winning author who just wants to relax a little and enjoy a great beach read. She lives in a quiet southern town brimming with an extra dose of hospitality and a whole lot of charm.

She writes historical romance under a different name. You can follow her on http://www.sophiasummers.com. Be SURE to join her Newsletter for freebies and fun.


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About A Proper Charade

a proper charade

Does love have a chance if she doesn’t play by the rules?

Lady Patience Kendrick was born to a life of privilege, and with the London Season looming, she finds herself facing unprecedented pressure to adhere to the rules of society. Unfortunately, the free-spirited young woman is anything but proper. Patience’s elder brother, a former military man, bemoans his sister’s antics—but when he accuses her of incurable frivolity, it is simply more than she can bear. Determined to prove her brother wrong, Patience undertakes a drastic experiment: she will disguise herself as a maid and demonstrate her ability to work as hard as anyone.

Taken on as household staff by her brother’s former general, Patience soon learns that willingness and ability are two very different things. While her plan sounded promising in theory, the reality is that she is out of her depth—and the irresistibly charming son of the house isn’t helping matters. Patience soon finds herself embroiled in a charade far more complicated than she imagined. With both her pride and her heart at stake, she is determined to prove her brother wrong—even as her plans spiral delightfully out of control.

My review

When I finished reading this one the other day, my first thought was “Wow, Esther Hatch knows how to write a story!” Everything about this one made me happy. I loved the plot, and the characters – especially Patience.

Patience is a cooped up young lady. Her family has been in mourning for 2 years after the death of her father. It’s no wonder that she decides to do something a little bit rash. She’s goaded by her brother, Nicholas, about being too much like their mother. She decides that she needs to be more serious. And to do that she must find a job as a maid. In the house of her brother’s former general.

The first scene where Patience meets Anthony was hilarious. She meets him in his own garden as she’s trying to find the servant’s entrance. And she makes such a big mess of the whole thing. That’s really how their relationship goes the whole book. They both make a big mess of everything.

I loved that the reader gets to see Anthony’s point of view as well. He seems so serious for most of the book. I loved the way Patience goes about trying to draw him out a bit, using his niece and nephew.

If you’re looking for historical romance that can make you smile, make sure to pick up one of the books by this author. You won’t regret it!

I was sent a copy of A Proper Charade as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About Into the Flames

Into the flames

Adolf Hitler has completed his transformation of the German Republic into a total dictatorship. The Great Depression and relentless drought continue to ravage the United States. In all corners of the world, fear and uncertainty seem to rule the day. Can there be any hope on the horizon?

Into the Flames, the sixth and final installment of Gerald N. Lund’s Fire and Steel series, brings new experiences, new challenges, new opportunities, and not a few tragedies into the lives of the Eckhardt and Westland families.

In America, Mitch and Edie continue their struggle to hang on to the ranch that has been their family’s home for nearly fifty years, while Benji’s quest to find work turns catastrophic and sets him on a new path that will take him to exotic climes and an unexpected reunion.

in Germany, Hans makes a dangerous, life-changing decision to leave Nazi Party leadership and seek a new career. But when the ugly specter of anti-Semitism wields a direct and devastating impact on the Eckhardt family, they too are drawn into a maelstrom of events that threatens to destroy the very fabric of their lives.

As 1938 draws to a close and the dark clouds of war move in, the families must draw on their faith and courage to endure whatever life has in store for them.

My review

I have loved reading Gerald Lund’s books since I was a teenager. The way he writes makes history not only come alive, it makes it seem as though you are in history.

This is the last book in his Fire and Steel series. It’s sent in both Utah and Germany during the time leading up to the second world war. There are so many scenes in this one that were sad and heartbreaking. The really sad thing is that most of those actually happened to someone.

I’ve loved reading about the Eckhardts and the Westlands. It’s almost as though I know them. They’ve really come alive for me, in a way not many characters do or have.

This book and series follow the events as they actually happened. I have learned quite a bit about this time period from reading this series.

As I finished reading this one, I realized that it’s the final book in this series. Obviously all series have to end sometime. The problem with this one ending is that the author didn’t finish it. it’s left in a horrible cliff hanger with no ending in sight. That leaves me feeling sad and unsettled.

I hope the author is able to finish the promised companion book sooner than later.

I bought my own copy of Into the Flames. All opinions are my own.

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