About Undercover Honeymoon

undercover honeymoon

Wedding bells are finally ringing for Jacklyn “Jack” Wyatt and her FBI-agent fiance, Damon Wade. After their adventurous beginning, the happy couple finds the relative calm leading up to their big day a huge relief. Unfortunately, it seems the peace and quiet were too good to last. As they embark on their honeymoon, a week long cruise, Jack can’t shake the feeling that something is off with her new husband. When she stumbles upon a secret plot—one in which her husband is a key player—she realizes this getaway will be anything but smooth sailing. When she delves into the shady happenings aboard the ship, Jack realizes Damon’s involvement is just the tip of the iceberg—she has become an unwitting player in a deadly conspiracy, and in such close quarters, there is no escape. Now, Jack has no choice but to work with her new husband to unravel the truth before their happily ever after—and their lives—are ended all too soon.

My review

I was so excited to see this new one by Kari Iroz. And what was even better to me, was that it’s a continuation of the series she’s been writing. I’d highly encourage you to read these ones in order. Otherwise certain parts of the plot don’t make a lot of sense. Make sure to read A Date with Danger and Mormon Girl: Incognito first!

Jack is such a fun character! She’s a bit paranoid and that makes that plot of this one work so well. She’s finally getting married to Damon. And, of course, everything is going to go wrong. I laughed so hard at the scene where she’s in the wedding dress shop! And her bridal shower…I’m not even sure what to say. But how does one character get herself into so much trouble???

The reader doesn’t see any of the plot of this one through Damon’s point of view. And it’s probably a good thing, that would ruin so much of the plot. I liked Damon as a character. It’s a bit crazy how many times he had to save Jack from herself or someone else.

There are so many fun characters in this one. I’d love to learn a bit more about Jack’s sisters, Jen and Delia. Hopefully there are upcoming books that help with this!

The plot of this one is so good! I loved the way Jack’s honeymoon isn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be. And all of the secrets that Damon keeps just keep getting bigger, until the whole situation blows up.

There’s definitely plenty of danger and action in this one. The plot is never boring. I loved the mysterious woman at the end. And the way everything plays out is a bit flawed, just like Jack. But it’s perfect for the characters.

I was sent a copy of Undercover Honeymoon as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About Love in Bloom

Love in Bloom

Camille is supposed to keep her stress level down. A fake marriage is definitely against the doctor’s orders.

Following a collapse at Lakr, her makeup company, workaholic Camille is sent to the French Riviera to reshape her health habits. The beach is beautiful, but boring, until Camille reunites with university chum Tristan. He does things to her heart her doctor wouldn’t approve of.

When he offers her the chance to attend the exclusive French Royal Château and Garden Tour, Camille jumps at this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However they’ll have to enter into a fake marriage to go on the tour.

On holiday from his research lab in India, Tristan is delighted to be reunited with Camille, his university crush. With each passing day, his feelings for her grow. Self doubt convinces him that he’s unworthy of her love. Tristan must protect her from the secrets of his past, even if it means breaking both of their hearts.

My review

I LOVE a good contemporary romance! Love in Bloom is that in every way. I loved the plot, the characters and the setting. It’s just so great!

Camille is a great character. I was so glad to get to read her story, after meeting her in Kiss and Makeup. She’s flawed, making her seem even more real. Camille is a workaholic type who had to be forced to take a vacation from her company, Lakr. She was bored all by herself in the French Riviera. So life got better for her when she found a man from her college days at the same resort.

Tristan…he’s a great guy. And he quickly sweeps Camille off her feet. But he keeps himself at a distance. My favorite thing about Tristan was the way he goes out of his way to find things he knows Camille will love. He takes her on a special garden tour that she’d have no way to get into herself. The only catch, they are supposed to be married.

This is where the fun part of the plot starts. They pose as a married couple. But both of them really want to be married, so that is a bit hard for the two of them. I loved the way these two were so sweet together. And I loved the way things went for them. There were so many times I doubted they’d ever work. And maybe they don’t. You’ll have to read it and find out for yourself!

I was sent an e-copy of Love in Bloom as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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I got a box a little while ago containing four fun Familius Publishing Children’s books. I’ve already been able to review one of them, Little Heroes: Inventors Who Changed the World by Heidi Poelman. But I thought I’d take today and talk a bit about the other three, because they’re tons of fun!

Let’s start with Little Heroes: Courageous People Who Changed the World by Heidi Poelman.

Familius publishing

From the intrepid efforts of Susan B. Anthony to the quiet courage of Rosa Parks, Little Heroes: Courageous People Who Changed the World is a young child’s first introduction to the brave people who fought to make the world a better place. Simple text and adorable illustrations tell the contributions of eight champions of freedom: Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, Malala Yousafzai, Harriet Tubman, William Wilberforce, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. A quote from each individual is included on each spread along with colorful, delightful artwork.

I loved this one! Each of the people depicted in the adorable pictures did so much for their own time and for ours. I love the idea of teaching our little kids that they too can change the world just as these amazing people did. There are so many great people to learn about in our world and these books are a great introduction for anyone, both kids and adults.

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Next we have C is for Canada: A Canuck ABC Primer

familius publishing

A is for Artic Char . . .

B is for Beaver . . .

C is for Caribou . . .

With I is for Inuit, H is for Hockey, L is for Loonies, and O is for Ogopogo, going from A to Z has never been more fun. Take an alphabetic field trip through the Great White North and discover plants, animals, and places that make Canada well, unique, eh?

This is my five year old’s favorite. It’s a board book. But there’s just something so much fun about it. We’ve been to Canada a few times in the last couple of years and he just loves it. The illustrations in this one are simple but the Canadian ABC items are random and just fun. I highly recommend this one!

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Last but not least is Let’s Count Canada: Numbers and Colours of the True North.

familius publishing

1 Brilliant Blue Viola grows down by the stream

2 Eager Brown Beavers work great as a team

3 Black Canadian Geese fly high in a V

4 White Polar Bears play by the sea

Numbers and colors are more fun in Canada! In this dynamic, colorful primer, young readers count from 1 to 10, learning about colors along the way–as they discover the places, animals, and other wonderful things that make Canada so unique.

Canada is such a unique place. I love the way this book celebrates the uniqueness and teaches kids to count. This one has simple illustrations as well, but they’re just fun. We love everything about this one!

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I love that Familius Publishing has such a wide range of children’s books. Make sure to check them out!

I was sent these children’s books as a gift from Familius Publishing. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

About When Life Gets You Down, Rise Up!

When Life Gets You Down, Rise Up

It was a crisp winter day when six-year-old Kacey McCallister lost both of his legs, forever altering the course of his life. This unthinkable trial could have broken him, but from that day forward he chose to rise above his circumstances and learn to live without limits.

For those struggling to find hope in the depths of physical, spiritual, or emotional trials, this incredible story of one man’s unbreakable courage will inspire and motivate readers to not only survive but thrive amidst life’s challenges.

A true testament to the power of the human spirit, When Life Gets You Down, Rise Up! demonstrates the refining power that can be found in the midst of overwhelming odds, a power available to all who will take hold of it and rise.

My review

I really enjoy reading books like this one. This is a true story of someone who deals with hard things in their lives. My favorite thing about this kind of book is being able to see that someone else can rise above things. And knowing that I too, can rise above my own hard things. And so can you. We all have them.

This one is about Kacey, as a six year old he lost his legs in an accident. And, instead of letting him get down about it, his parents pushed him. They pushed him to be the best version of himself he could be. Not the crippled boy in the corner. Reading his story, I think that is what made all the difference in his life.

You see, Kacey doesn’t believe there is anything he can’t do. And he has done everything. As I read this one, I was amazed by just how many things he has done. He’s been a Spartan, several times, even getting the Trifecta award. He wrestled, ran track, did cross country, you name it, he’s probably tried it. And he learned a lot of lessons about himself and about life on his journey.

I loved the way he wrote his own book. He did a great job making it readable and interesting. You definitely want to read this one. I loved every bit of it!

I was sent a copy of When Life Gets You Down, Rise Up! as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About A Song for the Stars

A Song for the Stars

Inspired by a true story

Hawaiian Islands, 1779

As the second daughter of a royal chief, Maile will be permitted to marry for love. Her fiancé is the best navigator in Hawaii, and he taught her everything he knows—how to feel the ocean, observe the winds, read the stars, and how to love.

But when sailors from a strange place called England arrive on her island, a misunderstanding ends in battle, and Maile is suddenly widowed before she is wed.

Finding herself in the middle of the battle and fearing for her life, Maile takes John Harbottle, the wounded man who killed her fiancé, prisoner, and though originally intending to let him dies, she reluctantly heals him. And in the process, she discovers the man she thought was her enemy might be her ally instead.

John has been Captain James Cook’s translator for three voyages across the Pacific. He is kind and clearly fascinated with Maile’s homeland and her people—and Maile herself. But guilt continues to drive a wedge between them: John’s guilt over the death he caused, and Maile’s guilt over the truth about what triggered the deadly battle—a secret she’s kept hidden from everyone on the island.

When Maile is tasked with teaching John how to navigate using the stars so he can sail back to England, they must also navigate the challenges of being from very different cultures. In doing so, they might also find the peace that comes when two hearts become one.


John Harbottle’s Journal
4 February 1779

I fear we’ve overstayed our welcome.
My relief when the captain orders the ships ready to depart is palpable. Our duty is to search for the Northwest Passage, after all, not indulge ourselves in the pleasures of this paradise.

Yet what a paradise it has been.

Never on our previous two voyages have the natives been more accommodating, more praising, than here in this protected bay. Even the captain, whose demeanor has been despondent of late, has emerged a new man while ashore, as though the water here is a life-giving elixir. One must only drink to become transformed-translated into a more celestial state.

The natives revere the captain as divine, much to our advantage. Even as we make preparations to leave, we are inundated with such quantities of food and gifts that we haven’t the room to hold it all. But perhaps the captain has seen what some of the sailors have as well-the natives grow impatient. Suspicious. What they expect us to do or say I know not, but after a month’s recovery on the island, it is past time we take our leave.

I wasn’t the only one who questioned Cook’s divinity. There were many relieved expressions among my people when the white men finally sailed their ships out to sea. There are only so many pigs one can hunt on an isolated island to give as gifts to the foreigners. I was beginning to worry we wouldn’t have enough supplies for our own needs.

I try to see the white men as he does. As revered guests. As a blessing. But there’s still a part of me waiting for the trick to reveal itself, the proof that they’re really a curse in the end.

This time, I know those white clouds low on the horizon are not clouds at all, but the large white sails of James Cook’s Resolution and Discovery. And this time, I know he will not be welcomed.

My review

I’ve read books by this author before. But this one’s a different genre than she’s written before. And she’s done a really great job with it. There are so many things to love about it.

Let’s start with Maile. I couldn’t help but picture Maile a bit like Moana from the Disney film. She’s the daughter of a Hawaiian chief, way back in the 1700’s. I loved the way Maile had her fiance that she’d known all of her life, Ikaika. They were to be married soon and life seemed perfect. And then disaster struck. Maile finds herself with a dead fiance and taking care of his killer, John.

There were a lot of things about Maile that I loved. She was so strong. She dealt with the passing of her fiance and best friend. And she moved on and was able to forgive John. But at the same time, she kind of protects herself and builds a bit of a wall. She was fierce, willing to help protect her island and family in any way she needed to. But she was also soft, taking care of John’s wounds as best as she could.

I loved the way the author puts John’s point of view. She uses his journal entries. That made things seem a bit more real and beautiful. It also shows the reader a side of the characters that they usually don’t get to see. A more intimate side. John is an amazing man. I think it would be hard to be a sailor in those times and live in the conditions that would have been prevalent on the ship.

Everything about the plot does a great job pulling the reader in from the very first page. I didn’t want to return from my “trip” to the beautiful Hawaiian islands and the people who lived on them. And when I got to the end and realized that this one is based on the authors own ancestors, well, that just made the whole book even better for me.

This is a book you won’t want to miss!

I was sent a copy of A Song for the Stars as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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AmazonDeseret Book

About the author

Ilima Todd was born and raised on the north shore of Oahu and currently resides in the Rocky Mountains. She never wanted to be a writer even though she loves books and reading. She earned a degree in physics instead. But the characters in her head refused to be ignored, and now she spends her time writing science fiction for teens. When she is not writing, Ilima loves to spend time with her husband and four children.

What to read after A Song for the Stars

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About Charming the Shortstop

Charming the Shortstop

He’s not looking. She’s been burned. But sparks fly, and they decide to go on a date. Just this once.

When professional baseball player Axel Diaz travels back to Belltown University for a friend’s wedding, he’s not planning on bringing a date. Until he meets Brighton West, the flight attendant who he can’t get off his mind. Although dubbed “Cold Axe” by some of his female fans, Axel asks Brighton to be his date to the wedding, all the while wondering why of all times and places he is breaking his no-dating streak. But the more he gets to know Brighton, the more he realizes she may be the one woman who can melt his cold heart. 

My review

I am LOVING these Belltown Six Pack books! I love the characters and the plots. And their written by some of my favorite authors. These are all written so they stand on their own. I like that in a way. In another way, it’s a bit odd that they don’t talk about the girls that are with the guys in the stories that are already out. And that is a bit weird to me. But I still love them!

Axel might be my favorite hero of the Six Pack so far. I love the way he looks out for his mom and his sister, even giving up his own time for them. He almost sees himself as his sister’s dad figure. And that makes sense, given their past. I really loved the way Brighton helped him get past that a little bit as this book went on.

Brighton is a great character too! I loved the idea of being a flight attendant as I read it. Until she met a couple of unsavory men. But Axel fixed them. And that made it better. There were so many things about Brighton that I loved. She is up for almost anything. A friend’s mom’s wedding…sure. Playing a form of baseball after, in her dress without shoes…sign her up. Meeting mom…not so much. That part of her, made her human and I loved it!

The plot of this one is a lot of fun! I love this kind of romance. And the reader gets to see all of the Six Pack together. That’s always a ton of fun!

I can’t wait for more of these great books!

I was sent an e-copy of Charming the Shortstop as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Scepter


Christy Hadden’s newest directive: Destroy Polity–A major arms dealer.Easy enough with her team of spies, but when Christy loses her greatest weapon, her photographic memory, even the simplest of tasks become impossible and her life as a spy appears to be at an end.But when her team discovers Polity is not what they thought, but much more, and a mole in Division is helping Polity achieve their aims, Christy and her team are the only ones that can stop them, keeping Division in the dark.If Christy doesn’t find the strength and courage to embrace her new reality without her photographic memory, and fight to learn new skills, Polity will do much more than supply their enemies with weapons. Not only will Polity destabilize the world economy and cause war to break out, but it will destroy the future Christy hopes to give her family, friends, herself and the man she loves.

My review

I’ve been reading the Watched series by Cindy Hogan forever! I found the first one at the library and was able to meet the author in my local Costco pretty soon after finding it. Everything about this series is amazing. It’s written for young adults and they will love it as much as I do. I really think these ones need to be read in order, or things don’t make as much sense.

This one starts out with a bang, quite literally. I love Christy and I was concerned for her in the beginning of the book. Christy has always had a memory almost like a computer. And due to an accident, she lost that in this one. But…she’s still Christy and she’s always able to rise above things. I love that about her!

Christy is our main character, and the only one the reader can “see” the story through. She does such a great job noticing things, that the reader gets a really complete picture through her eyes.

There are other amazing characters in this one. I love Jeremy, and the sweet relationship he shares with Christy. I’ve got to hope that one works out somewhere for the two of them. There are also Ace and Hal. I love these two! They are both clever and there are always fun one liners from them that make me laugh. I love the way these four work as a team and watch out for each other like a family.

The plot of this one is full of danger, action, and adventure. I love the way there are so many things to figure out as the story moves along. This one is one of my favorites! And I can’t wait for more!

I was sent an e-copy of Scepter as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Plague


Centuries ago, the Black Death shadowed the world, claiming the lives of tens of millions. Now the world is on the brink of another scourge—and this time, it will be an extinction-level event. . . .

Professor Mitch Pine knows all too well the history of epidemics, so the startling new information he’s discovered has him racing to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. Mitch has uncovered a startling pattern: dramatic environmental changes always occurred prior to devastating outbreaks, and current climate change may be such a catalyst. But before his plane lands, Mitch’s journey takes a terrifying turn. He is intercepted by a woman who represents a dangerous faction whose interest in Mitch’s research opposes his mission to save lives. To secure Mitch’s cooperation, his research assistant is being held hostage. With so many lives on the line, Mitch embarks on a turbulent trip around the world, uncovering pieces of the puzzle until he ultimately holds the key to prevent—or precipitate—global devastation. Unless he can find a way to stop the lunatics behind his abduction, a plaque the likes of which the world has never known will be unleashed.

My review

I like to be a little scared when I know that I’m safe at home. I love the way this author makes his books so suspenseful. The reader never knows what will be coming next. And it’s just so well done!

I loved everything about one! I loved the way the characters are in this one. Mitch is great. And the way he’s basically kidnapped is so crazy. I can’t even imagine that kind of thing happening in real life.

I liked that in this one, the reader sees through several characters point of view. You see through the “kidnapper” Kiana’s eyes as well. I thought it was kind of interesting the way she saw things. And the way Mitch was able to interpret what she said and draw conclusions from the things she said. She kind of told him things about her without ever saying the words. And eventually he puts it all together.

The last of the characters that the readers can see the story through is Suko. Suko is Mitch’s research assistant who is kidnapped. So many crazy things happen to her. I loved the way she keeps her poise. She knows how to deliver some great lines, even under duress. That was something I loved about her character. And she fought back for as long as she could.

I loved the way the reader learns along with Mitch what the crazy madman wants him to learn on his around the world trip.

This one is great! If you want to be a bit scared, but not too scared, it’s a great one to read!

I was sent a copy of Plague as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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AmazonDeseret BookAlso as an audio book on Deseret Bookshelf Plus

About the author

Gregg Luke was born in Bakersfield, California, but spent the majority of his childhood and young adult life in Santa Barbara, California. He served an LDS mission to Wisconsin then pursued his education in biological sciences at SBCC, UCSBB, BYU, and subsequently graduated from the University of Utah College of Pharmacy. His biggest loves are family reading, writing, music, science, and nature.


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About The Baron’s Daughter

The baron's daughter

Lord Morgan Easton is, first and foremost, an agent of the Crown. To achieve his purposes, he has become Society’s golden boy, and a renowned rake. When it’s discovered that notorious French spy, Genet, is attending a house party in a small seaside village, he is tasked to infiltrate the gathering and arrest the spy. But first, he must convince a certain woman to become his partner and pose as his wife. The challenge is that she would rather see him dead.

Miss Josette Northcott guards her secrets fiercely, trusts few, and enjoys the anonymity that goes along with being the headmistress of a private school in the rookeries. When Lord Morgan offers her a deal she can’t refuse, she makes it clear that this is nothing more than a business arrangement. No man, no matter how charming or infuriatingly handsome he is, can know the truth of her sordid and twisted past.  

As a nefarious plot begins to unfold, threatening the stability of two countries, Morgan and Josette must learn to trust each other in order to stop the assassination of both the King of France and their own prince regent. However, trust does not come easily to either agent, and when the truth of Josette’s past is finally unveiled, will they be able to accept that not only is their mission on the line, but their hearts, as well?

My review

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these books by Laura Beers! She writes in such an engaging way. And she’s created a world that I never want to leave. I’m always a little sad when I’m finished reading one of these books. They are just so amazing!

I was thrilled to get to learn more about Josette in this one. She was just such a mystery. Even through most of this book she kept her past hidden both from Morgan and from the reader. There were snippets where she might have told a secret or two, but nothing major. That made me want to not put this book down.

Morgan is such a great character as well. I loved the way he seems to be one thing. But he’s a spy, so what he seemed to be was all just an act. He dealt with a lot of craziness from Josette and their pretend marriage. But I loved the way he just let it all roll off and went with it. His character is great!

One of my favorite things about this one is that all of the characters I’ve loved from the other books play a role in the plot. It’s so much fun when the other men from the books threaten each new man about the ladies. Or when they show up to help each other.

The plot of this one is so great! I had no idea what was coming. Who the bad guy was or how they were going to stop the plot.

Make sure to read these ones. I would definitely start with Saving Shadow. You’re going to want all of the background information on all the characters.

I was sent an e-copy of The Baron’s Daughter as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About The Cobble Creek Collection

The Cobble Creek Collection

Take a trip to small-town Cobble Creek for sweet romance in these three contemporary novels.

Welcome to Cobble Creek, Wyoming

Come take a walk down Main Street where neighbors pick up a treat at the old-fashioned soda counter, window-shop at boutiques, pick up flowers for their friends, and enjoy the small-town arts festivals and outdoor concerts.

The Inventive Bride

Frankie understands the inner workings of clocks and pianos, but not dating. Well, that’s a bit more complicated.

Looking to move on after his wife’s death, Dr. Logan Wells relocates his optometry practice to Wyoming, home of his favorite childhood memories. By doing so, he incurs the wrath of his former mother-in-law who threatens to sue for custody of his ten-year-old daughter, Harper. Despite the lawsuit hanging over him, Logan is determined to find joy for the two of them as they settle in the idyllic small town of Cobble Creek.

Local business owner, Frankie Lawson, knows the inner workings of clocks and pianos but not those of her own heart. She’s never been one to shy away from a project, unless that project is a romantic relationship for herself. A pro matchmaker of antiques and owners, she tries her hand at fixing up Dr. Wells with an old friend. The trouble begins when she realizes she’s made the wrong match and Logan was meant for her.

The Practically Romantic Groom

When words don’t come easily . . .

Cobble Creek’s divorce attorney, Isaac Murphy, is not interested in romance. Quite the opposite, in fact. As a supportive brother for his sister raising a daughter with selective mutism, Isaac has seen enough disappointed hearts and broken marriages to know love takes more than a bouquet of roses or flowery phrases. No, Isaac is all about being pragmatic when it comes to relationships.

As the small-town florist, Brooke Holt is passionate about romance in everything from picnics to horseback riding. A closet musician, she pours her romantic dreams into writing country love songs—which she might even share someday, if she weren’t stricken with a severe case of stage fright.

When Brooke’s brother shows interest in Isaac’s sister, what starts as a friendly wager between Brooke and Isaac to prove whose way is right brings out their competitive streaks and rekindles their old high school friendship. As feelings start to turn into something more, though, expressing those feelings seems like an awfully risky gamble.

The Combustible Engagement

A Fake Engagement They Fight to Contain

To say Tess Graham has a complicated relationship with her hometown is putting it mildly. With family ties and a successful real estate business she’s built from the ground up, Tess doesn’t want to leave. Not really. She would, however, like someone to see her for who she really is rather than the overshadowed twin in one of the town’s most prominent families. If only she could make a name for herself and find her place in Cobble Creek.

When handsome wildland firefighter, Monroe Scott, comes into town and wants to buy Tess’s grandfather’s barn for his reclaimed wood business, Tess feels a tug of nostalgia she didn’t expect. How can she allow Monroe to dismantle her childhood memories board by board? But as the listing agent, how can she prevent it?

To get what they each want, Tess and Monroe enter into a very temporary, very pretend engagement.

My review

These kinds of collections are so much fun! I love reading them and in this case, getting to revisit some of my old “friends!” I’ll break down the review by book for you.

The Inventive Bride

This book was just what I was hoping for. A cute, clean romance that I didn’t want to put down. It transported me to the tiny town for Cobble Creek, Wyoming. Just what I needed for a quick break from real life!

I loved the characters. Frankie is such a fun character. She’s an Upcycler, I really love the way she makes fun things out of things you never would have thought would work together. Things like lamps, mirrors and clocks. I really loved this whole aspect of the story. And I really loved that Frankie thinks she can’t care for kids, but when Harper comes on the scene, she is perfect with her. I loved the scenes where these two were together making things.

Then there’s Logan. I love the way he’s the perfect dad for Harper. He makes the move from their home to Cobble Creek to give her a new start, actually it’s something they both need. I loved how he sees that Frankie is good for Harper, so he puts aside his feelings of annoyance with her and just lets them work together. Something that was great for all 3 of them.

The plot of this one is clever. I loved the name of Frankie’s store, Frank and Signs, so fun and clever. I loved the way Frankie keeps trying to set Logan up and she can’t see that her setups are just not working for anyone. And the ending is just amazing! Make sure to pick up your own copy of this one!

The Practically Romantic Groom

I was so glad to get to “go back” to the town of Cobble Creek. I loved the Brooke is Frankie’s friend from The Inventive Bride,and that we get to see her again for a little bit in this one. It’s just fun to see your favorite characters in more stories.

Brooke is such a cute character. She reminds me a little of the flowers that she works with in her flower shop. She’s perky, cheery and just cute. I love the way she’s such a romantic and she believes in love. I really loved watching her with Isaac’s niece, Gemma. Her neice reminds me a bit of one of my own who has since grown out of the condition that Gemma struggles with in the story. 

Then there’s Isaac. I loved that he and Brooke had a history that they both remembered, but I really loved that their history didn’t make their interactions awkward. I liked the way that he changed a little at a time all the way throughout the story. Eventually getting to where he could believe in love, even when he was jaded at the beginning.

I loved the plot of this one. Brooke and Isaac have a bet about their siblings Danielle and Cody and whether or not the two of them would be able to make it as a couple. This leads to lots of sneaking around and crazy shenanigans by Brooke and Isaac. And lots of time spent together might just lead to a rekindling of feelings they felt when they were younger.

Make sure to get this cute book, you’ll love it as much as I did!

The Combustible Engagement

I LOVED everything about this cute romance! I loved the characters, I loved the plot, I loved the idea of a firefighter coming to town, and a pretend engagement? That really is the best!

Tess is a fun character. I loved the way she grows throughout this book. At the beginning, she feels inferior to her twin sister, Ava, in almost every way. That’s what spurred her into a pretend engagement. But as she goes along, she realizes that there’s no need to feel jealous, that she had always been where she was meant to be. The pretend engagement though is where the real fun begins! I loved the way she tries to keep Monroe at arm’s length, even as she falls hard for him. I really just loved her as a character.

Then there’s Monroe. He’s a wildland firefighter, only in Cobble Creek because there’s a fire nearby that needs to be fought. I loved that he was willing to go along with Tess’ crazy idea. He’s a great guy, he’s kind and generous. His flaw for Tess might be that he sells reclaimed lumber and wants to tear down her grandpa’s old barn and use the lumber. I loved how he was handy and his idea for the barn ends up being such an amazing thing for Tess and really for the whole town.

The plot of this one is fun. There’s love, of course, danger, and the kind of pulling together that only happens during a disaster. This one’s a winner!

I was sent an e-copy of The Cobble Creek Collection as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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