About Pimpernel: Starbreaker

Pimpernel: Starbreaker

Vic Davalos is one of the most successful models of her generation. She’s also scheduled to be taken out by a hitman by the next new moon. 

Jack Cavanaugh, also known as the Pimpernel, has less than a week to change the woman’s fate. The Cupid who brings Jack this news insists he must save Vic so true love can succeed in bringing two soulmates together who will change the world for the better. 

While Jack is always happy to stop a murder, his personal motive is to catch the Starbreaker that’s been hired to make sure Vic Davalos doesn’t survive past the new moon. Statistically speaking, saving Vic and catching the Starbreaker is an impossible feat. If historic lore is to be believed, no one has caught a Starbreaker since the 1700s. They are notorious for never leaving fingerprints on their handiwork and, therefore, leave no trail to follow. 

A Starbreaker has to be caught in the act, or not at all. 

The chances of Jack succeeding with an extemporaneous plan and only the assistance of his new Shade, Kali, are so close to zero they aren’t even worth calculating. 

But he has to try.

My Review

I have been reading Sheralyn Pratt’s books ever since I was a teenager in high school. Her books are some of my favorites ever! I love the way she writes her stories, they’re always full of action and adventure. And her characters are amazing! I love the way her books all interconnect. The world she has created just keeps getting bigger and bigger. And that makes me happy!

Starbreaker is as great as all of her other books! I loved the way you see this one through multiple perspectives. You get to see part of it through Jack’s eyes, part through Vic’s and part through Seba’s. And you can’t beat Kali! I definitely hated Vic’s step-dad. He was nuts, and not in a good way!

The plot of this one has tons of action and adventure. There’s always trouble waiting for some of the characters. I loved the way, even though I knew everything was going to be okay, I wasn’t sure just how!

I loved the whole plot. The end was great! I can’t wait for Sheralyn Pratt’s next book! Make sure to read Pimpernel and Royal Ball before this one at least, or you’re not going to understand exactly what’s happening.

I was able to beta read Pimpernel: Starbreaker for the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Whiteout


Long hours of driving on the frigid interstate have taken their toll. In a split second, Frank Sawyer’s car drifts and clips a passing van on the otherwise empty Montana highway. In the aftermath of the wreck, Sawyer encounters a gruesome scene: the van’s passenger did not survive. But it isn’t the crash that took his life—he’s been shot. Before Sawyer can assess what’s happened, he’s struck from behind. When he regains consciousness, he discovers that his attacker is gone, his car is missing—and the police have named him their prime suspect in the dead man’s murder.

The harsh winter weather bears down as the chaos unfolds, and Sawyer finds himself trapped in the small town of Cluff. And law enforcement is keeping him firmly in their sights, so there’s no possibility of escape. As he struggles to clear his name, Sawyer looks to the past for answers, becoming embroiled in a decades-old mystery that may hold the key to proving his innocence.

My review

I love to read suspense books when I know I’m perfectly safe and comfortable at home. Whiteout is a suspense book by a first time author and it’s really good.

I like the way the author writes. The way he writes, I’m able to see pictures in my mind, almost like a movie. His scenes that included a fight were intense! It was obvious that the author had experience with fighting.

Frank is the main character in this one. He’s just returned from a mission. Frank was left a sweet car by a man he ministered to before his mission. So he decides to go for a joyride. He could never have imagined the trouble he could get in in the middle of nowhere Montana in a snow storm.

But trouble he found. And it continues to find him, over and over again. Of course, he does kind of go looking for it, so that’s not overly surprising. But that’s what makes the plot of this one so interesting. You never know what danger is lurking around the next corner. There was plenty of it. And I never guessed just who the bad guy was, until it was revealed.

This one has a crazy good plot. Except for one thing, I didn’t like the ending. I’m a happy ending type of girl. This book was not quite that. I really liked everything besides the ending. The plot was great, the characters too.

If you love suspense books, you’ll love this one!

I was sent a copy of Whiteout as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About Enduring Promises of the Heart

Enduring promises of the heart

“What if I told you there is a way that we could all be happy? That if I were to propose to you, your father couldn’t deny us?” “What is it, John? Tell me!”
Just then the basket hit the water and the sea began to stream in through the spaces between the reeds. This was the end.

The year is 1887, and the small community of Pleasant View is abuzz over Penelope Pottifer’s serialized romances in the local paper. Since the release of the first volume, the thrilling story has captured the hearts and minds of the entire town— and several towns over!

Each successive edition of the Pleasant View Gazette spins a breathtaking tale of kidnappers, pirates, and forbidden love. Between volumes, however, Pleasant View resident Mary Clarence, the story’s toughest critic, hears a rumor that Penelope Pottifer is not, in fact, the author’s real name.

Determined to uncover the mystery, Mary drags her friend Elizabeth Black into a hunt for the elusive author’s true identity. But fiction and reality seem to entwine when along the way, Mary and Liz discover unexpected truths, exciting adventures, and dramatic romances of their own.

My review

I was pleasantly surprised at the plot of this one! It’s not your average romance novel. There is definitely plenty of romance in it, but the author used a creative way to add it.

This book is about a town, Pleasant View, and pretty much everyone in it. The whole town is enamored with the latest serial in their local newspaper, Enduring Promises of the Heart. No one knows just who is writing the serial. It’s sent to the paper anonymously and written under the pen name of Penelope Pottifer.

Mary is one of the characters. I loved her! She seems to be one of the biggest critic of Enduring Promises of the Heart, but secretly she loves to read it when no one is looking.

Then there’s Liz. Liz is Mary’s best friend. They do everything together, including trying to figure out who the author of Enduring Promises of the Heart is. I loved the whole plot line of these two trying to discover the author. But it does end up backfiring on the two.

The plot of this one is so much fun! Not only does the reader get the Mary/Liz/Pleasant View plot line. But the reader also gets to read the serial from the paper along with the town. I thought the way the author did this was so clever and creative. Plus it adds a ton of romance and adventure to the plot line in a way nothing else could.

Make sure to grab your own copy of this one! You won’t want to miss it!

I was sent an e-copy of Enduring Promises of the Heart as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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Out of the Mouth of Babes by Stephanie Fowers Kids get away with saying most anything, like Aunt Gina should marry that “charmer” she met at her sister’s wedding. But Gina won’t have anything to do with that guy who played with her heart that night—he’s a heartbreaker—no matter how much her niece and nephews adore him now. Besides, the two come from different worlds. Gina’s a workaholic career woman; he’s the irresponsible flirt. Whenever they meet, there are fireworks, and not the good kind. That is, until her sister wins a cruise to the Caribbean and asks the two to babysit for 2 weeks. Sparks fly as they find a way to play house without burning the place down. Forget marriage—these two shouldn’t even date. And what do kids know anyway? Maybe everything.       “Oh, hey,” he said casually, “hold the door.” Without my making a move to do so, his hand stopped the doors from shutting between us, and I got a full view of his face. I liked his eyes—they were vibrant blue and full of life, and now they creased into a myriad of laugh lines. He stepped inside with me. He was tall and standing very close. He acted like it wasn’t a big deal and smiled at me before hitting the button for the thirteenth floor. The button didn’t light up. He shrugged and dug his hands deep into the pockets of his dress pants. “I guess that means no thirteenth floor.” He leaned against the back of the elevator and tucked his cell phone away. His gaze drifted to the gift bag in my hand. “You going to the wedding?” The elevator doors closed us in together and I tried to adopt his casual manner while holding up the brightly colored bag between us. “What was the giveaway?” His eyes crinkled at the corners. “Is it any good?” “The gift?” He nodded. I felt like I was getting punked. How could he have guessed that I had no idea what I was bringing to this wedding? He couldn’t. I shrugged. “It’s the usual boring…” He leaned over and peered past the pink tissue paper. “You got the lucky couple toothbrushes? Are you a dentist?” “No!” I swatted him away but was laughing all the same. How could my mother think that toothbrushes were better than a tool set? I tried to deflect his attention from the gift. “I work advertising. Just down the street actually.” “Oh really? I work downtown too.” “Nice. Wait,” I stared down at his empty hands. No gift. My eyes went to his laughing ones. “Are you a wedding crasher?” “Do you want me to be?” “I…” this guy was unbelievable. He took bantering to a new level. I was horrible at real conversation—it was so boring. But banter? I was amazing at that. I relaxed. This guy was in no position to judge. “Yes,” I admitted with a smile, even though I didn’t believe he was crashing for a second. “Though you’re clearly an amateur. Wedding Crasher 101—bring an empty gift so no one is suspicious.” His eyes turned appreciative at that. “And you?” he asked. “I was invited,” I said, “but it was one of those invites that people have to give, you know?” He looked intrigued. “Why is that?” I pursed my lips and decided against ruining the moment by getting too personal. “I’m related.” His eyes turned watchful. “To the bride or to the groom?” “Bride.” “Good,” he said. Before I could ask what he meant, we passed the thirteenth floor and he whistled. “Makes you wonder why they won’t let anyone on the thirteenth. What are they hiding there?” “An alternate dimension where they hide dead bodies,” I said without hesitation. He snickered. “You’re not even curious, are you?” “I’m always curious,” I said. “I’m just used to disappointment.” “Really? Why?” I lifted my shoulder. “Getting caught for trespassing isn’t on the schedule for tonight. Maybe another time.” He nodded in understanding. The 22nd floor was fast approaching and for some reason, I felt myself getting more nervous than I was twenty minutes ago. Everyone asked me where my prince charming was at my younger cousin’s wedding two years ago and I wasn’t ready for that again. The rushing sound as we passed each floor felt ominous, and I wasn’t sure why I felt so anxious. All my faults came at me, my fear of not measuring up. I was happy for my sister, sure, and wanted her to know that I loved and supported her, but my mother had said it: Emily wouldn’t even know that I was there. So why did I have to go right away? The elevator door opened on the 22nd floor, bringing in the loud laughter and chatter. Two little girls in puffy white dresses stood at the door. They grabbed my gift for Emily and ran away with my jacket. Still, I couldn’t leave the elevator. I turned to the stranger beside me like he was my lifeline. “You know what?” I asked. “I’m really tired of disappointment. Aren’t you?” He looked confused and I tried to clarify. “I’m dying to know what’s on the thirteenth floor.” He didn’t move, even as the elevator made its warning noises for us to get out. “Wait.” A dimple played at the corner of his mouth. “You aren’t kidding?” I shook my head and he hit a button that made the door close us back into the elevator. “Great. Let’s go on an adventure together.”       And when I saw that the story began winding down, I was saddened for it to come to an end. These are characters that I had come to know and love. I could barely stand to shut the book at its ending. ~J.L. Thomas Great book! I’m jealous you get to read it for the first time! ~PocketfullofGoldfish I don’t want to give everything away, but this story wrapped itself snug and tight around my heart. Every character is well done, even the villains, and the chemistry is snapping and popping with swoony heat. The comic relief is spot on, too. I honestly didn’t want this one to end and was still thinking about it days later. ~Lilacqueen75 SL K I rarely give 5 star ratings, but this was such a ‘licious’ read, well worth every minute! Could barely bring myself to put it down. Gina and Ash’s story is a story for the ages. Loved it! ~SL K I absolutely love love loved this book! I seriously couldn’t put it down! I was hooked from the very first page to the last! It’s one of those books that you could read over and over, because it’s so cute! ~Amielovestoread Squeaky clean and fun! I have enjoyed other books by Fowers, but this might be my favorite. It was hard to put down. ~Reading My Dessert  

Get your FREE copy of With a Kiss by Stephanie Fowers

      Author Stephanie Fowers Stephanie Fowers loves bringing stories to life, and depending on her latest madcap ideas will do it through written word, song, and/ or film. She absolutely adores Bollywood and bonnet movies; i.e., BBC (which she supposes includes non-bonnet movies Sherlock and Dr. Who). Presently, she lives in Salt Lake where she’s living the life of the starving artist. This summer, she will do the reading of her musical, “The Raven” with the talented composer, Hilary Hornberger. She also expects to film some shorts with Triad Film Productions. Stephanie plans to bring more of her novels out to greet the light of day. Be sure to watch for her upcoming books, including YA fantasy, science fiction, mysteries, a compilation of short twisted fairy tales, and more–many more–romantic comedies. May the adventures begin.  
      Giveaway Details $25 Amazon Gift Code or $25 in PayPal Cash Ends 2/13/19 Open only to those who can legally enter, receive and use an Amazon.com Gift Code or Paypal Cash. Winning Entry will be verified prior to prize being awarded. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to enter or have your parent enter for you. The winner will be chosen by Rafflecopter and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner may be chosen. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, BookBub, Instagram, Rafflecopter or any other entity unless otherwise specified. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. This giveaway was organized by Kathy from I Am A Reader & Clean Wholesome Romance and is sponsored by the author. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW.   a Rafflecopter giveaway  

About The Benched Billionaire

The Benched Billionaire

He’s been benched and needs redemption. She’s the single mom of their child. He’s back in town to make amends. 
Charlotte Nilsen never thought she’d see McCoy again after he hit the big time in the NFL. After all, she’s the one who insisted on an annulment after his scandal with the cheerleader. 

She’s rebuilt her life now. Her one regret is she never told McCoy their brief marriage resulted in a son. 

McCoy Armstrong has been benched. A shoulder injury will do that to an NFL quarterback. Enough time has passed that he dares to hope that his ex-wife Charlotte will forgive the follies of his youth. When he arrives home in Getaway Bay, he finds Charlotte living next door and his house destroyed by a storm. 

No amount of money, even a billionaire’s entire bank account, can buy a spouse’s trust. He must find another way. 

Is this injured quarterback strong enough to rebuild everything he has broken and reclaim everything he has lost? 

My review

There are a lot of these Billionaire type romances out there for you to read! This one is a second chance type love story. It was cute. And a nice Hawaiian escape.

I liked Charlotte. She’s made some mistakes in her life. But loving McCoy wasn’t one of them, no matter what she thought at the beginning. Charlotte is the type of girl to always help those around her when they need it. Part of that is the Hawaiian “Ohana” or family culture. And I’m sure part came from when she was helped when she needed it the most.

McCoy is a good guy. I liked that the reader gets to see the plot through his perspective as well. In the book, he’s always thinking of someone elses needs before his own. He tries to make it so nothing bad touches Charlotte’s life again, even though he hadn’t realized it had the first time.

These two needed quite a lot of help to fix everything between them. I wasn’t quite sure there was ever going to be a magic fix. I did like the way it turned out in the end.

This one was a cute escape. You’ll enjoy it if you take the time to read it.

I borrowed The Benched Billionaire with my Kindle Unlimited Subscription.

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About Blessed


As Jesus Christ prepared His faithful followers to teach the doctrine of the gospel, He presented perhaps His best-known discourse: the Sermon on the Mount. This profound address is directed to all those who seek to be His disciples, with powerful instruction as to the personal conduct necessary for living a Christ-centered life. And at the heart of this sermon are the Beatitudes, guidelines of the character traits and holy attributes that can serve as a guide for developing disciples. But how can these attributes be interpreted and attained in today’s modern world? In Blessed: The Beatitudes and the Christlike Life,best-selling authors Lloyd D. newell and Mary Jane Woodger delve into each characteristic the Savior spoke of, providing powerful, real-life examples, scriptures, and prophetic insights detailing ways in which modern-day disciples of Christ can cultivate these eternal attributes. Those seeking the path of discipleship will find in this volume a thoughtful and inspiring guide to internalizing the timeless truths of the Beatitudes in our day.

My review

I love this book! It’s a great book for right now, as we’re studying the New Testament as a family. I can’t wait to use it when we get to the part about the Sermon on the Mount.

This book has a chapter on each of the Beatitudes mentioned by Jesus. Each chapters helps the reader to understand more about the Beatitude. I loved the way this book taught me a little better about what each of them could mean. There are real life stories to illustrate the point and make things more clear.

This book is a great reference for anyone trying to read and understand the New Testament a little bit better.

I was sent a copy of Blessed as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About the authors

Lloyd D. Newell holds an MA and a PhD from Brigham Young University, where he is a professor. The author or coauthor of more than a dozen books, he has addressed audiences in forty-six states and fifteen countries through his seminars and other speaking engagements. He worked as a television news anchor in Utah, Pennsylvania, and for CNN in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 1990, he has served as announcer and writer for the nationwide weekly Mormon Tabernacle Choir broadcast Music and the Spoken Word. He and his wife, Karmel, are the parents of four children.

Dr. Mary Jane Woodger is a professor of Church history and doctrine at Brigham Young University. After obtaining a master of education degree at Utah State University, she received from BYU a doctor of education degree in educational leadership, with a minor in Church history and doctrine. She was honored by Kappa Omicron Nu with the award of Excellence for her dissertation research on the educational ideals of President David O. McKay.

She is the author of several books and has also authored numerous articles on doctrinal, historical, and educational subjects that have appeared in various academic journals and religious publications. Recently, Dr. Woodger received the Best Article of the Year Award from the Utah Historical Society, as well as the Brigham Young University Faculty Women’s Association Teaching Award.


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About Risking it All

risking it all

A world-renowned extreme athlete. A motivational speaker and philanthropist. He thinks they’re a match destined for heaven. She’s convinced they’re polar opposites.

Bridger Hawk has been in love with Avalyn Shaman since childhood. He knows he’ll never be worthy of her charitable heart so he throws himself into a life-threatening extreme sports career. When they reconnect at his brother’s wedding, he can’t resist kissing her at every opportunity. She demands he stay away from her and her heart. After multiple rejections, he gathers what’s left of his pride and leaves.

Avalyn has always loved Bridger but he shredded her heart in high school and she knows given a chance, he’ll do it again. When she’s kidnapped and forced to be the pawn and prize in dangerous events that risk her life and her virtue, Bridger is forced to compete in the deranged challenges and is the only hope she has to survive. Can Bridger win and prove to her that his love isn’t just a show for his fans?

Bridger knows he has to save Avalyn at all costs … even if it means he can’t have her.

My review

I needed a quick escape the other day. So I opened Risking it All by Cami Checketts on my Kindle. I know that her books will take me somewhere else quickly. And they’re usually quick reads for me as well. I was able to escape and return all in one afternoon. And that makes me happy!

This one features Avalyn and Bridger. I liked Avalyn. She’s worked to protect her heart from Bridger for as long as she can remember. He kissed her one day, the most amazing kiss ever. And the next day he kissed another girl in front of the whole school. Avalyn gets pulled into something she never wanted to be pulled into. A contest of craziness between two insane extreme sports enthusiasts. I loved that she keeps her composure, even when she’s the prize for the two of them.

Bridger seems to be a good guy. He doesn’t come up with the contest. In fact, he’s just as confused as Avalyn as to what’s going on. He works as hard as he can to keep Avalyn safe. And the one time he feels like he failed, he kept fighting as hard as he could to get her protected, even when it seemed pointless.

The plot of this one is fast paced. I loved the way I could never tell what was going to happen next. It definitely kept me on my toes. It was a perfect escape! I loved every bit of it.

I borrowed Risking it All from Kindle Unlimited

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About The House of Stone and Ivy

The House of Stone and Ivy

Orphaned as children, Hennie and Lottie share an unbreakable friendship. Together, they suffered the horrors of orphanages and the workhouse, and now grown, they continue to rely on each other. When Lottie approaches Hennie about a possible position at a manor house, Hennie is eager to work alongside her dear friend. However, to secure the positions as stable hands, they will have to undergo a bold act of deception: the women must disguise themselves as men.

Upon arriving at the manor, Hennie is stunned. Her new position is at Ivy Manor—the beautiful estate where her mother was employed long ago and where Hennie was raised until her mother’s death. Hennie has wonderful memories of her friendship with the son of the house, Jack, and is shocked and dismayed to learn he has vanished. Living in disguise at the manor allows her to gradually uncover the truth of Jack’s disappearance and eventually find him. Both Hennie and Jack are thrilled to be reunited, and their friendship is renewed. Soon, their relationship blossoms . . . and threatens their determination to remain concealed. With so much at stake, will they be prepared to risk everything for love?

My review

I can’t tell you just how much I LOVED this new one by Anita Stansfield! The characters are great, the setting is too, but my favorite thing about it was probably the plot. I loved the way it’s not a plot like I’ve ever seen in a Regency romance book.

This book opens with Hennie. Hennie is a young girl who serves in an inn. She doesn’t love her job, but she does have somewhere to live and food to eat. And she doesn’t have to sell herself to any man. But she’s not overly happy.

One day, a gentleman comes into the inn Hennie works in. He doesn’t seem like any other gentleman she’s ever met. Hennie is kind and serves him as she would any other man. But she’s in for a big surprise when she takes him to his room to rest. The “man” is none other than her missing best friend, Lottie. I loved that Lottie had come up with a respectable way to support herself. And then she went looking for Hennie to offer her the same.

Having these two women pose as men is way different than any plot of a Regency romance I’ve ever seen. I wondered how a romance would play into it, because the women weren’t telling anyone they weren’t men. The romance happened in a way I never would have expected. And I loved that.

This one had tons of twists and turns in the plot. I had no idea how things were going to work out, or at some points even if they would.

This one is such a fun regency romance! Make sure to read it!

I was sent a copy of The House of Stone and Ivy as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About the author

Anita Stansfield began writing at the age of sixteen, and her first novel was published sixteen years later. Her novels range from historical to contemporary and cover a wide gamut of social and emotional issues that explore the human experience through memorable characters and unpredictable plots. She has received many awards, including a special award for pioneering new ground in LDS fiction, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Whitney Academy for LDS Literature. Anita is the mother of five, and has two adorable grandsons. Her husband, Vince, is her greatest hero.


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About Finding Jack

Finding Jack

When smart, practical Emily finds herself in the crosshairs of an Internet prankster, her orderly world goes topsy-turvy. And instead of getting mad at the handsome stranger behind the joke, she finds herself drawn to him instead. But Jack Dobson, though hilarious and thoughtful, has a lot of secrets. Despite her growing feelings for her new and unexpected long-distance friend, his biggest secret of all might be the one that breaks the spell they’ve been weaving around each other.

My review

This book started out as a serial book on Melanie Jacobson’s Facebook page. She posted a chapter every Friday. It was my favorite thing to look forward too every week. Melanie Jacobson is my favorite contemporary romance author. It’s really fun that she released it as a kindle book before it actually finished on Facebook! I had so much fun re-reading the whole book and reading the ending to this one before it posted.

This one features Emily. Emily is a great character! But my favorite thing about her is the way she changes by the end of the book. Emily was great at the beginning, but just like all of us, she was able to become an even better person by the ending of this one. I love that she learns so much about herself.

The reader sees this whole book through Emily’s eyes. But I can’t not mention Jack. Wow, I loved him as well! I really wish we had seen at least some of the story through his eyes. He’s such a caring guy. And he changes a lot as well.

I can’t not mention Ranee and her brother Sean. I loved both of their characters. Ranee’s on the side romance made me so happy. I really hope that both Ranee and Sean get their own stories as well.

The plot of this one is amazing. You’ll laugh, and cry as you read this one. The ending of this one is perfect. Such a satisfying ending. Make sure to grab your own copy!

I borrowed Finding Jack from Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited library.

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Potion Masters: The Transparency Tonic
Potion Masters: The Transparency Tonic

About Potion Masters: The Transparency Tonic

It has been nine months since Gordy and his friends, Max and Adilene, saved B.R.E.W. (the Board of Ruling Elixirists Worldwide) and the Vessel—the power source for the secret society of potion masters. Now, Gordy is starting the eighth grade, and has been trying new potion brewing techniques, but when he starts zoning out during practice, he knows something is wrong.

Gordy and his friends continue to work on their potions, but when Gordy chooses Max as his lab partner, Adilene starts to wonder if she still has a place with her old friends. She turns to a new friend, Cadence, who might know a way to help Adilene become a potion master on her own.

And in Greenland, Mezzarix has a chance to escape his Forbidden Zone—as long as he agrees to work with the mysterious Ms. Bimini and replicate an unusual solution known as “Silt.” It could be just the weapon Mezzarix needs to destroy B.R.E.W. forever.

With both B.R.E.W. and the Vessel in danger, and with the potion world in chaos, it’s up to Gordy, Max, and Adilene to rally the remaining Potion Masters before it’s too late.

My review

I love finding books that I can enjoy on my own, or reading with my kids. This book is one of those! The first thing that you need to do though is read the first one! Potion Masters: The Eternity Elixir was also great! You’re not going to understand this one without having read that one though.

The main character in this book is Gordy. He’s in eighth grade. And he can make crazy potions that do all sorts of things. One of my favorites is the one that makes the ground turn to quicksand, sucking whoever is on top in and freezing them in the earth in a matter of seconds. That potion would have come in handy many times over the years!

Gordy has all kinds of crazy things happen to him in this one. That’s part of what makes this series so much fun! Some of his problems come from bad guys, but some of the problems are his own making. Gordy is left to figure out a lot of things on his own, making him a character that a lot of boys can learn from and emulate in their own lives.

I liked that this book also has parts where the reader can see though the eyes of other characters. The reader grows to learn Adilene a little bit better because of that. I love that Adilene is able to help Gordy when he needs it the most.

And the reader even gets to see things through the bad guys eyes for part of it! That’s always fun too. It’s fun to be able to yell at characters not to do things, if you know in time what they shouldn’t do. This book though, the reader didn’t know exactly what was going to be happening. Making the whole thing so much fun!

If you’ve got a middle grade boy or girl, they’re going to love this one. It’s really well done and perfect for that age!

I was sent a copy of Potion Masters: The Transparency Tonic as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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