About Five Days with My Kinda Evil Ex

** I can’t believe I agreed to this! **

Daisy is struggling to get over her past.
Ian would do anything to fix it.

When these high school sweethearts get a second chance,
their chemistry is stronger than ever.
But will their differences keep them apart?

Ever dreamed of being famous? I did, but not like this.
I’m Cake Girl—from the viral video where the groom shoves cake in the bride’s face.

That video cost me my marriage which, let’s face it, was doomed from the start since the groom, Ian Kelly, is downright evil. Five years later, I’m still fighting flashbacks. But now I have a shot at the two things I want most—love and redemption.

I agreed to be on Time Warp, the tv show that gives couples a second chance. I told the producers I did not want a second chance with Ian Kelly, the groom who ruined my life.

Sadly, they didn’t listen.

Now I’m stuck with my evil ex for five days while the cameras roll.
Will Ian show me he’s worthy of a second chance or will we both come out of the experiment worse off than we were before?

Dozens of Cameras
Millions of Viewers
One Second chance

My review

I’m loving reading these books by Kimberly Krey! The plot of this one is just so funny. I loved everything about it.

Daisy is a successful young woman. She works hard, and that’s about all. But Daisy has a bit of a secret past. She was the star of a viral video when her new husband shoved cake up her nose. Which led her to annulling their wedding. And now she’s been asked to be on Time Warp with one of her exes. And, of course, it was Ian, the man she was married to that was chosen.

I loved the way this one played out. Daisy and Ian are forced to relive their disastrous ceremony. And Daisy gets even. I loved that scene, it made me laugh so very hard. But what I really loved was the way both Daisy and Ian want to make things right and get a second chance at their love.

This book is a quick, enjoyable read. I can’t wait for the next one!

I borrowed a copy of Five Days with My Kinda Evil Ex using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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About The Dreaming Beauty

The Dreaming Beauty

Once upon a dream, two cursed people fell in love . . .

Tansy White doesn’t want to end up alone like her three aunts who raised her, but when she is betrayed by her would-be betrothed, she fears she might never change her fate. At her aunts’ suggestion, she seizes the chance to visit Rose Cottage, the country home of her late mother. For years, dreams of the cottage have haunted Tansy, and she is convinced it holds the answer to her hidden past. But after getting caught in a terrible storm, she meets a man who is just as determined as she is to learn all her secrets.

Marcus Taylor, brother to the Duke of Westmorland, is also troubled by vivid dreams. On a sleepless night, as a tempest rages outside his brother’s estate, he makes a discovery far more mysterious than any dream: a young woman, cold as ice, lies unconscious in the library, and he is sure she is the key to solving his problems. When she wakes, what begins as a shared quest for information turns into an unexpected friendship. As they piece together the fragments of their pasts, they discover a tangled web of lies, and their feelings for each other become just as entwined. But is their love as strong as their dreams . . . or their fate?

My review

Anneka Walker has a way with weaving a fairy tale into an amazing regency romance! I loved The Masked Baron and was so excited to get to read this one. And isn’t that cover amazing?!

Tansy is an amazing character! I loved the way the reader got to know her and her story better and better the deeper they got into the story. And the way the author weaved a mystery in here was just amazing as well! I loved the way Tansy cared for her aunts, helping them with whatever they needed.

Marcus…I loved his character so much! He was always willing to step in to help anyone who needed it, including Tansy’s family. I loved his humility. And how he was trying to research dreams to figure out his own. Tansy and Marcus just fit. And he had a mystery to figure out as well.

This author has such a way with characters. And there are so many great ones in this book. The author did such a great job with the plot too. Leaving the reader thinking and amazed at just how well everything fit together!

I was sent a copy of The Dreaming Beauty as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About Class Act

Class Act

It started out innocently enough . . .

Hailey Thomas is perfectly content living a quiet life as a second-grade teacher. She’s definitely not looking for a husband. But when one of her students can’t stop bragging about her single dad, she decides to do some sleuthing and what she finds turns her into a part-time internet stalker, complete with daydreams she can never admit to.

When the object of her research shows up at her school and accuses her of scheming with his eight year-old daughter, she vows to put an end to all of it and avoid him at all costs. Ford Whittaker may be a wealthy businessman and ridiculously handsome single dad, but he’s definitely not the man she’d imaged he was.

Only, avoiding Ford is becoming impossible thanks to her honorary uncle, her four best friends, and the daughter that actually is a schemer. Every week it’s something new, and the more they get thrown together, the more Hailey wonders if maybe she’d been a little bit lonelier than she realized.

And maybe Ford was too.

My review

Aspen Hadley is one of my very favorite romantic comedy authors. I love her characters and settings. Her books seem like they could be real.

Hailey is such a great character! I loved how she was with the kids she taught. Especially Hillary. She just seemed to know what the kids needed instinctively. The first run in with Hillary’s dad, Ford, made me laugh. Hailey was just really awkward. And the whole situation was hilarious! And then they just keep getting thrown together!

I loved reading Hailey’s thoughts. She’s just a little bit snarky. I loved that she seemed real.

The love story in this one was so great! I loved every bit of it.

Hailey’s got great friends too. I can’t wait to read each of their stories! If you haven’t read anything by this author yet, you need to. This is one book I really want to read more than one time.

I was sent an e-copy of Class Act as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Townshipped


Everyone said it wasn’t as though a woman was going to land on my doorstep and fall in love with me.

Never say never.

Now, this woman literally crashes into my life, but she doesn’t remember a thing about what happened before she got here.

She’s beautiful and a little sassy.
The longer she’s here, the more I feel like she’s the missing piece of a puzzle I didn’t even know I was trying to solve.

Our small town has her pegged as my imported bride, my mom’s already sharing family recipes, and my best friend won’t stop taunting me about the way I look at her.

For once in my life, I can picture a future with someone — with this woman fate seems to have brought me from out of nowhere.
The funny thing about fate? Things never go quite the way you planned.

My review

If you haven’t been reading this series by Savannah Scott, you are missing out! I’m loving the storylines, the town, the people of the town. This is such a great romantic comedy series!

I was so glad to see Aiden get his story! Aiden lives by himself out of the town of Bordeaux (say Bored-Ox), well…kind of by himself. He’s got his goats and his llama, and they bring tons of drama by themselves. Aiden has been hurt before, so seeing him get his own love was so great! I love Aiden’s big heart, he’s the first to help someone out or take someone in. And that is proven over and over again in this book.

I loved Mallory. She’s a strong woman. Strong enough to call off her wedding and take the planned honeymoon by herself. But…she gets in an accident in the snow. And crashes at Aiden’s house. He takes her in, but Mallory can’t remember anything. She ends up going by “Em” and healing and doing whatever she can to help out at Aiden’s house.

I LOVED watching these two fall in love. Em’s amnesia makes them both a bit more careful than they would normally be. But their story is so sweet. And it’s kind of hilarious how the whole town of Bordeaux makes a beeline for Aiden’s door to get a glimpse of Em.

It was fun to see other loved characters like Trevor and Lexi and Rob and Laura back in this one too. And I can’t forget Aiden’s animals. Billy Jean has got to be one of my all time favorite characters. She just makes me laugh.

If you love a good rom-com, you’ve got to read this one!

I was sent a copy of Townshipped as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About Where Dreams Meet

Where Dreams Meet


Embark on a journey through American history and witness the love stories of several couples brought together against the dramatic backdrop of a changing nation in this star-spangled romance by four best-selling authors.

“To Love a Spy” by Jennifer Moore

New York, 1781 Despite her family’s betrayal of the Crown, Susannah Partridge remains loyal to the king. But when she becomes embroiled in the treasonous activities of her charming neighbor, Eli Matthews, Susannah must determine where her allegiance truly lies.

“Southern Belle, Yankee Heart” by Renae Weight Mackley

Richmond, 1861 The Union is splintering, and Northern dressmaker Rebecca Steed finds herself stuck in the South with little money and even less hope. But being stranded in Virginia comes with an unexpected silver lining in the form of Nathan Hill, a man whose opposition to slavery and determination to do what is right quickly win her affection. But how can she give her heart to a soldier who may never come back from the war? 

“Where Dreams Meet” by Carolyn Twede Frank

New York, 1892 When Jane O’Shea arrives at Ellis Island from Ireland, she has nothing but a desire to make her way in the world. With help from Peter Dockery, a gentle stranger, Jane embarks on her new life. As the couple faces seemingly insurmountable odds, they discover that adversity is better faced alongside the one you love.

“The Sun, Moon, Stars, and You” by Carla Kelly

Washington, DC, 1906 Nothing could have prepared Lieutenant Hank Thornton for his new post in Washington, DC. As a military aide to President Teddy Roosevelt in the White House, Hank is to be nothing more than a dashing dance partner at various political events. It isn’t until he meets Minnie Gallagher, an intrepid copy corrector at a local paper, that he begins to see the possibilities of this odd assignment.

My review

I love books like this. There are 4 novellas written by 4 different authors in this one. I loved that each of the novellas is in a different time period. And I loved that I could read each of them quickly.

First up is Jennifer Moore’s “To Love a Spy.” I loved Susannah in this one. Susannah lives with her aunt and uncle in New York during the Revolutionary War. I loved that she was loyal to what she believed was right. Even when her family hadn’t been.

There were so many neat little details in this one. I loved the way the author showed a few of the methods that would have been used for spies during this time period. Eli was the spy. Susannah new him to be an honest and upright type of person. And that leads her to do something she probably wouldn’t have done on her own. Such a great story!

Next up is “Southern Belle, Yankee Heart” by Ranea Weight Mackley. This one takes place at the very start of the Civil War. I loved the way the author does a great job of showing the confusion that Rebecca would have felt as she dealt with the closure of Richmond. And I loved how she finds Nathan and falls for him in such a natural way.

Then we have “Where Dreams Meet” by Carolyn Twede Frank. There were so many things to love about this one. Jane is a young woman who is uncertain of her future. She left Ireland to go to her last remaining family in America. But they are planning for her brother to arrive, not her. I loved the way Jane is rescued by someone who no one would ever think could rescue her when she needed it most. This one was so good!

And last, but not least, is ” The Sun, Moon, Stars, and You” by Carla Kelly. I loved this one! The setting of this one is Washington, DC in the early 1900’s. I loved Hank. His parts with Alice Roosevelt were so great! I loved the way these two become friends.

But I really loved Minnie. She’s a young woman working as an editor for a newspaper when all she wants to do is write. I loved how hard she tried in a man’s world, only to get knocked back down again and again. But Hank is always there for her. The ending of this one is the best!

This collection is so great! I loved each and every one of the stories in it.

I was sent a copy of Where Dreams Meet as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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About To Kiss a Wallflower

To Kiss a Wallflower

Eventually, all wallflowers will have their chance at love . . . This is where it begins.

The Wallflower’s Dance 
by Jen Geigle Johnson
Lottie Hughes likes people, as long as they aren’t too close. Does it bother her that no one asks her to dance? Yes, but she’s not sure how to drum up dance partners when she has almost no dowry, no title, and freezes up when anyone tries to talk to her. When she suddenly inherits a huge amount and is the new center of attention all over London, her secret dreams might come true but also her worst nightmares. Suddenly everyone wants to talk to her. Men ask her to dance. And she is inundated with interested suitors. She fights to stay close to the few friends she knows are true. One man saw her before her life changed forever. But does she want to accept his help when he, too, might be insincere?

Letters to a Wallflower by Heather B. Moore
Ellen might be beautiful and considered a diamond of the first water by Society, but she is so very tired of the pressure to marry a titled gentleman so that her beauty won’t go to waste. When her cousin Dinah dares Ellen to attend a ball with no frills and to stand with the wallflowers, Ellen takes on the dare. What’s in the wager for her? The prize cuttings of her aunt’s extraordinary roses. But what Ellen isn’t expecting is Lord Ravenshire to engage her in the most interesting conversation. When she confesses to him of her opposition in marrying for a title, he confesses his distaste of the London scene. They strike a bargain together, one which will either push them apart or lead to a future sweeter than either of them could have imagined.

To Marry a Wallflower by Anneka R. Walker
Charlotte Winters is destined to spinsterhood until she turns down an unwanted proposal and everything changes. With gossip rampant, her father attempts to salvage her reputation by betrothing her to another. Soon she is sent off to her aunt’s to meet Lord Templeton, her intended. Anxiety-ridden, Charlotte begs her aunt to let her observe Lord Templeton from afar before their introduction. She never planned to pretend to be her fictional cousin to learn more about him, or to fall in love with Lord Templeton’s friend in the process. Lord Templeton dreads returning to the empty halls of Newcliff Manor. When his father’s old friend, Mr. Winters reaches out for assistance, Lord Templeton finds himself returning home engaged to a woman he has never met. Desperate to learn more about Miss Winters, he befriends her cousin. He wouldn’t have spoken to her, or lied about his identity, if he’d known the quiet woman would sneak into his heart.

My review

I love these collections! You get to read three novellas by great authors, all around a common theme. Each of the books is so different. These books are just a great!

The Wallflower’s Dance by Jen Geigle Johnson was so cute! I loved Lottie. She’s just a bit awkward and that makes her a loveable character. Things change rather quickly for her when she suddenly inherits a fortune. And that makes life a bit confusing for her. She has no way of knowing which of her suitors is sincere. Lottie turns to her dear friend, Denny, to help guide her. But even he is under suspicion.

I loved these two. They’re just the cutest together, they really balanced each other well. And they knew each other so well also. Such a cute friends to more romance!

Next up is Letters to a Wallflower by Heather B Moore. I loved Ellen in this one. Her bet with her cousin was great. It was kind of funny how similar Ellen and Aaron were. Neither of them wanted to be in the city for the season, they both would rather be at their country homes and out of the bustle. I loved that they hatch a plan of their own to kind of trick their mothers into letting them be where they wanted to be.

I loved the letters they wrote to each other. And this one ends with a house party! There isn’t much better than that.

Last but not least is Anneka Walker’s To Marry a Wallflower. There were so many things to love about this one! The first thing is Luke. I loved how he put himself out there and agreed to marry Charlotte without ever even seeing her, just to save her reputation.

I loved Charlotte. And how both of them try to find out about the other by not telling the whole truth about who they were. The way they fell in love was just so perfect.

This is such a great collection!

I was sent a copy of To Kiss a Wallflower as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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About False Illusions

False Illusions

Is he the answer to her troubles or an intoxicating illusion that could turn deadly?

Single mom Olivia Burkhart struggles to rebuild her life after the murder of her fiancé, Brent Allen, a deputy on Honeysuckle Island. She vows to never get involved with another cop, and then Flynn Yates enters her life with his playful smile and penetrating blue eyes.

As Olivia tries to come to terms with her feelings for Flynn, life delivers some hard blows that resurface her fears with a vengeance.

Then fate gives her the chance to work six weeks at an exclusive art gallery in charming and quaint Carmel, California by the sea.

When Olivia catches the eye of world-renown artist Xavier Kipling, a brooding and handsome widower, she finds herself drawn into a sophisticated world of wealth beyond anything she’d ever imagined.

A strange painting gives way to unsettling events, making Olivia question if her aching heart can discern between illusion and reality.

Is the Kipling mansion an idyllic haven, or a hiding place for deadly secrets?

My review

I’ve loved reading this series by Jennifer Youngblood so much! Reading this series in order might make more sense than reading out of order. There are so many things you wouldn’t understand if you read them out of order.

I loved that we get to see Olivia in this book. And that the reader gets to see that she moves on with her life after her fiancé, Brent, had been killed. Olivia is a great mom, and a great daughter too. She goes to a lot of trouble for her parents and the business they share. One thing about her is that she is scared to fall for Flynn and allow things to progress. But we all have to work through things.

There were a ton of things about this one that make it un-putdownable. I loved the way it’s really suspenseful. The author did a great job with the plot. And the characters.

This is such a great book! I can’t wait for the next one.

I won a copy of False Illusions from a Goodreads giveaway. All opinions are my own.

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About Five Days with My Super Hot Ex

Five Days with My Super Hot Ex

Dozens of Cameras
Millions of Viewers
One Second chance

When Nikki and her old high school flame go on a reality TV show, they’re locked in a home while the cameras roll.

The goal?

Help these high school sweethearts fall back in love. Is the old spark still alive or did it fizzle out long ago?

My review

Five Days with My Super Hot Ex is one of those books that I got for free at some point. I’ll be honest and say that I actually read the first book after I read the second one in this series by Kimberly Krey. And I’m glad that I took the time to read this one. I loved it!

This book is a super fast read. I loved that the author did such a great job with making the story seem complete, even though it’s really short. Reading a book in an afternoon, is sometimes really nice. I read this one on a flight recently and it was the perfect length for that.

I loved both Nikki and Kai. The reader only sees the story through Nikki’s perspective. And she is adamant that Kai is the reason their relationship ended. The reader doesn’t find out until later Kai’s viewpoint on that. I really liked that!

I loved the way the two of them are locked in the house together. That makes for some really funny moments between them.

This book and this series are books you won’t want to miss! I can’t wait for the next book to release!

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About The Bluff

The Bluff

I won’t be winning any employee of the year awards. But only because my boss is the grumpy boss to end all grumpy bosses. Did I mention he doesn’t trust me to do my job?

Challenge accepted.

Not only am I going to help James launch a successful brewery, but I’m going to find out what makes him tick … and what makes him go boom.

All this has nothing to do with the fact that the man is unbearably, unfairly, unignorably (is that a word?) attractive. Or that he lost his mom when he was young, same as me.

The more he pushes me away, the more I’m pulled into his orbit. It’s a battle of stubborn wills, and I don’t plan to concede anytime soon.

Except the more time I spend around James Graham, the more I start to lose the one thing I refuse to give to any man … my heart.

The Bluff is an enemies to lovers, grumpy boss rom-com set in the fictional small town of Sheet Cake Texas. You’ll find plenty of laughs and sizzling chemistry in this closed door romantic comedy. It’s the second in a series, but can be read as a standalone.

My review

Can you ever really read enough romantic comedies? I would answer no, especially if they’re written by Emma St Clair! I loved everything about this book!

James is the Graham brother in this book. I thought the author did a great job really letting the reader see inside his head. James doesn’t do well around a lot of people, especially for a long amount of time. And sometimes he just explodes. I loved the pool scene. You’re just going to have to read it to see why.

Winnie is a Sheeter. She’s working for James as a temporary employee while she tries to figure out what to do next. But James is a huge grump and he really seems to dislike Winnie. And she has figured out how to push his buttons and sometimes she just doesn’t know when to stop. Between the two of them, it’s an explosive situation.

The romance in this one is so well done! I loved so many things about it. There are so many great scenes. I can’t wait to read more of this series!

Do yourself a favor and grab this one!

I borrowed an e-copy of The Bluff using my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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About Catching the Perfect Man

Catching the Perfect Man

Jess is ready to leave the Virgin Lips Club behind, and she has the perfect man in mind to make it happen…

Step one, get a job at the office where her best friend’s gorgeous brother works.

Step two, get him to fall in love with her and kiss her senseless before the summer ends.
Umm, that’s going to take some work…

Still, her plan seems doable until a big distraction shows up in the form of Tyson—the small town, baseball-playing, super-crush of her teenage dreams—who inconveniently works in her office building.

Grownup Jess tries to forget how easy it was to drown in Tyson’s ocean blue eyes. And ignore the way his smile can still turn her bones to jelly.

She only has one summer to catch her perfect man. And she knows who that is…right?

Catching the Perfect Man is a laugh-out-loud, sweet friends-to-lovers Rom Com, with a sprinkle of love triangle but absolutely NO cheating. It’s brimming with sizzling chemistry that culminates in passionate kisses and of course a HEA. This book is the 2nd edition. It was released under the same title in 2018 but has undergone significant edits.

My review

I love a good rom-com! This one by Bella Ricks took me a few chapters to get into. But once I did, I really enjoyed it!

I really liked Jess. She’s trying to intern for a lawyer, but somehow ends up with a secretary. And that woman HATES her! I had to laugh at the pranks that the secretary played on Jess. Poor Jess had a lot of issues at work.

It was kind of fun to read about Jess’ past. Her history with Tyson Avery was one of my favorite parts. Who knew the two of them would run into each other years later and that he would recognize Jess. I really loved watching the friendship these two developed. It was something special. Even though Jess didn’t want to even consider him a friend.

And Blake. I’m not sure just what to say about him. There are plenty of laugh out loud moments where Jess’ relationship with Blake is concerned.

This is a fun rom-com. I’m glad I read it!

I borrowed a copy of Catching the Perfect Man using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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