About the bookWhen words won’t come easily… 

From picnics and horseback riding, small-town florist, Brooke Holt, is all about the romance. A closet musician, she pours her romantic fantasies into writing country music ballads, and she might even share them someday if she weren’t stricken with a severe case of stage fright. 

Cobble Creek’s divorce attorney Isaac Murphy is just the opposite. He’s seen enough disappointed hearts and broken marriages to know love takes more than a bouquet of roses and flowery phrases. It pays to be pragmatic when it comes to relationships, especially as support for a niece struggling with selective mutism.

When Brooke’s brother starts dating Isaac’s sister, what starts as a friendly wager between Brooke and Isaac brings out their competitive streaks. Falling back into being best friends is easy, but when feelings start to turn into something more, saying something becomes the greatest a gamble. 

My review: Don’t you just love the cover of this one??? Go ahead…scroll back up, I’ll wait. I think the cover is beautiful! I love the dress, the horse, the boots, it all just works so well together. And guess what? I loved the story inside just as much as the cover.

I was so glad to get to “go back” to the town of Cobble Creek. I loved the Brooke is Frankie’s friend from The Inventive Bride, and that we get to see her again for a little bit in this one. It’s just fun to see your favorite characters in more stories.

Brooke is such a cute character. She reminds me a little of the flowers that she works with in her flower shop. She’s perky, cheery and just cute. I love the way she’s such a romantic and she believes in love. I really loved watching her with Isaac’s niece, Gemma. Her neice reminds me a bit of one of my own who has since grown out of the condition that Gemma struggles with in the story. 

Then there’s Isaac. I loved that he and Brooke had a history that they both remembered, but I really loved that their history didn’t make their interactions awkward. I liked the way that he changed a little at a time all the way throughout the story. Eventually getting to where he could believe in love, even when he was jaded at the beginning.

I loved the plot of this one. Brooke and Isaac have a bet about their siblings Danielle and Cody and whether or not the two of them would be able to make it as a couple. This leads to lots of sneaking around and crazy shenanigans by Brooke and Isaac. And lots of time spent together might just lead to a rekindling of feelings they felt when they were younger.

Make sure to get this cute book, you’ll love it as much as I did!

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