Hey everyone…it’s Favorite Friday Day! My favorite day!

Last summer I told you all about my favorite new make up by Maskcara.

I still love it and I use it every day, in fact, if you see the pictures that I post of myself on my Instagram page, I’m wearing it in every one. I can’t believe how many people compliment me on how young I look and I’m sure that has a lot to do with the make up. Even I love the way my face looks. I actually like how I look now. That is kind of a huge thing! I love that something so simple can give me an extra boost of confidence.

I’ve actually started using even more things than I talked about in my post. I have a couple of eye colors that are fabulous. And I even have the eye brush. Oh. My. Gosh! Best brush ever! I may eventually get the other brushes as well. 

Anyway…I’m excited to let you know that I’m working with my friend  and Maskcara Makeup Artist, Jaime Chidester, to get a bunch of you matched and trying out their makeup. And what’s super fun is that someone who buys make up from her or gets matched is going to win a Black Cherry lip/cheek color! I love the way the lip/cheek color works for both lips and cheeks. It’s just fun and it makes things so simple. And Black Cherry is the color that everyone is talking about this year. I don’t have it, but I wouldn’t mind having it!

Getting matched sounds a lot harder than it is! All you have to do is take a picture of your makeup free face in natural light and send it to my friend Jaime, either on Instagram or Facebook. She’ll let you know what colors would compliment your face best, then you order them here and try them out. I also love that there’s a 30 day money back guarantee, that way if something happens to not work just right for you, it’s fixable. 

This might be the perfect gift to either buy yourself or ask for for yourself for Mother’s Day next month!

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