Hey guys, it’s Friday! Finally! 

Did you know I write articles for a family travel blog? I write for Tips for Family Trips. Usually an article a month. This month I’m talking about the trip our family took to Seattle. 

Our family loves to travel together. It’s such a bonding experience and a huge source for family memories. There aren’t many days that we don’t talk about something travel related. Whether it’s something about where we want to go next, or laughing about something that happened on one of our trips.

What do you think about family travel? Is it something that’s a big thing for your family? Or something that you don’t do? Do you want to do more of it? Where are you going next???? That’s the big question for our family. And it’s one that hasn’t been answered yet. You can leave me a comment here answering these questions or checkout my Facebook or Instagram and leave the answer there. 

I’d be really curious to see just where everyone is planning to go. Maybe we’ll go there next.

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