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the abcs of datingAllie Carmichael is dating the wrong kind of man. To help Allie out of her dating rut, Allie’s sister, Cassie, challenges her to date 26 new men, all that have 26 different careers—one for every letter of the alphabet.

When Eric’s neighbor, Allie, asks him for help with her new dating challenge, he’s reluctant to get involved. Mostly because he’d really like Allie to fall in love with him. She’s determined to finish out her dating challenge, but he’s a veterinarian. And V is at the end of the alphabet. 

Can Eric persuade Allie to abandon the list and see him as something more than just her best friend?

My review

It’s no secret that contemporary romance is my very favorite category to read. I love a well done one. And this is just that! 

I loved Allie. Her methodological ways made me laugh. She uses the ABC’s to get to sleep when she can’t sleep. And she keeps going where she was if she fell asleep in the middle. So when her brother-in-law, John, dares her to go on dates starting with A and going to Z, I knew it was going to be good. The catch is she’s dating by profession. How hard could it be to find 26 different guys with professions starting with letters from A to Z? If you’ve got Eric setting you up, it’s super hard. I had to laugh at all of the dates he found for Allie.

The reader also gets to see things through Eric’s eyes. He’s a great guy. And he knows that he doesn’t want to wait until letter V for veterinarian to get his turn to date Allie. I loved the way Eric was a great guy who loved animals. 

This one is a novella, it’s not long. It was easily read in an afternoon. I’m really excited that there are going to be more of these by this author. I loved this one and can’t wait for more! 

I got a free copy of The ABC’s of Dating from the author’s newsletter. All opinions are my own.

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