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Into the flames

Adolf Hitler has completed his transformation of the German Republic into a total dictatorship. The Great Depression and relentless drought continue to ravage the United States. In all corners of the world, fear and uncertainty seem to rule the day. Can there be any hope on the horizon?

Into the Flames, the sixth and final installment of Gerald N. Lund’s Fire and Steel series, brings new experiences, new challenges, new opportunities, and not a few tragedies into the lives of the Eckhardt and Westland families.

In America, Mitch and Edie continue their struggle to hang on to the ranch that has been their family’s home for nearly fifty years, while Benji’s quest to find work turns catastrophic and sets him on a new path that will take him to exotic climes and an unexpected reunion.

in Germany, Hans makes a dangerous, life-changing decision to leave Nazi Party leadership and seek a new career. But when the ugly specter of anti-Semitism wields a direct and devastating impact on the Eckhardt family, they too are drawn into a maelstrom of events that threatens to destroy the very fabric of their lives.

As 1938 draws to a close and the dark clouds of war move in, the families must draw on their faith and courage to endure whatever life has in store for them.

My review

I have loved reading Gerald Lund’s books since I was a teenager. The way he writes makes history not only come alive, it makes it seem as though you are in history.

This is the last book in his Fire and Steel series. It’s sent in both Utah and Germany during the time leading up to the second world war. There are so many scenes in this one that were sad and heartbreaking. The really sad thing is that most of those actually happened to someone.

I’ve loved reading about the Eckhardts and the Westlands. It’s almost as though I know them. They’ve really come alive for me, in a way not many characters do or have.

This book and series follow the events as they actually happened. I have learned quite a bit about this time period from reading this series.

As I finished reading this one, I realized that it’s the final book in this series. Obviously all series have to end sometime. The problem with this one ending is that the author didn’t finish it. it’s left in a horrible cliff hanger with no ending in sight. That leaves me feeling sad and unsettled.

I hope the author is able to finish the promised companion book sooner than later.

I bought my own copy of Into the Flames. All opinions are my own.

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