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her blind date cowboy second chance

All he wanted was the beach and some down time, until the woman he’d never quit thinking about shows up and sprays him with sand!

Rejection—it wasn’t something Liam Summerville liked. It wasn’t something he’d forgotten for three years. Three years, and the woman he’d fallen for still haunted his dreams. When his band gets asked to play a gig in Sydney, Australia, of course they say yes—after all, they’re the Summerville Solid Gold. But deep down he knows…facing his demons won’t be easy.

Evie Williams didn’t anticipate running into the guy she’d turned down three years ago. To say it was uncomfortable when he got in her face and started demanding answers, would be an understatement. It felt like she’d been running away from the moment she said no to him for three years. When he offers to pay her to be his tour guide, she instantly says no. When she loses her job, she says yes. But he doesn’t get to demand answers from her and talk about the past—that’s not part of the deal.

When the guy who ruined everything shows up and hits Liam, will true love find it’s way?

My review

I’ve been enjoying reading all of these romances featuring the Summerville family! Taylor Hart has done such a great job with the characters. And I always want to know what’s going to happen next. Before reading this one, you’ll want to read Her Blind Date Cowboy First Love. otherwise, this one will make no sense!

This one features Liam and Evie. They fell in love as teenagers. But things never quite work out the way you plan that they will. 3 years after proposing to Evie on Bondi Beach in Australia, Liam finds himself with time to spare in Australia. I loved the way he found Evie again. It wasn’t what either of them had planned.But they just work together.

I liked the way even the reader doesn’t know what happened to make Evie change her mind about marrying Liam. The author did such a good job of hiding it. Until Liam, himself, finds out. Evie is a strong woman character, not afraid to stand up for herself or be herself. That’s something needed in our world today.

I loved the cute love story in this one. It was a great virtual trip to Australia.

I was sent an e-copy of Her Blind Date Cowboy Second Chance as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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