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the royal's fake bride

She’s perfect. But she’s his best mate’s little sister.

When Theo Clarke joins his best mates Will and Henry in creating a hotel venture in the charming South Carolina island town of Magnolia Bay, he sees a chance to rebrand himself as a man of vision and leave his tabloid playboy reputation behind. But when his mother revokes his inheritance money until Theo marries a suitable British aristocrat, the venture is endangered. They can’t pay their massive loans without Theo’s money.

As the hotel nears completion, the gents bring in the delightful Pippa Maxwell, Will’s younger sister and emerging interior designer. Pippa could be the answer to every problem, if she will only agree to a fake marriage with Theo. But Pippa has dreams of her own, and they do not involve marriage to the aristocracy’s most scandalous bad boy.

When the three youngest sons of British earls seek a way to make their own names in the world, a sleepy Southern beach town may hold the keys to love, laughter, and happily ever after…

My review

If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know I love books by Brenna Jacobs. This has been such a fun series, The Royal’s Best Friend and The Royal’s Enemy were both fabulous! I’d say you don’t have to read those first, but it would probably be smart to read these in order.

This one features Theo. I’ve always been a bit curious about him. He’s seemed….sort of aloof through out the series. Reading his story made him come alive for me. And I understand him just a bit better. He was aloof, but he has some decent reasons. And Pippa really brought out the best in him as the story went along.

I loved Pippa from the very beginning. She’s a breath of fresh air. Pippa is Will’s younger sister. And I really had to laugh at the way the gents all married her off with out even asking her what she thought. Pippa was smart to be careful, no one wants to be hurt by a player. But I loved the way she lost her heart, little by little without even knowing it.

It was really fun to see the gents again. And what had happened to them. I really hope that the author finds a way to keep these going, even a little longer. Seeing a series end always makes me a little sad.

I borrowed The Royal’s Fake Bride using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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