About Flirting with Your Hollywood Heartbreaker

Flirting with Your Hollywood Heartbreaker

A man who’s looking for a good time. A woman who’s NOT interested. When he tries to buy her a ticket to Paris to pick her up, she tells him to get a life!

Note: This book was previously published as The Love Potion Groom. It has been extensively re-written and changed to be added to the Knight Brother Romances!

B.C. Knight, A-List movie star, just wants to put up a front and get through his court-mandated stint in rehab then get back to L.A. The last thing he wants is to meet a beautiful, grief-stricken woman who sees right through him and makes him reconsider the direction of his life. When he takes a chance and kisses her, it’s like finding the role he’s been searching for all of his life. Too bad it ticks her off!

Kira Moonwater’s life turns upside down when her Nana, the woman who raised her and taught her to follow her dreams, unexpectedly passes away. The only thing on her mind is trying to pick up the pieces of her life and decide if her ‘saving the world’ boyfriend is going to be part of her future.

When their worlds collide at the rehab center, B.C. never imagined he’d fall so hard for the good girl. Will Kira look past his bad boy ways and give him a chance?

My review

This was one of those books that I started reading, and my first thought was that I’d read this one before. And I had. I read a variation of it as The Love Potion Groom. But it’s been re-written and I liked it so much better this way.

B.C. meets Kira in a dance club in St George, Utah. He’d never been to Utah before. And the only reason he was there was to go to a drug rehab facility. I liked the way Kira blew him off when he thought he could buy her with a trip to Paris. B.C. was not really my favorite character at the beginning, but he grew on me as the story went along.

Kira has just lost her grandma. Her grandma had raised her through her hard times and was covering her very expensive Julliard education. I loved the way you could just tell Kira had been raised right. She is the kind of girl who is old fashioned in her values and that shone through throughout the book.

This book is cute. It’s a quick and easy read. I enjoyed it!

I borrowed Flirting with Your Hollywood Heartbreaker using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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