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Her Hidden Falls Bodyguard Cowboy

A small town cowboy turned FBI. A woman who has been running for way too long. The fake marriage that just might save both of them.

Sean Hardman, police officer and part-time poet, had a dream to be FBI, but he was willing to give it up for a woman. Too bad said woman told him she’s not interested. Fine, he’ll leave this small town in the dust.

Angela Orion never wanted to hide out in Hidden Falls and she really never wanted to put the lives of her friends in danger. But when the mafia thug who killed her brother finds her, a shooting match ensues; the Hardman family will not go down without a fight.

When the FBI shows up to protect her, she really never expected Sean would be the agent in charge of her case and she definitely never expected that pretending to be married to him would be part of she’d be posing as his wife. Will Sean and Angela be able to trust each other enough to keep her safe and get a second chance at love or will the mafia thug take them both down?

My review

I LOVED this book! Taylor Hart did such a great job with her characters, and her setting. I really loved how the plot came together. Everything about this one just worked.

Sean and Angela. I loved that they had chemistry, even though Angela is obviously pushing Sean away. Angela has her reasons. I really liked how she watched out for herself. She knew she had to protect herself and stay at least one step in front of the bad guys.

I really liked Sean. He might be my very favorite Hardman brother. He’s a police officer turned FBI agent. And the only one they can count on when Angela needs someone to stay with her. I loved how he refused to be pushed away. And how good he was at pretending to be someone he wasn’t. My favorite thing about him is his poem quoting. And the reason behind that is revealed in this book. So cute!

I really liked the intense plot of this one. It kept me interested and wanting more.

This is such a great book! I can’t wait for more by this author.

I was sent an e-copy of Her Hidden Falls Bodyguard Cowboy by the author. All opinions are my own.

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