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Charity watches each of her sisters make plans to marry, one by one, and she is overjoyed for their happiness, but she doubts she will ever feel much of the same. She is busy in her causes, in her book groups, in her thinking bluestocking ways, but she has a secret. And no one knows, not even the man himself. But through all of her forward thinking ways, she is pining for Lord Lockhart.

Lord Lockhart is the wealthiest man of any of their acquaintance. He recently received yet another inheritance when an old eccentric uncle passed on and he seeks for ways to use his money responsibly. Charity is a good resource for him in this regard. And he just might have secrets of his own where she is concerned.

My review

I know, every time one of these books comes out by Jen Geigle Johnson, I say that character is my favorite. Charity might very well be my very favorite of the sister of Sussex. I love how she lives up to her name. She is one of the most charitable women I’ve read about in this time period. And I loved that about her!

Charity thought there was no way she would marry. She’s a bluestocking, after all. But she was very obviously in love with Lord Lockhart. And from the start, I thought these two were perfect for each other. They each worry about those in a lower class. And they work to make things better for those people. I loved that.

Another thing about Lord Lockhart that I loved was that he was not afraid to be the only man involved. He showed up to the bluestocking meetings and he took part. He gave his input and even did readings of books when he needed to. One thing I didn’t like about him was the way he felt so honor bound to another young woman who he really shouldn’t have. I didn’t like that or her at all!

But I think Charity learned something through this. It seemed as though she learned even more strongly to be herself. And that she was okay just the way she was. We need to not be afraid to be strong ourselves. But we also need to know that it’s okay when someone else is.

I loved this book! I can’t wait for the last in the series. Though I know I’m going to be sad to see these characters go.

I was sent a copy of Pining for Lord Lockhart as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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