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I Hated You First

Sometimes love is war.

Clay… My best friend has held a grudge against his half-sister, Lauren, forever. It’s unjustified and ridiculous, but I have to take his side. Also ridiculous? How bad I have it for her.

My Lauren radar goes off the second she steps in the building. Did I mention we work together and her dad’s the boss? Yeah, she’s so off-limits I might as well start running now and never come back.

Except, her family is like family to me. So, I’ll do whatever it takes to stick around, even if she hates my guts.

Lauren… I date guys nothing like Clay on purpose. I will not let my old crush on him get the best of me. It’s going on the list of things I’ve outgrown and will deny ever having, like the Justin Bieber poster I used to keep on the back of my door.

It doesn’t matter that I’ve caught Clay looking at me like he’s a jewel thief and I’m a precious gem encased in glass. He’d never choose me over my brother, or his job, or his enjoyment in teasing me.

Avoiding Clay is easy, until the day I realize my dad’s asked for Clay’s help in checking up on my dates.

No stinking way.

My review

This is my very favorite kind of book to read! I loved the enemies vibe throughout most of the book. And it was laugh out loud funny!

I loved that the reader gets to hear from both of the main characters. That is one of my very favorite things in books. It makes the plot more full and complete to hear both sides of the story.

Lauren and Clay’s relationship is very complicated. They have known each other for a really long time. Clay was Lauren’s brother, Parker’s, best friend. And as adults, the two of them work together in Lauren’s family business. This makes plenty of time for funny moments and mean moments between the two of them.

I loved Lauren. And her family, they are all a bit dysfunctional. Her dad especially is crazy. I had to laugh when he basically asks Clay to check up on all of Lauren’s dates. Who does that?!

This book was so great! I enjoyed the plot, the characters, the romance and the humor. It’s one you should really read!

I was sent an e-copy of I Hated You First as a gift from author, Rachel John. All opinions are my own.

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