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Pursuing Miss Hall

Nathaniel Blake has been in love with his best friend, Meg, for as long as he can remember. Though a gentleman himself, his status in Society is inarguably below Meg’s own. Determined to avoid the label of “fortune hunter,” Nathaniel has long concealed the feelings of his heart. But when Meg’s parents determine to throw a house party for the sole purpose of marrying her off, it is clear that idleness is no longer an option.

The daughter of a wealthy baronet, Margaret Hall has always known she is expected to marry well. After illness forced Meg to miss her first London Season, her mother is not willing to allow her to sit off the marriage mart for too long. There is to be a house party that will include three eligible men for her to choose from. Meg is determined to make her parents proud. Still, she cannot help but be grateful that her closest friend, Nathan, has been invited as well. But when Meg begins to develop feelings that are far beyond friendship, will she have the courage to choose her own happiness over duty?

My review

I loved this novella! It was just the right length to read in an afternoon. The characters were fabulous. And the story is just great. Everything about it made me happy.

Meg is a great character. I loved how she wanted to be herself, let everyone know that she’s good at numbers and card games. But her mother wants nothing to do with that. Her mother is trying to have Meg make a great match and she wants her to seem as any other debutante. Although, Meg is not quite like ever other girl. She survived a devastating illness and her parents are still concerned about her health.

I really loved Nathaniel. It made me happy to see how he entered her house in unconventional ways. I had to laugh at him. He went out of his way to take care of Meg and make her happy by keeping her occupied in her house. And when he decided she was the one for him, he went all out to win her hand.

This is such a great novella. I can’t wait for this author’s debut novel coming this fall!

I bought a copy of Pursuing Miss Hall for free. All opinions are my own.

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