About Rescue a Stubborn Heart

Rescue a Stubborn Heart

She doesn’t believe true love is real.
He thinks he’s too broken for love.
Everything changes when two stubborn hearts meet.

On the run from her ex-husband’s twisted family, Finley seeks help from Jaxon Hudson, the Navy SEAL who rescued her three years ago. Even though she only knew him for a few hours, it was long enough for her to fall in love. But Jaxon’s imminent deployment squashed any hope of a relationship, and he walked away, taking a piece of her heart with him.

Now Finley is older and wiser and not looking for love. So when Jaxon proposes a marriage of convenience and offers the protection of his name, but not his heart, Finley accepts the terms.

There’s only one problem, the spark they had three years ago never died out…placing her in danger of falling for him all over again.

My review

I love all of Cindy Roland Anderson books that I’ve read. This one was no exception. She does an excellent job with her characters and her settings. Honestly, it just made me happy while I was reading it.

I love the way Finley and Jaxon meet. He saves her from a drunk on the beach. But he’s leaving on a mission and doesn’t leave her with any contact info. His kindness and the spark she felt during their short time together make her want to search him out when she is at her most desperate. And I love that she felt like she could do that.

Jaxon is the kind of guy who is happy to fix whatever problem he needs to. He’s kind and a true gentleman. I loved that he went out of his way to help Finley, even though he could have just let her run. He married her, even though he said he was too messed up to get married and have a family.

Their marriage of convenience was fun to watch too. Trying to hide that fact from Jaxon’s family was almost impossible. These times I laughed a little bit.

This book is so great! Sometimes you need a great romance like this…or maybe all the time!

I was sent an e-copy of Rescue a Stubborn Heart as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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