About The Die of Destiny (Champion’s Quest)

The Die of Destiny (Champion's Quest)

Opportunity will always be within reach for those clever enough to claim it.

Lucas Silver’s life is about to change. He thinks it’s because he’s made plans to escape from his foster home and make his way to New York, but then he and some unlikely friends find Hob and Bogie’s Curiosity Shoppe and agree to play a game of Champion’s Quest.

When the four kids walk out the front door of the Curiosity Shoppe, they immediately discover they’re no longer in West Virginia, but transported into the game and a wild fantasy world of dangerous goblins, brutish ogres, and a powerful witch.

They must work together as a team, overcome their real-world weaknesses, and believe in themselves and each other if they are to outwit, outplay, and survive their foes in this ultimate quest to defeat a treacherous monster.

My review

There are so many of these epic middle grade books out there. (I’ve included some of my favorites below) I love how they are written. They engage the reader so completely in a different world. This book was one of those for me. I loved how the author wrote the characters and the adventure. The whole thing was simply amazing.

Lucas Silver is the main character in this one. The reader sees the whole thing through his eyes. I loved the way he wasn’t perfect. Lucas tends to get a bit of anxiety that he calls The Creepers. I liked the way he was able to overcome it a little bit as he went on his adventures.

Lucas is trying to run away from his current foster home. He wants to get on a train that is telling him, Your life is your adventure, but we can help you on your way. What he doesn’t really understand is that living life is the best adventure. Making friends, and stronger relationships, making memories with those that matter most to us. Those are the things that matter most in life. I think he maybe learns that just a little on his journey and so does the reader who goes along with him.

There are so many amazing characters and adventures in this book. Some of them are good for Lucas, some are not so good. But the journey is incredible!

I loved that this book is written for middle grade readers, but it kept my attention from the very beginning. This is one of those I can’t wait to share with our kids.

I was sent a copy of The Die of Destiny (Champion’s Quest) as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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Special launch bundle details

Everyone who purchases a copy of the book and submits their receipt via the form linked here: https://shadowmountain.com/championsquest/ will receive a special bundle of goodies that includes a collectible metal bookmark, dice, a signed bookplate, and a poster. These should start shipping out to recipients the beginning of September.

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