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Dash of Destiny

♥ It’s going to take more than magic to give them a second chance at love. It’s going to take destiny. ♥

Eden Noyes hasn’t been back to Hawthorne, Massachusetts, since the summer before college. Sure, her ex, celebrity motivational speaker Carter Hughes lives there, and she doesn’t exactly want to see him. And strange things—things she can’t explain—always seem to happen in Hawthorne that don’t anywhere else, but nobody except Grandma Tansy has any idea the real reason she’s been staying away. That is, if Grandma Tansy even remembers. It seems she’s been forgetting everything else. Which is why Eden trudges back to Hawthorne with her secret.

Carter Hughes doesn’t exactly want to see Eden either. She blindsided him years ago when she left, and he’s not about to let her mess with his heart again. Things may not be going so great for him, and Eden Noyes returning to town can only make things worse.

Grandma Tansy says it’s their destiny to end up together, but what does she know? It’s going to take more than magic to make up for the tragic mistakes in their past.

My review

I love books that are all connected! This one by Maria Hoagland is not only connected to the others in this series, it’s connect to one of her books, While You Were Speaking, in another series. And that made the whole thing even better for me.

I loved Eden. The way she was willing to drop her whole life and move to Hawthorne to care for her Grandma Tansy made me happy. She always put family first and that is a great quality to have. Her daughter is so adorable too! That daughter causes quite a stir though when Eden moves back to town, because no one knows about her and she happens to look like Carter Hughes family.

Speaking of Carter. It was so fun to see him in this one. And to get to know him better. I liked the way he was always helping Grandma Tansy with anything she needed. That put him in close proximity to Eden a lot of times. And he was so sweet with her little girl!

I loved this book! It was a quick, fun read filled with love and magic.

I was sent an e-copy of Dash of Destiny as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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