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So Not My Thing

I hated Miles Crowe more than poison ivy, itchy socks, the stink of the French Quarter on the hottest day of summer, people who didn’t use turn signals, “namaste” puns on yoga tank tops, and chigger bites. Combined.

26-year-old New Orleans native Elle Jones used to be the internet’s most famous meme for rejection thanks to an embarrassing teenage TV appearance. But she’s finally put that past behind her and now she’s killing it as a commercial real estate agent in the coolest neighborhoods in the city.

When Miles Crowe—the former pop star who made her notorious—insists on hiring her to find a property for his jazz club, she’ll do everything she can to get herself fired before he realizes who she is.

But Miles has grown up too, and Elle soon discovers that he is as passionate about the city as she is…and even sexier now than he was then. Will she risk exposing her humiliating past to claim a future with the guy who once nearly ruined her life?

My review

Melanie Jacobson is an auto-buy author for me. I know that any of her books that I pick up will be one I love. She has such a way of writing characters, and romantic comedy. And her settings seem to pop out of the books. I loved the feeling I got of being in New Orleans with this one, even though I’ve never been there. I need a trip to Cafe Du Monde for sure now!

This book is about Elle. She’s overcome her past. But…it still haunts her. And that past includes Miles Crowe. I had to laugh at the lengths she went to in the first chapter to become invisible to him when he was visiting her real estate agency. But she only made herself more visible, however that happened and she ended up being his real estate agent.

It was kind of funny how the reader knew what had happened between these two. But Miles had no idea. And that was how Elle wanted it. But Miles has changed. He isn’t the same self-centered teenager he was. And Elle was learning that as she went along.

These two had to figure out who they are in the present to reconcile with who they were in the past. And that is a beautiful journey.

I loved every bit of this book! Hopefully there’s more containing some of these same characters.

I was sent an e-copy of So Not My Thing as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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