About Coming Home to Silver Leaf Falls

Coming Home to Silver Leaf Falls

She’s back in town, but he’s about to leave.
Will their fake relationship have real repercussions?

Everything in Liz Jenkins’s life is temporary, including the job at the struggling summer camp from her childhood. But she’ll turn it around like every company she’s hired to fix. In fact, her own disastrous love life seems to be the only thing she can’t turn around. She’ll just leave love to everyone else. It’s scary and uncontrollable—and Liz likes to be in control. If only the people of Silver Leaf Falls would stop trying to set her up with every available man in town.

Noah Knight is the beloved principal at Silver Leaf Falls Elementary. He loves living in his hometown, but something’s missing. He’s hoping a new job in another state will help fill the void. Other than leaving right after reconnecting with his friend Liz, the biggest downside is the PTA making it their mission to find him a wife before he moves away.

Liz just needs to focus on work without being set up and Noah needs the PTA to leave him alone. Pretending to date for the summer is the perfect solution—and since neither of them wants to fall in love, nothing could possibly go wrong, right?

Venture into Silver Leaf Falls, Vermont, and enjoy the friendships, love, and happily-ever-afters in this sweet, small town romance.

My review

Meg Easton’s books always make me smile. This book was no exception. I loved the characters and the plot. And Silver Leaf Falls! Such a cute town with great people.

Noah and Liz are the main characters in this one. They knew each other during their high school years. Now they are both living in the town of Silver Leaf Falls as adults. Noah is the principal of the elementary school and Liz is working at the summer camp as the director for a year.

I loved how Noah was with the elementary kids. He was the best kind of principal. Kind to them. Concerned about their reading and their lives. But…the PTA has decided that it’s time for them to find him a wife. Who wants to be shoved into marriage that way? Not Noah.

Liz has been away from town a while. And everyone knows someone they want to line her up with. These two quickly see that their problems are similar and they decide to fake date. Fake dating stories are my favorite! This author did such a great job with this story line.

This is such a fun novella! I can’t wait to read more about Silver Leaf Falls and it’s inhabitants!

I was sent a copy of Coming Home to Silver Leaf Falls as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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