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royal secrets

A smart marketing executive; a prince who’s trying to save his kingdom. When they fall in love will his people tear them apart?

Julia Adams comes to the picturesque island of Magna to help Prince Bodi market his medieval reenactment tournaments and fairs. Little does she know there are secrets and dangers in the kingdom that will keep her from loving Bodi and may even keep her from escaping with her life.

My review

I love a good book with some suspense. That’s one of the reasons that I love Cami Checketts’ books. I know I’ll get a good plot, great characters and suspense, and that I’ll have a fun afternoon of reading ahead of me.

The idea of the island of Magna, a hidden paradise, is intriguing to me. I loved the way the author had this element in the book. And putting Julia there was a great idea. Her exploring of the island with Prince Bodi was one of my favorite things about this book.

Prince Bodi is the type of guy to ride off in defense of his lady on the royal steed. He really was great. I loved how he looked after Julia and protected her to the best of his ability. And he was there when it mattered most.

Then there’s the whole royal family of Magna. I can see how this whole series will be fun to read. There are so many great characters just waiting to fall in love. I can’t wait to read more!

I borrowed a copy of Royal Secrets using my Kindle Unlimited membership. All opinions are my own.

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