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Lord Adam Dunsbourne is a tyrant. At least, that’s what everyone says. The tales are shocking: accounts of a man who gambled away the family fortune and keeps his younger sister, Emily, captive in their home at Dunsbourne Manor. So when Adam and his sister make an unexpected appearance at a dinner party, the scandalized whispers cannot be contained.

New to the town, Phoebe Hadford hears the condemning rumors and determines to do all she can to help the baron’s oppressed sister. Upon entering Dunsbourne Manor, however, she quickly discovers that all is not what she has been led to believe. 

Adam, though unsure of whether he can trust the intentions of his beautiful neighbor, is quickly drawn in by Phoebe’s genuine nature. But even as his and Phoebe’s connection deepens, a dangerous enemy from his past reemerges. For years, Adam has hunted for the man who betrayed him, not realizing he had only to wait. His foe has returned, and this time, he will threaten everything Adam cherishes most—including the woman he loves.

My review

I’m always in the mood for a book by Sian Ann Bessey! She includes some history and some danger in all of her books. And she does a great job!

I loved the characters in this one. Phoebe is a young women of high birth. But she acts different than many of her station. I loved the way she wanted to include everyone, even those that society said were not okay to include. She becomes a great friend to Adam’s sister Emily. And that was fun to watch. I also loved how she was willing to work hard, even when she knew he mother would not be please. She was even kind to her maid. Phoebe is the best!

Adam is the supposed rogue. But he’s really just a baron who had to bring his family back into respectability after a poor choice made by another. I loved the way he cared for his sister, Emily. And the way he was trying to protect others and right the wrongs that had been committed by another.

This book has a great plot. I loved the dangerous element, it kept me enthralled. And the ending was amazing! Such a great book.

I was sent a copy of An Alleged Rogue as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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