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Her Unsuitable Match

Lady Philippa must wed to gain her fortune and freedom. A former soldier wants only peace and seclusion. Marriage to each other is their best solution.

Lady Philippa Gillensford is three and twenty, an heiress, and sister to a penny-pinching earl. After rejecting every bachelor her mother approves of, Philippa is ready to take her future into her own hands. Though she doubts she’ll marry for love, she is more than willing to marry for freedom from her family’s influence.

Myles Cobbett has withdrawn from Society, content to remain alone after surviving the horrors of the Napoleonic wars. When a friend convinces Myles to attend a ball benefiting wounded veterans like himself, Myles meets the lively Lady Philippa. Shortly thereafter, to help Philippa avoid scandal, Myles rescues her from a complete cad.

Sensing a chance to escape her family’s control, Philippa convinces Myles he must marry her to save her reputation. In exchange for this favor, Philippa promises him the very thing he thought he always wanted: a quiet life, alone in the country.

While the two put on a show of marital happiness for their neighbors, both realize they want much more from this arrangement. Can they take a marriage of convenience and turn it into a love match?

My review

I love a book with a strong female character. Lady Philippa, or Pippa as her family calls her, is certainly that! She is the kind of woman who knows what she wants and works to get it. What Pippa wants it to have her inheritance and be able to live her own life, free of expectations from her older brother or her mother. Unfortunately, her older brother is not cooperating with that. And is in fact making that impossible for her to get. I loved the way Pippa gets around this.

Pippa convinces Myles to marry her. I loved the proposal scene in this one! It was so well done and just great. What Pippa doesn’t expect is to actually ever fall in love with Myles.

Myles is a great guy. Firstly, he rescues Pippa just in the nick of time. And then he helps her out by marrying her when she needed him most. I loved the way he champions her cause every chance he gets.

This book has such a great plot. Marriage of convenience is one of my favorite tropes. And this one was so well done! I really need to read more of this author’s books!

I was sent an e-copy of Her Unsuitable Match as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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