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Small town beach girls Esther and Sophie are happiest working in the school library, surfing, and hanging out with Parker and Paisley, twins from Britain. Esther has always hidden behind her cardigan and glasses, but Parker’s handsome face and brilliant mind convince her to risk going on a date with him. When the best-selling author of Blessed Be announces she will film part of her movie in their Oregon Coast town, Esther and Sophie get a job tutoring the celebrities playing the parts of the witches and warlocks. But when Parker is cast as an extra, strange things start happening on set.

To find the killer, the girls ditch the library, take bit parts in the movie, and travel to a castle on a seaside cliff. Not everyone survives, but everyone is a suspect!

My review

I enjoy a good cozy mystery. These ones by Shannon Symonds are great! One thing that’s unique is that they are young adult cozy mysteries. I love the little Oregon town the books are set in. And the characters. It’s just a bonus that there’s a mystery to be solved. If you haven’t read Murder Takes a Selfie, you’ll want to start there.

This book continues the story of Esther and Sophie. The whole story is told from the perspective of Esther. She’s your typical smart high school student. It’s exciting for the girls and their friends that Blessed Be, the movie will be filming in their town. Both girls try out for the movie. And they get small parts. Unfortunately, their friend and classmate Ashley is murdered. And since they found her on the beach, they are the prime suspects in her murder.

I loved the cast of characters. Hart, Esther’s stepdad plays a prominent role in this one. I loved seeing Esther open up to him more. Grandma Mable, I loved how she teaches Esther and Sophie to see the big picture and follow their guts. And her sassiness is the best part of her character! Paisley, it made me happy to see these girls such great friends in this one. Parker, it was interesting to watch his and Esther’s relationship grow in this book.

This book was a wild ride! I loved every bit of it. And I can’t wait for the next one!

I was sent a copy of Murder Makes a Vlog as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.


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