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loving the firefighter

A brave firefighter and the town’s new pediatrician. When he tries to protect her will she fall for him or head for danger to spite him?

Grady Holman knows the Lanza family murdered his father but the Lanza men are charming, wealthy, and they fund the healthcare for the small town of Emerald Coast. When the Lanzas bring a new pediatrician to town, Grady vows to protect her at all costs. She seems to return his feelings, until he punches Jonathon Lanza without provocation.

Can Grady gain her trust and be able to protect her, or will she be the Lanzas’ next victim?

My review

I love the way Cami Checketts includes plenty of suspense in her novels. In each of her books, you’ll get a great love story as well as the suspense. I really enjoyed this one!

Rachel is a pediatrician. She’s gotten a great deal to come work in the small town of Emerald Coast, Oregon. I loved how she met Grady. They meet in the grocery store. And the first thing he does is punch a guy in front of her. That kind of made me laugh. If the reader didn’t know up front that Grady is a good guy, they might be a bit worried about him.

Grady is a great kind of guy! He’s a firefighter in the town. But there is something sinister in the town. And Grady is determined to figure it out. And to take care of the issue.

I loved the way the plot of this one kept me intrigued. It’s a quick read that I didn’t want to put down!

I was sent an e-copy of Loving the Firefighter as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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