About Weddings, Lace, and Cake in the Face

weddings, lace, and cake in the face

People can say till the cows come home that life is full of surprises but falling in love with my best friend isn’t gonna work!

A snippet about me? Let’s see … I’m Skeet Lopez—Mom’s from right here in Comfort, Alabama and Dad’s from Mexico. I love to bake and clog in that order. Did you know that clogging for one hour can burn up to 400 calories? Think about how many chocolate chip cookies that will allow me to eat!

I’ve got my plan firmly fixed in place—save up to purchase the bakery I manage. Falling for Jasper is not part of the picture. Why did I have to see him shirtless out washing his car? Good goobidy do. It should be against the law for that man to go shirtless!

Just when I think I’ve got my life worked out, everything explodes … or is it implodes? Gah! I can never keep my words straight. Who has time to worry about words, I’ve got bigger fish to sear here … err fry. My beloved bakery is being snatched from me, and there’s not a dang thing I can do about it.

On the upside, I’m getting the chance to date the guy I’ve been crushing on since I was old enough to wear lipstick. I should be happier about it, right? I would be … except Jasper is being so annoying about the whole thing!

What’s his deal? He already told me in no uncertain terms that I’m not his type! I got the memo loud and clear. I’m moving on. I mean it. No backsliding. No drooling over his cut muscles or crooked grin. And most important, zero fantasizing about how it would be if the two of us could become more than friends …

My review

There are not many things I enjoy more than a good rom-com. I was super excited to get to read Skeet’s story. She was one of my favorite characters in High Heels and Big Deals. And I loved her in her own story.

Skeet is one of those characters that just make you laugh. I love how she gets her sayings wrong. Every. Time. It’s just funny when all kinds of random characters character her sayings. She is more than that though. Skeet is the kind of girl who is there to help out her neighbor. Or an old cantankerous man that needs a friend. I loved that about her.

I really had to laugh at the scenes with her and Jasper. These two just can’t seem to get it right. They are best friends and they know each other so well. But sometimes that causes the two of them to have issues. Those issues made me laugh, every time. I loved seeing the story from Jasper’s point of view!

This book kept me interested from the beginning. I love the town of Comfort, and I can’t wait to read more stories set there!

I borrowed a copy of Weddings, Lace, and Cake in the Face using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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