About Danger Unknown

The small desert town seemed like the perfect place to disappear—until Brooke Steward’s worst nightmare walks into the diner where she works. The man who killed her husband has found her—again. Desperate to protect her young daughter, Brooke has no choice but to run for their lives.

Awakened by a haunting nightmare that has plagued him for years, Michael Calder is startled by a knock at the door of his remote Montana ranch. He is even more shocked when he finds a disheveled child on his steps who silently leads him to her injured mother. In making the split-second decision to bring Brooke and her daughter into his home, Michael is unwittingly drawn with them into the path of danger. Someone is determined to silence Brooke, no matter the cost. In their quest for the truth, Brooke and Michael come to trust each other completely, their relationship deepening into something more. But even as the lines between friendship and love blur, the explosive secrets of the past are finally revealed. Now they must fight to survive or risk becoming the latest casualties in a deadly conspiracy.

My review

I was so excited to borrow this book by Kathi Oram Peterson from my local library! I love the way she writes her books. They are so suspenseful and they just pull you into the story from the very first page. I loved this one for that!

Brooke is a woman on the run. I felt so bad for her. Not only is she on the run from a man who wants to kill her. She’s trying to hide and protect her young daughter at the same time. I can’t even imagine the stress that would bring to a mom. The author did a great job writing Brooke’s character. The reader can feel her desperation throughout the book.

I loved that Michael was the kind of guy who was willing to step in and help. And the way he was with Brooke’s daughter, Izzy, was priceless. One thing that really struck me with this one is the way that Michael felt almost unlovable at the beginning. He’d been through some really hard things. But by the end, he wasn’t the same person anymore. That was a great thing!

I loved Izzy too. There were a lot of things that she had gone through as well. And she really needed Michael and the healing his special horses could bring.

This book was so great! I didn’t want to put it down.

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