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Falling for Nash

Emery is trapped. Nash wants to save her. It would help if they got along.

The youngest Dawson brother is funny on the outside and tender on the inside. He has a drive to succeed and a passion for the rodeo. The family thinks he’s outgrown them, but really, he has dreams of his own, and they’re all about the Dawson Ranch. But first he has to either move on from Emery Banks or convince her to be the woman in his life.

A talented new barrel racer steps into the rodeo scene and takes the world by storm. And immediately gets under Nash’s skin. She’s too good, too opinionated. And too dang beautiful for him to simply ignore. And she’s being pursued by the man who controls everything that side of town—the so called rodeo boss himself and one of Nash’s biggest sponsors.

She’s hard to win for any man, but she seems to appreciate the attention from the sponsor. Nothing is easy in this last-ditch effort to impress her before he retires from the rodeo scene altogether and returns home to the Dawson Ranch.

Read this not quite enemies to lovers romance, the last of the Dawson family ranch romances, and get hooked on a few more characters while you’re at it.

My review

I loved everything about this book! The author did a great job with the characters, the plot and everything. I love the Dawson family so much. I did not want to put this one down!

This book is mainly about Nash and Emery. I loved that there were parts that feature Nash’s Mama. She is just the kind of woman that I wish I knew. Mama is down to earth, salt of the earth, Christian, and such a strong woman. I love her! And it was fun to see her get some happiness.

Nash is the brother that I’ve wanted to get to read about since Coming Home to Maverick, the beginning of this series. His niece, Grace, loves him so much that she named her pig after him. I loved the way he was concerned for Emery. Those two are just so great together. They fight a ton. And it’s really kind of funny.

Emery is another strong woman. She’s a barrel racer who had to raise her sister by herself. I loved getting to know where she came from. And seeing where she ended up. And I really loved getting to see her journey as she reads the Bible. Seeing how she noticed the hand of God in her life was really special.

I loved this book so much! You need to read it!

I borrowed a copy of Falling for Nash with my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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