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Murder Hosts an Event

You’re invited to join Esther and Sophie at The End, a mysterious event that’s supposed to be a really killer party. But murder is on the agenda, and these two best friends must figure out who’s behind it all before the killer finds his plus one.

Esther and Sophie want to stay in their small town by the sea and volunteer in Oceanside High’s historic library forever, but it’s time to grow up, apply for college, and protect the library from demolition. While the adults argue about the library’s future, the girls investigate the intriguing invitation, but they’re the only ones who believe The End may be someone’s final event. Every student at Oceanside High has marked themselves as going to the dance party slated to be held at a Stonehenge replica high on a cliff over the ocean.

As the mystery host leaves disturbing clues, Esther and Sophie soon realize the dance party and the crimes surrounding it are just the beginning of the end. Will it be their last dance, or will they be able to put the spotlight on a killer?

My review

I enjoy a good cozy mystery. I feel like this series by Shannon Symonds just keeps getting better and better. This is my favorite book in the series yet. It had me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out the mystery before it was revealed!

I’m loving Esther. The author did a great job telling the story through her eyes. She’s your normal high school girl. She loves books, and her BFF, Sophie and her boyfriend. As well as her family. I love that her family seems real and that they care about Esther.

The mystery in this one really got me. There were tons of characters that could have been the villain. And the author did a good job hiding who it was. I didn’t want to put the book down until I found out.

This book is so great! You…and your teen will love it.

I was sent a copy of Murder Hosts an Event as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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