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Women Who Believe

High in the hills overlooking Galilee, Jesus Christ provided a multitude of listeners with a roadmap to holiness in His Sermon on the Mount. At the heart of this message were the Beatitudes, lessons designed to guide His followers through the highs and lows of this mortal life. But when the path feels too long and the journey too treacherous, how can we truly apply the words of the Savior and rely on His strength to carry us? 

Readers need look no further than to the women of the scriptures for the answer. In Women Who Believe, follow the experiences of eight scriptural women who faced shattering trials of faith and endurance. Witness the ways in which they found strength amid suffering and discover how the experiences of these sisters from long ago are applicable to those we face today. By witnessing the trials and triumphs of these strong women, we can likewise discover a wellspring of courage as we press forward on our own journeys of spiritual refinement.

My review

This book is amazingly beautiful! I love the cover and the illustrations within the book. The whole thing is just so pretty.

I also love the way the authors picked amazing women from the Bible. These are women who have something to teach us in our day. And I loved reading about each and every one of them. I love that there is a trend toward learning as much as we are able to learn about the women of the Bible. And the way this book is done by using the Sermon on the Mount is very unique. The authors did it so well.

This book would be a fabulous gift for any woman in your life for Mother’s Day!

I was sent a copy of Women Who Believe as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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