About Belonging with Her Best Friend

Belonging with Her Best Friend

I love three things in this world more than life itself:

1. My family and housemates (both current and former)
2. Musicals
3. My best friend, Eric Moody

The first two are no surprise to anyone who knows me.

The third is a secret I’ll carry to my grave.

Because even though Eric fits in well with my crazy family and he’s the outgoing complement to my quiet self, we want different things.

I want him. He wants something I can never give. And I refuse to sacrifice his happiness for my own.

Most of the time, I manage to keep my feelings for him under lock and key—but things change when Eric moves in with me temporarily.

Now, he’s here all the time. And it’s harder and harder not to imagine what life together could be like … if only.

The final straw? When he starts helping me prepare for my (forced) lead role in a local musical.

Because yeah. You try holding back the tidal wave of feelings you’ve been keeping at bay when your sexy best friend offers to “practice kiss” you.

My fortitude is headed straight for the edge of a cliff—and the thrill of the impending fall has never felt so electrifying.

Or so terrifying.

My review

Sometimes I love to read a rom-com as a break from life. This one was a great break! I loved escaping to San Diego. And to Shelby’s problems, instead of my own.

I loved Shelby. She’s been in love with her best friend, Eric, for a long time. Everyone around her knows it. But Shelby doesn’t want to ruin their friendship. And she also has a secret that she thinks Eric won’t like her any more for. I really loved the way she wanted to be like her mom, kind, loving, brave. And she couldn’t even see that she was already those things.

I liked that Eric was willing to let Shelby have her space. But he was always there for her. These two worked so well together. They calmed each other when they needed calm. And could see what the other needed without having to be told.

I loved the other friends in this book. They each have their own book and story. I’ve only read this one and Saving the Secret Prince, but I need to read more. And they can be read as stand alones without a problem.

This is a great book that I didn’t want to put down!

I was sent an e-copy of Belonging with Her Best Friend as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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