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hannah: mother of a prophet

Journey back in time to the dusty roads of Shiloh and witness anew the story of Hannah and her son, Samuel. 

Hannah is no longer a young woman. In the twilight of her life, she holds her memories close to her heart. Above all, she treasures the miracle of conceiving Samuel after years of barrenness and the promise she made to the Lord to release her child to the high priest Eli’s care to train and serve in the temple. But Samuel’s story does not end at the gates of the temple and neither does his family’s enduring legacy of faith, patience, and deliverance. In this richly detailed and sweeping fictional account of Samuel’s life as a prophet in the making, discover how his mother, Hannah, made impossible decisions guided by her deep and abiding love of God.

My review

This book was so amazing! I loved getting to read it, especially right after getting to read the story of Hannah and Samuel in the Bible. It really made the whole story come alive for me.

The story opens with Hannah, she’s an older woman. And she tells her story to her daughter, Noa and her daughter’s friend Abigail. I loved the way the author did this. It seemed like Hannah understood what had happened better because of all the other experiences she had had through her life. Kind of like all of us, I guess. And that made her seem so much more real to me than she ever has when I’ve read her story in the scriptures.

I loved the way the author had viewpoints from so many characters in this one. Noa, Abigail, Samuel. This made the whole thing so much better.

This book is amazing! You really need to read it.

I was sent a copy of Hannah: Mother of a Prophet as a gift from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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