About Kissing in the Deep End

Welcome to Diamond Cove, a beach community full of hilarious situations, meddling grandparents, and romance. From Erica Penrod, author of the Cowboy Reality Romance series, comes a sweet rom come about Nora Blackett, Olympian turned water aerobics instructor and gorgeous gardener, Paxton Greenwood, whose paths cross at Diamond Cove.

Nora is starting over, fighting her way to the surface as she navigates an uncertain future. She’s got a part time job, a fixer upper for a house and isn’t looking for love. Dating wasn’t an Olympic requirement and her attraction to Paxton Greenwood has her headed for uncharted waters. The last thing Nora wants is for a man to pull her back into the deep end.

Paxton Greenwood has his feet planted firmly on the ground and knows what he wants to do for the rest of his life. So when he meets Nora, he’s uprooted by his feelings for her but she’s as high maintenance as a orchid but perhaps she just needs a little tender loving care.
If he holds on too tight, will they sink or swim?

My review

I’m loving the books in the Diamond Cove series! The Secret Seven, or S7, as Polly likes to think of them are so great! These grandmas and grandpas are sneaky, and tricky. And they’re getting their grandkids to get married, which is the best part.

This book features Polly, her grandson Paxton and Nora, the new water aerobics instructor at Diamond Cove. This book made me laugh out loud! I loved the characters so much. And the plot was great too!

I loved how much Nora grew through this book. At the beginning she was kind of unsure of herself. She has just finished a diving career. And she kind of attacks everything like she would diving. Which I really liked. But everything from her hair to her job reminds her of diving, and diving kind of broke her heart. So her plan is to focus on her list, and try every new thing. One thing at a time.

Enter Paxton. Polly is definitely pushing these two together. And Paxton knows it from the very start. But he just can’t seem to stop himself from falling for Nora. I loved how as soon as he saw her yard, he knew he had to help with it. Even when she didn’t want him to. He’s the kind of guy who works to get what he wants. And that can be a great thing!

I loved this book! And I can’t wait to read more of the books set at Diamond Cove!

I was sent an e-copy of Kissing in the Deep End as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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