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USA Today Bestselling Author Lucy McConnell invites you to Diamond Cove, a beach community full of hilarious situations, meddling grandparents, and romance. You’ll be swept away in this sweet romantic comedy where an uptight corporate executive is delightfully unwound by her surf-loving assistant.

Elizabeth Mabel Matthews is in the middle of the biggest deal of her life when she gets a phone call from the activities director at her grandma’s retirement village. Grandma Nancy isn’t doing well and they want Elizabeth to come for a visit. She calls her maid to pack a bag and she’s on a plane that afternoon.

Chad Huntington’s surf shop is going under. He’ll do anything to save it, including work as a temporary personal assistant for the weekend.

What these two don’t know, is that Grandma Nancy has a plan of her own and a team of matchmakers ready to jump in and help these two find love.

Can the Secret Seven pull off a match made in Diamond Cove, or, will their efforts flounder at sea? Find out in this sweet romcom.

My review

I really enjoyed The Secret Seven. So it was fun to read this book that showed exactly what the group was set up to do. I loved the way the author included not only the views of Elizabeth and Chad, but also Elizabeth’s Grandma, Nancy. It just makes the book so fun!

Elizabeth made me laugh. She’s the CEO of a big company, Nancy’s Niceties. But she is so accident prone. That leads to her being in crazy situations. Things like tripping over a sandcastle on the beach and needing to have an attractive man rescue her form the sand. I love that girl! How can you not? She went running when her grandma needed her, even though she was in the middle of a huge deal.

Then there’s Chad. He is the owner of the surf shop in Diamond Cove. It’s not doing so well because his last girlfriend stole his credit card and charged a lot of things. I loved how he was willing to go along with Nancy’s idea to be Elizabeth’s assistant for the weekend. Those two worked so well together.

This book has such a cute and fun plot! I loved everything about it.

I was sent an e-copy of Not on the Agenda as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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