About The Fragile Truth

The closer one gets to the truth, the more pernicious and fragile it becomes …

The mystery and intrigue of Honeysuckle Island continues with Sheriff Ian Russell. As Ian struggles to come to terms with his heartache and anger over Lina’s betrayal and then disappearance, he meets newcomer Sadie Thomas, a feisty blonde who sweeps into town like a fresh breeze. Charming and fun to be around, Sadie has a way with the customers at the local seafood house where she works as a server.

However, Sadie seems awfully interested in the disappearance of Brent Allen, Ian’s former deputy. Ian begins to wonder what secrets Sadie is hiding beneath her keen wit and easy smile.

As he sets out to learn more about this fascinating woman who’s quickly claiming his heart, Ian finds himself drawn into a web of deception that could not only destroy him, but also rock the foundation of Honeysuckle Island and all that he holds dear.

Welcome to Honeysuckle Island … where secrets abound and love and hope work together to find a place where the heart can belong.

My review

I love a good series. And this one is really dragging me in. I read Chasing Whispers last year and really enjoyed it. I’m finally getting to the rest of the series.

I loved that this one featured different characters than the first book. But still had some of the same characters. It was fun to see the plot through different and new characters eyes.

I liked that Ian was one of the main characters. In the first book, he was kind of one of the bad guys. So seeing things through his eyes cleared a lot of things up. Ian was not at all what I had thought he was from the first book. He was a good guy, just trying to do his job.

Sadie is a new addition to the island. And she has a secret. That kept me intrigued, trying to figure out what her secret was. I liked the way she got Ian to meet her. Sadie is a spunky person who isn’t afraid to get in and try to figure things out, despite the danger.

This book kept me guessing. There are tons of secrets that come out. I had no idea who the bad guy was in this one until the very end. Such a great book!

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