About The Secrets We Treasure

The Secrets We Treasure

Often, the secrets we hold will be the ones that either make or break us …

Single mom Treasure Montgomery has worked hard to rebuild her life after the loss of her husband. Reconnecting with Greer Nash, her first love, was not something she counted on. Neither did she count on going back home to Honeysuckle Island and facing all the demons that have plagued her for a lifetime. Can she summon the courage to face break free from the boundaries of her fear and open her heart to the man who knows her best, or will the secrets of the past consume her?

My review

I am really loving this series by Jennifer Youngblood. They could be read as stand alone novels, but you’ll get a more complete picture if you’ve read them in order.

This one focuses on Treasure. She grew up on Honeysuckle Island, but she has some secrets about why she left that the reader doesn’t know. That was a fun part of the plot. And this one is filled with danger, because Treasure has a stalker. This book starts off with a bang when Treasure’s home gets broken into when she’s there alone with her son.

I really loved the way neither Treasure nor the reader knew just what was happening, why, or who was behind the problems. There are plenty of characters with motives. So that makes it exciting too!

This is such a great book! I’m excited to read the next one in the series.

I borrowed a copy of The Secrets We Treasure using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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