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To Kiss a Wallflower

Eventually, all wallflowers will have their chance at love . . . This is where it begins.

The Wallflower’s Dance 
by Jen Geigle Johnson
Lottie Hughes likes people, as long as they aren’t too close. Does it bother her that no one asks her to dance? Yes, but she’s not sure how to drum up dance partners when she has almost no dowry, no title, and freezes up when anyone tries to talk to her. When she suddenly inherits a huge amount and is the new center of attention all over London, her secret dreams might come true but also her worst nightmares. Suddenly everyone wants to talk to her. Men ask her to dance. And she is inundated with interested suitors. She fights to stay close to the few friends she knows are true. One man saw her before her life changed forever. But does she want to accept his help when he, too, might be insincere?

Letters to a Wallflower by Heather B. Moore
Ellen might be beautiful and considered a diamond of the first water by Society, but she is so very tired of the pressure to marry a titled gentleman so that her beauty won’t go to waste. When her cousin Dinah dares Ellen to attend a ball with no frills and to stand with the wallflowers, Ellen takes on the dare. What’s in the wager for her? The prize cuttings of her aunt’s extraordinary roses. But what Ellen isn’t expecting is Lord Ravenshire to engage her in the most interesting conversation. When she confesses to him of her opposition in marrying for a title, he confesses his distaste of the London scene. They strike a bargain together, one which will either push them apart or lead to a future sweeter than either of them could have imagined.

To Marry a Wallflower by Anneka R. Walker
Charlotte Winters is destined to spinsterhood until she turns down an unwanted proposal and everything changes. With gossip rampant, her father attempts to salvage her reputation by betrothing her to another. Soon she is sent off to her aunt’s to meet Lord Templeton, her intended. Anxiety-ridden, Charlotte begs her aunt to let her observe Lord Templeton from afar before their introduction. She never planned to pretend to be her fictional cousin to learn more about him, or to fall in love with Lord Templeton’s friend in the process. Lord Templeton dreads returning to the empty halls of Newcliff Manor. When his father’s old friend, Mr. Winters reaches out for assistance, Lord Templeton finds himself returning home engaged to a woman he has never met. Desperate to learn more about Miss Winters, he befriends her cousin. He wouldn’t have spoken to her, or lied about his identity, if he’d known the quiet woman would sneak into his heart.

My review

I love these collections! You get to read three novellas by great authors, all around a common theme. Each of the books is so different. These books are just a great!

The Wallflower’s Dance by Jen Geigle Johnson was so cute! I loved Lottie. She’s just a bit awkward and that makes her a loveable character. Things change rather quickly for her when she suddenly inherits a fortune. And that makes life a bit confusing for her. She has no way of knowing which of her suitors is sincere. Lottie turns to her dear friend, Denny, to help guide her. But even he is under suspicion.

I loved these two. They’re just the cutest together, they really balanced each other well. And they knew each other so well also. Such a cute friends to more romance!

Next up is Letters to a Wallflower by Heather B Moore. I loved Ellen in this one. Her bet with her cousin was great. It was kind of funny how similar Ellen and Aaron were. Neither of them wanted to be in the city for the season, they both would rather be at their country homes and out of the bustle. I loved that they hatch a plan of their own to kind of trick their mothers into letting them be where they wanted to be.

I loved the letters they wrote to each other. And this one ends with a house party! There isn’t much better than that.

Last but not least is Anneka Walker’s To Marry a Wallflower. There were so many things to love about this one! The first thing is Luke. I loved how he put himself out there and agreed to marry Charlotte without ever even seeing her, just to save her reputation.

I loved Charlotte. And how both of them try to find out about the other by not telling the whole truth about who they were. The way they fell in love was just so perfect.

This is such a great collection!

I was sent a copy of To Kiss a Wallflower as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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