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Cowgirl sass takes on cowboy charm in this second-chance romance.

Shelly Vance has loved her real-life hero Thor Delta for years but when she loses everyone she loves, including her horse, she turns her back on heaven and on Thor.

Thor has no idea how to get through to Shelly, but he’ll never give up. The superhero Thor can save a world. The cowboy hero Thor must save the woman he loves.

My review

I have to say that I love it when characters are able to grow and change through a book plot. This book by Cami Checketts has a really good example of that.

The main character of this book is Shelly. She’s a barrel racer in rodeos when she can. But she’s had a string of bad luck. And her horse and best friend, Grace, has been injured. This leaves Shelly faltering a bit. She is worried that she will bring bad luck to her boyfriend, Thor, so she dumps him. The reader can tell that was not what she would have preferred. But she feels she has no choice.

Shelly is the kind of woman who is amazing. She can do anything she puts her mind to. Shelly is independent. And she cares fiercely for her family and those around her. I loved those things about her.

Thor is really confused. They’ve been dating a long time. And he loves Shelly and wants her back. Thor is the best of guys. He’s a cowboy. Loving and loyal. Caring and worried for Shelly. But he has a secret. A secret that could get him hurt.

I really enjoyed reading this one! I loved Shelly and Thor. And now I need to figure out the secret!

I borrowed an e-copy of Abandoned using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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