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Look Again

He’s the charming, bow-tie wearing theater teacher, and she’s not falling for his act.

Dexter Kaplan didn’t plan to be a teacher, and certainly never saw himself back at his old prep school, Chamberlain Academy. But after the end of his Broadway run and his long-term relationship in the city, he settles for the theater coaching job. A guy’s got to eat.

Joey Harker, professional photographer, needs a new career path. Like, yesterday. She loves her art, but circumstances out of her control are changing everything, inhibiting her ability to do the work she loves. She jumps at a position teaching photography at an upscale prep school way up in the mountains. She may lose her own artistic vision, but she can teach others to find theirs.

It only takes one meeting for Joey to decide Dexter is the least likable person at Chamberlain Academy, and possibly the world, but she can’t avoid him when one meeting turns into dozens. And he can’t make any sense of her mixed signals. There’s a single arts chair position on the Chamberlain faculty council, and they can’t both have it. To earn the promotion, they have to show they can play well with others. Through their months of collaboration, they start seeing each other not only as rivals, but as possibilities. If they learn to look again, who knows what they will discover?

My review

This book was one I just loved! The meet cute in the beginning is one that you have to read to believe. It made me laugh so hard! There are just so many good things about this one.

I loved Joey. She made me laugh. Joey is a teacher, it’s something she decided to do when she realized that she couldn’t really do what she wanted to do. But she’s really good at it. And she’s really good with the kids.

Dexter. I have to admit there were times that he was so clueless that it was funny. He could be kind of confusing. Sometimes he was really great. And sometimes he was really distant. But that was just like relationships can be. And the reader did get to see what he was thinking, so that was helpful.

There were several side characters that were fun. I loved Hank and Ginger. Hopefully these two get to have a story sometime. And Chamberlain Academy where the story is set is fantastic. The school had so much character!

I’m really hoping for more books by this author. This one was so great!

I borrowed Look Again using my Kindle Unlimited subscription. All opinions are my own.

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