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Love on Camera

Madi doesn’t have time to date. Oliver has all the time in the world.

When wedding photographer Madi is challenged to find herself ten dates in three months, she turns to her older brother’s three best friends to be her stand-ins. It helps her win the challenge without having to deal with the stress of dating. What could go wrong?

Oliver hasn’t had much to do since selling his company, and helping Madi has given his life meaning again. But when she asks him to pose as her boyfriend—more than just a fake date here and there—he suddenly finds himself questioning his feelings toward the girl he always saw as a little sister. Feelings that would get him murdered by his best friend.

No one sees the real Oliver the way Madi does, and Madi has never been as comfortable around anyone as she is with Oliver. With the fake part of their relationship feeling less and less fake, they both have to decide if they’re brave enough to take that first step toward something real. Is a chance at love worth risking a lifetime of friendship?

My review

I have LOVED everyone of Dana LeCheminant’s books. And it made me so happy to see that she had written a romantic comedy. And she used my favorite fake relationship trope! Happy dance! This book is so great!

I loved Madi. It made me laugh that she could never make up her mind about anything, down to cake and ice cream flavors. I’m kind of the same way. She is a great wedding photographer. That leads to a bet with Danny, the wedding planner. He’ll pay her to take new pictures for his website, if she’ll double with him on ten dates. Madi wants the job, but doesn’t have time for the dates. So she enlists her good friends, the Wonder Boys, to help her out.

I loved the Wonder Boys. Each of these guys has been friends with Madi and her brother, Kit, for a really long time. And they all have each other’s backs. I loved the friendship between all of them. And the way these guys were willing to help Madi with anything she needed.

I loved that Oliver and Madi had been friends for so long. It both seemed a little awkward and completely natural when they started dating. Awkward if they were around Kit or the other guys, because they both were feeling way more than fake feelings for each other. Everything about their love story was so great!

I loved this one and I can’t wait for more of this series!

I was sent an e-copy of Love on Camera as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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