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After everything that happened, there are five things I’m sure of:
One – My name is Grace Gentry.
At least that hasn’t changed.
Two – Impossibly, time can be bent, shaped, and altered.
Jumping centuries breaks laws, and I’m living the consequences—good and bad.
Three – My future is undeniably cemented in the past.
He lives in yesterday, but I want him to be part of my tomorrow.
Four – Some things lost are not lost forever.
Sometimes they’re only misplaced.
Five – Evil is not confined by time.
And this evil has traveled to find me.

One week ago, I didn’t know time could move backwards.
One week ago, I didn’t know anything existed behind the glass of the mirror.
One week ago, I didn’t know—couldn’t know—that when I finally found light, I unwillingly welcomed darkness.

My review

This book by Janessa Burt is one I bought for my birthday. It was one that was recommended by a friend on Instagram. And then it sat on my shelf for a really long time. But it’s so good!

I loved Grace in this book. She is so spunky. In the first chapter, she’s in the present day time and she has to defend herself. I love that Grace is not afraid to do that when she needs to. But then she ends up being pushed through a mirror. And she’s in the past.

Grace is still Grace even in the past. She says things that confuse the people around her who actually belong in the past. But she also is able to help those around her. And she’s still willing to defend herself and others when she needs to.

I loved this book! And I need to read the next one right away!

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