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You might have heard of me. I’m Amethyst King, the 26-year-old who wrote that viral article about drinking celery juice for 30 days. Sure, I’m a little embarrassed that everyone knows about the inner workings of my digestive tract for the last month, but I’m one step closer to getting a promotion and finally pleasing my incredibly opinionated, high status parents.

But my next assignment is a little different: speaking my truth for 30 days. Now I have to say exactly what’s on my mind, all the time. Maybe that wouldn’t be so hard if I didn’t dream of quitting my job and pursuing a career in calligraphy. Or if I weren’t hopelessly in love with my long time friend, free-spirited musician Lucas: the exact opposite of who my parents expect me to be with. The same Lucas I rejected after high school graduation, who just moved back home.

I got this! I can somehow manage thirty days of speaking my truth and getting a promotion, all without ruining my friendship with Lucas or my relationship with my family.


My review

I’ve had this book sitting on my TBR shelves for a few months. I finally picked it up over the weekend. And I’m glad I did! I enjoyed this book. It is a quick and fun read that you don’t want to miss!

Amethyst or Amy has a really great voice. I loved her character. She’s a young woman who works for an online women’s magazine. I love that she does some crazy things for her articles. Things like drinking celery juice for a month. Her newest assignment is to speak only her truth for the next 30 days. I really enjoyed the way she progresses through this. She starts by telling people what she really thinks. But by the time she’s done, she realizes that she also needs to be true to herself. Who she is. And that is a whole lot harder!

This book has such a great cast of characters. Amy’s friends, Hannah and Ivy are the cutest. And Ivy’s little sister, Katy steals the spotlight in the scenes she is in. Amy’s family is pretty horrible, except for maybe her brother. And then there’s Lucas.

I loved Lucas. And the way he pushes Amy to be more who she is than who her family wants her to be.

This is such a cute book. You need to read it!

I grabbed this one when it was free on Amazon. All opinions are my own.

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