About Hugging Olivia

Hugging Olivia

Olivia has the power to give magical hugs. But Olivia wants her friends to feel so loved that she begins to take her hugs too seriously. She gives too much of herself. Olivia’s people pleasing causes her to lose her magical power. It’s not until she finds the courage to love herself that she regains what was lost.

My review

I love to read a good children’s book. And this one is so cute! I loved our main character, Olivia. She likes to give people hugs and help them to feel better about herself. But one day, she’s not able to do that. And she knows she needs to fix it.

This book shows kids that they have power within them. Power to make others happy. And power to be happy with who they are. This is such a great message for us all to learn. I think we tend to learn it little by little as we go along. But this book can help teach that as well. And it’s rhymes were a lot of fun too!

I loved the illustrations in this one. They are just so cute! This would be a great book to read to your kids.

I was sent an e-copy of Hugging Olivia as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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