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Love can be downright messy.

This last year has been a total disaster, but my failed six-month marriage takes the cake. While my ex is out having the time of his life, my coping mechanisms consist of an unhealthy obsession with true-crime podcasts and trying to revive my floundering social media account.

So, when I get an offer from one of social media’s darlings—Nikki Aker—to make gingerbread centerpieces for her Christmas wedding, I can’t refuse. Not only because the job pays well (my maxed-out credit card will attest to how much I need this money), but it’s a last-ditch effort to increase my following before I’m forced to get “a real job.”

There’s only one small problem I didn’t account for: Nikki’s a self-proclaimed matchmaker, and apparently, I’m her next target. My only hope to escape unscathed is to conspire with Nikki’s grumpy—albeit gorgeous—brother, Landon, who seems equally determined to get through this wedding with his single status fully intact.

All we need to do is convince Nikki we’re developing feelings for each other. What can possibly go wrong?

My review

I am loving these Christmas Escape novels! A bunch of my favorite authors got together and all wrote one of these. I’ve only read 2 so far, but they were both so good. I love that they stand alone, so they can be read in any order.

This one is Quinn’s story. Quinn is a social media influencer. She’s been badly hurt by her ex-husband. I had to laugh at how she didn’t trust anyone. Quinn is just a little bit paranoid about a lot of things. And that made her feel real. Quinn was asked by her good friend, Nikki, to make gingerbread houses as center pieces for her wedding. And these were not just any gingerbread houses. They were works of art.

Little did Quinn know that she was going to fly clear across the country to make the gingerbread houses. Or that Nikki was going to throw her and Nikki’s brother, Landon together.

I loved Landon. He’s just the right type of nice guy. I love the way he took all of the craziness of life in stride. And how he helped Quinn to be a bit more that was as well. These two really complemented each other. But it did take them quite a while to figure things out.

I loved everything about this one. It’s time to read a few more of these!

I was sent an e-copy of A Newport Christmess as a gift from the author. All opinions are my own.

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