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Emma Penny was the last to see her sister, Clara, alive. Before vanishing, the last words Clara said were if something awful happened to her, it was no accident.

The Duke of Britonne has been linked to several missing women; all of them last seen at his secluded estate, Cortherstone.

Emma knows the duke killed her sister and has hated the man since she received the letter of Clara’s accident. So when she receives an invitation to Cortherstone, from the duke himself, she is shocked her family forces her to go. How could she go to the very house where her sister died? And does the duke have the same plans for her?

Escape attempts, battle of wills, and a declaration of war are not enough to keep Emma safe from Cortherstone.

As the days pass, Emma wonders if the duke really is the man everyone says he is. Some days he is kind and thoughtful, and others he is cold and distant.

But one thing she does know is there really is a monster haunting Cortherstone. And the moment she entered, she became their next victim.

My review

I love the cover of this book. It’s just a bit creepy and mysterious. And the inside matches it perfectly!

This book is about Emma. Her sister, Clara, disappears mysteriously. She was supposed to be going to Cortherstone. And then the family received news that she was dead. Emma’s uncle decided that Emma must go to Cortherstone, even knowing what had happened to her sister there. And that’s when the real story begins.

I loved Emma. She is the kind of woman to take matters into her own hands. She knew that she wanted nothing to do with going to Cortherstone. So she and her brother, Adam, hatched a plan for her to set off on her way there. But to run before she got even close to Cortherstone. But that’s not how things worked. Emma ended up being drug there against her will. So she tried to escape. Time and time again. But nothing worked. Emma was definitely persistent. And she ended up locked in her room because of it.

I loved the way the author did this one. The whole perspective is Emma’s. So the reader knows only what she knows. And that becomes very important later in the book. Emma doesn’t know who she can trust. And neither does the reader.

This is such a great book! I loved reading it at Halloween time.

I won a copy of Cortherstone. All opinions are my own.

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